Hit Row’s Top Dolla Takes Aim At Certain Wrestlers and The Young Bucks Respond

Hit Row’s Top Dolla (A.J. Francis) became a trending topic on Twitter after he wrote the following message:

“Some of y’all favorite wrestlers only wear sneakers on-camera to seem “cool & hip” but in real life they rock vans and ASICS exclusively… but y’all not ready for that conversation [Zipper-mouth face emoji]”

Top Dolla responded to criticism of his tweet:

“Man I don’t be caring what these internet people think. Literally never once named a single person. The internet decided they know who I’m talking about. All the while they talking about me. Free Promo.”

The Young Bucks updated their Twitter bio with the following messages:

“Spent more on sneakers in September than the entire NXT roster did.”

“Only wear heat. Ain’t buying unless it’s resell price. We’ll make you trend just by mentioning you here in our bio.”