How WWE Is Trying To Keep Talents With The Company

Dave Meltzer of recently discussed how WWE has been trying to convince talents to stay with the company:

“They are trying to convince people not to leave with the idea that your career is over when you leave. They’re trying to convince the fans of it too like they’re doing a lot of subtle things like that stuff with the local wrestlers like on 205 Live with the idea of like you’re not in WWE then you’re a joke. Yolo County Tag Team Champions or something — yeah they’re trying to get this ‘it’s WWE or it doesn’t count you’re not in wrestling.’”

“They used to do this before like when Cody left like ‘of your career’s over the minute you leave’ and most of those guys were believing it then, but now none of them are believing it anymore and the guys who are leaving are all happier that they’re gone so now it’s exposed.”