How TV Industry Is Reacting To WWE’s Low Ratings

Dave Meltzer of recently commented on WWE’s record-low television ratings from this past week and how it should be a cause for concern with AEW’s potential TV deal. Here is what Meltzer said courtesy of

“I would want it signed this week for sure. I would really now wanted it signed last week because the TV industry — I mean believe me — the TV industry is looking at WWE number and it’s like record low, record low Monday, record low Tuesday and the perception of wrestling right now is not a positive one.” also commented on the current situation:

“The more WWE’s numbers exponentially erode, the more one has to wonder whether buyer’s remorse has set in for Fox. Nobody knows just how much WWE and SmackDown Live will benefit from the gigantic promotion and packaging with other Fox Sports properties such as college football and the NFL. But it’s hard to imagine WWE inking a similar billion-dollar deal with Fox if their numbers were this low during negotiations last year.”