Hulk Hogan Claims ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper “Would’ve Been Brutal On Twitter”

Can you imagine “Rowdy” Roddy Piper unfiltered on Twitter?

Hulk Hogan can.

“The Hulkster” spoke with Forbes for an interview this week to promote his new Health and Wellness venture and during the discussion, he spoke about how some of the wrestlers from his era would have been on social media.

“Well, [Roddy] Piper would’ve been brutal on Twitter,” Hogan said. “Piper would’ve been giving everybody the middle finger on Twitter all the time. I think, “ooooh yeah, the Macho Man Randy Savage! Dig it!” He’d have been great on Twitter.”

Hogan continued, “God, there’s just a bunch of guys that would’ve been. I don’t know about Andre. His whole thing was, “no!” He was always—everybody came up for autograph—“no!” I don’t know how Andre would’ve been on Twitter, but I know Piper and “Mach” would’ve been great.”

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