Huge AJPW vs. Pro Wrestling NOAH Six Man Tag Team Match Made Official

The All Japan Pro-Wrestling vs. Pro Wrestling NOAH war rages on.

A big six-man AJPW vs NOAH match has been made official for the March 21 AJPW Dream Power Series event at the Ota Ward General Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan.

While AJPW has its team set with Kento Miyahara, Yuma Anzai & Ryo Inoue, the team to represent Pro Wrestling NOAH remains a mystery.

Miyahara has called out NOAH star Masa Kitamiya a number of times and demanded that he be a part of NOAH’s team. There has been no confirmation as of this writing if Kitamiya will be on the NOAH side of this match.

Tokyo Sports asked Masa Kitamiya about Kento Miyahara to which he replied with a “no comment.”

Kento Miyahara and Masa Kitamiya had a verbal confrontation at Keiji Mutoh’s final match event back on February 21 which basically kicked off the current AJPW vs NOAH feud. is watching this closely and will report on who the NOAH participants of this 6 man tag team match are when that news becomes available.