Has Eric Bischoff Been Contacted About The nWo WWE HOF Induction?

Eric Bischoff commented on if he was contacted by WWE about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame with the New World Order:

“No. I was surprised they announced it this early as they usually announce it a little later in the year. But no, I haven’t spoken to anybody. I didn’t even know it until I read it online the next day.”

Bischoff also talked about the group’s legacy:

“Who knows where the wrestling business would be had there not been the NWO? Had it not been for the NWO, we wouldn’t be seeing the success that we’re seeing across the board today. It really comes down to the Monday Night Wars as they rose the genre to its peak in terms of mainstream awareness and buy-in. Had it not been for that period of time, we wouldn’t be watching what we’re watching today.”