Heels Ratings Report For 9/5

The fourth episode of Heels drew 79,000 viewers on Starz this past Sunday night at 9pm ET, according to Wrestlenomics. This is down 15.95% from the third episode, which drew 94,000 viewers for the debut of CM Punk’s “Ricky Rabies” character.

The key demo rating for the fourth episode of Heels is unavailable as of this writing, but the episode drew 24,000 viewers in the 18-49 key demographic. This is down 29.41% from the 34,000 18-49 viewers that the 0.03 key demo rating for last week’s episode drew.

The new pro wrestling drama on Starz did not make the Cable Top 150 for the fourth week in a row. Once again this week, it appears many viewers are watching the show via the Starz app, and not live. The numbers above only account for linear viewing, and does not include streaming platforms. The fourth episode of Heels drew the lowest viewership of the series so far.