Helms Continues Scathing Attack On Michaels, Michaels Responds

Former WWE talent Shane Helms (a/k/a The Hurricane) launched a scathing attack on former colleague Shawn Michaels during a recent episode of his online show, Highway 2 Helms, denouncing HBK as one of the biggest drug abusers and hypocrites in the history of professional wrestling and labeling him a “cock-eyed cross-eyed piece of sh**.”

Helms issued follow-up remarks regarding Michaels on Twitter, writing, “I wonder if I backstab a bunch of people and hurt careers & family’s and slaughter animals for fun but then pray on stage, that make it ok? Just wondering? :-) But enough about that hypocrite, I’m home after a great but hard working tour and got to catch up on my DVR’s.”

Shawn Michaels responded to Twitter followers asking him if he had heard Helms’ comments: “From u all I hav. Verbal attack? Wow pretty scary. Thoughts? Sticks&stones I guess?:-)”

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