Hulu Comments On CM Punk – WWE Advertisement, Ryback Rants On John Cena

– Several people noted that CM Punk, who is still under contract to the UFC, was shown in a Hulu advertisement for this past week’s Smackdown Live. Hulu did comment on the situation but did not give a definitive reason as to why Punk was shown in the advertisement.

– On his recent podcast, Ryback was outspoken about how he feels John Cena doesn’t stand up for the other wrestlers in the locker room:

“I feel and I wish I was even higher than I was when I did what I did because I always wished somebody in Cena’s position would stand up and actually have the balls to do things right and if you love wrestling, you say, ‘stand up for the wrestlers.’ But he hasn’t and he never will because it’s all about the money.”