How Renee Young Feels About Her Current Role In WWE

Renee Young appeared on Corey Graves’ podcast After The Bell and here are the highlights courtesy of Reddit user dogryan100:

Renee’s mic is a bit echoey so Corey asks where she is. She is laying on the floor in the bathroom.

Renee says she works best when she able to laugh at things and make things fun, and she wasn’t able to do that on commentary, and she is able to be much more herself on WWE Backstage. She also now loves not talking in soundbites.

She loves being in an on-camera role compared to a voice role.

On commentary she felt like she was second guessing herself all the time but now she isn’t.

A few nights ago while facetiming Corey, Renee was trying to say something about Zelina Vega and she basically short circuited herself. Funnily enough, me (op) as I was listening to this, I just remembered that she did the EXACT same thing, about Zelina too, during the 2019 Women’s Rumble. Clip:

Corey says that Michael Cole is such a hard person to break/laugh, so if he wants to know if something like a joke landed well he’d look at Renee

Asked what it’s like just having a two man commentary booth, says it’s a lot easier just to flow back and forth. With 3, something that Renee especially experienced is that sometimes it’s hard to butt in to say something

Joking about how people who work in other promotions automatically have to be enemies with WWE people (topic was Renee/Jon), Renee says it’s so annoying that she can’t talk about like a match that he had because there’s all of this backfire of, and she puts on a hilarious voice when she says this, “AEW CONFIRMED, RENEE YOUNG GOING TO AEW!!” Says to give her a break.

She says that while it’s sometimes fun to “poke the bear” and rile people up, she’s mostly just stood back from that kind of stuff.

Corey says that right now it’s cool to not like him, so he feels like he’s “made it”, but on a different level