How John Cena Reportedly Feels About Nikki Bella’s Engagement

A source for noted the following regarding John Cena’s thoughts on Nikki Bella becoming engaged to Artem Chigvintsev:

“He is very happy that she has found someone that treats her so amazingly well. Nikki was an extremely important part of John’s life so it does remind him of what they had and he is also reminded of his proposal to her at Wrestlemania a few years ago but he also has thought that they have both grown from their relationship and they both have moved on.”

“John and Nikki are on great terms, he wants nothing but the best for her,” another insider adds. “And it’s not a big shock or anything, John knows how happy she is with Artem and how much she wants to settle down so he was expecting this sooner or later. He will always cherish his memories with Nikki but he’s moved on too. John’s very happy with his girlfriend Shay so that makes it easier to accept Nikki moving on.”