Impact Against All Odds Results – July 1, 2022

Impact Against All Odds Results – July 1, 2022


Black Taurus defeated Laredo Kid

Brian Myers defeated Rich Swann to become the Digital Media Champion.

Match 1: Ace Austin & Chris Bey vs The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley)

The Young guns of Bullet Club are opening the night against one of the greatest tandems in Impact history. The crowd is well split between the two teams right away. Shelley gives Bey a lesson in aggressive submission. Sabin is all over Austin, forcing the kid to scramble but Ace hits a good spike kick and rolls up for two. Shelley in for a double team knee drop and keeps that tandem pressure on Austin. Big slam and a double stomp brings Bey running to make the save. He wipes out Sabin, tries to skin the cat but Shelley blasts him in the face. Austin catches Sabin with a handstand reversal kick. Bey over the town and Bullet Club gets their wings. Famouser to Shelley for two. BC taunting hard as they put the Hurt on Shelly. Shelley freed but Sabin’s pulled off the apron! Saito to Ace! Shelley can’t get out of there! Springboard kick and a flying clothesline for two! Ace accident kicks Bey. Sabin tags in! Double clothesline! Bey spears Ace! Yakuza kick/dropkick combo to Bullet Club! Rolling Fisherman’s suplex for two! Ace tries to fly in but eats a double kick. BC set up and hit with a crazy dropkick double flatliner combo! Shelley wiped out by Bey and Sabin takes a flurry. Double stomp for two. Bey with a head kick! Sabin pulls off Ace! Bey whiffs a splash. Doomsday Dropkick! Sabin hits cradle shock! Ace tackles Shelley into the pin break! Motor City taking Austin apart and throw him outside. Double Cradle shock to Bey and that wraps this wild opener up!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

We’re backstage with Heath, The Good Brothers and America’s Most Wanted! They are fired up to take on Honor No More!

Match 2: Mickie James & Mia Yim vs Chelsea Greene & Deonna Purrazzo

Great entrance for James & Yim. These two teams are right in each other’s faces. Both teams just get right into it and the ref hasn’t even rung the bell yet. Deonna and Chelsea sent to the outside and eat a double baseball slide. Yim starts this off at the bell but Purrazzo and Greene take over. Deonna flips the bird to Mickie as they work Mia over. James finally tags in and goes right as Purrazzo. This is James and Yim’s first go as a team so they are getting overwhelmed by the better tag tactics of their opponents. Mickie endures the beatdown, tag to Mia! Thez press off the top! Mia goes for Eat Defeet! Mia is tossed, Purrazzo in and hits a spine buster on Mickie to Greene’s knees. Mickie is down for the count!

Winners: Greene & Purrazzo

Backstage with Honor No More. They are ready to send the Good Brothers, Heath and AMW packing. Eddie Edwards wants Vincent because he doesn’t trust PCO. Vincent speaks up for the monster and Edwards puts him in for HNM.

Match 3: Speedball Mike Bailey(c) vs Trey Miguel (for the X Division Title)

This should be a hot one. Miguel wants his belt back. Bailey to the floor and Trey topes right out to him. Kick out the arm! Dropkick to the ramp! Springboard arm drag back into the ring! Speedball with a triangle moonsault! Trey with a dropkick to the knee! Miguel working that joint, Bailey tries to flip away but Trey makes him pay for that. Bailey kicks out the leg, dragon screw and a slam into a reverse cloverleaf! Bailey throwing hard kicks but his knee is killing him. Trey dodges the corkscrew moonsault! Trey with a double stomp but his knee is s*** now too. Cloverleaf German! Bailey goes for a kneesault…Trey gets the knees up. This match is all about knees. Trey throwing kicks to the knee and they both fall down. Battle of attrition. They fire up and keep throwing kicks back and forth! Dragon scene from Bailey! Trey gives it back. Trey with a sunset flip, hard kick! Bailey scouts the knees, flips Trey, kneesault to the back! Trey rolls up the tornado kick! Brain buster! Bailey dodges the meteora…Trey is hurtin’. He gets back to his feet and head scissors Bailey off the apron! That was so clean! This is awesome. Struggle to the apron, holding the rope as they throw more shots. Kneesault to the ribs! Tornado kick in the corner! Ultima Weapon misses! Trey rolls him up! Kick out! Meteora! Kick out! Bailey back to the top, Trey catches him up there! Bailey kicks out the knees and hits a flamingo driver for the win! Wow!

Winner: Mike Bailey

Match 4: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Tenille Dashwood & Gisele Shaw w/ Madison Rayne (for the Knockouts World Tag Team Titles)

The champs are at a numbers disadvantage. Where is Havok? Taya kicks and stomps Shaw. She fights off Rosemary, Valkyrie with a baseball slide German! The demon assassin is right in Shaw’s face, Gisele goes for the eyes. Dashwood in but Rosemary recovers and hits a side slam. Taya in, Dashwood is out of there, Shaw in with a swinging neckbreaker. Dashwood in to pull the hair, take the knee and smash the face. Hangman’s cutter! Good tags in. And out as they keep Taya in pain with chops. Running European uppercuts! Taya kicks out! Valkyrie reverses a tornado ddt to a suplex. Tag to Rosemary! Exploder to Dashwood! Dashwood sent to the upside down. Shaw interferes and takes her off the top. Dashwood with a crossbody to the corner. Corkscrew splash from Shaw! Rosemary kicks out! Tag to Taya! Implant Buster/X Factor combo! Shaw makes the save! Rayne trips up Taya! Rosemary in and tosses Shaw! Taya rolls up Dashwood and Rayne is helpless to stop it.

Winners: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

Rayne starts the beatdown after the bell! Dashwood blasts Taya with the tag belt. Shaw gives the same to Rosemary. The Influence standing tall and leave the champs laying….until they get up the ramp and MASHA SLAMOVICH IS HERE. She hands an envelope to Dashwood. Masha has marked Tenille Dashwood!

Backstage with Speedball Bailey. He wants to be a fighting champion and he’s going to take all comers, starting this Thursday!

Match 5: Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Kenny King & PCO w/ Vincent & Maria Kinellis) vs The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson), Heath & America’s Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris)

For the first time in over 15 years, AMW is teaming up again…but they have a heck of a test against a motivated HNM. Edwards and Anderson start this 10-man war, throwing heavy hands back and forth. Good Brothers bowl Edwards over. Gallows with a snap suplex for two. Poke to the eye, Taven is in….Gallows beats the hell out of him. Heath getting his shots in on Taven, trying to get some back for the injured Rhyno. Heath stuck in the wrong corner, fights free but walks into a swinging neckbreaker. Bennett in and whipping Heath hard. Kenny King throwing hard shots to the gut, roll into a camel clutch! Edwards in, Heath with a reversal powerslam! Storm in, big hits! Kick and ddt combo! Bennet wants to be free but Storm holds fast! Tag to Harris and AMW is running wild! PCO in to stop that rally in its tracks. PCO was going his risk but Taven tags in. PCO is annoyed but let’s Taven go up….Whiff. Edwards is frustrated and tries to salvage the advantage. Storm with a suplex! Edwards tags PCO back in! He wipes out everyone! The crowd is VERY pro-PCO! He goes for another dive, Edwards blind tags in and PCO is pissed. Storm with a backstabber to King! Harris tags in! Big hands to Kenny. Flying clothesline! Everyone eats hands! Replay vertical suplex! Spine busters! Taven saves King from a death sentence! Sequence of heavy artillery! King with a blockbuster to Storm to stand tall! King calls for the PCO moonsault! Frankenstein wipes out everyone on the outside! Storm with a superkick! Harris to the top! Death Sentence! King is done!

Winners: Heath, Good Brothers & AMW

Match 6: Sami Callihan vs Moose (Raven’ Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match)

We have numerous weapons hanging from the chains that surround the ring. Raven himself is out here to witness the carnage from commentary. He’s pretty happy for the violence to come. Moose ambushes Sami with a spear during his entrance! He breaks a steel chair over Sami’s back! Callihan throws a chair but a man enraged Moose hits a knee to the face. Raven doesn’t think Moose has it in him to hurt Sami enough. Moose swinging a trash can lid, comes running, back drop through a table propped on the barricade! Callihan gets a section of fence and a door. Someone in the crowd tries to start a GCW chant for the door but Sami shuts that s*** down. Moose fights out of a dvd, he goes for a powerbomb but Sami grabs his nuts. DVD through the chain link fence! Moose takes a sign to the head. Sami sets up a trash can. He tries to stuff Moose in there…Moose pops out with a glass bottle and smashes it into Sami’s face! Sami is bleeding and Moose carves up his forehead with the broken glass! He sets up a door on chairs…he wants a superplex…Sami bites at the forehead, Moose chokebomb a him through the door! Kick out! They trade shots with broken door parts! Callihan with a huge clothesline! Callihan goes for a powerbomb but Moose shoots him in the foot with a staple gun! Staple to the forehead! Callihan powerbombs Moose through chairs! Sami has the staple gun! Shot to the crotch!!!!!! Sami is estatic! Moose is in agony as he pulls the staple out. He crawls for a box of fun. Sami has the other box. Moose has legos. Sami has a box full of broken glass. Trading shots between the piles of pain. Moose takes a face full of legos! Piledriver into the legos! Kick out! Sami is furious and cuts his own forehead. Piledriver into the glass! Sami goes for a barbed wire baseball bat. Someone’s in the ring?!? A cameraman low blows Sami?!? It’s Steve Maclin! Callihan is blasted with the bat! Maclin watches impassively as Moose blasts Callihan with a spear to finish the House of Fun match!

Winner: Moose

Backstage, Heath is not feeling like he’s had enough retribution against Honor No More. He vows to hunt and take them out one by one until there’s nothing left.

Match 7: Jordynne Grace(c) vs Tasha Steelz (w/ Savannah Evans) (for the Knockouts World Championship)

Steelz wants her title BACK. She chop blocks Grace before the bell. Stomps to the leg and Tasha swarms at the bell. Grace using the ropes to hold herself up and keeps kicking out of the corner. Pop up double stomp! Kick to Evans! Skin the cat! Spine buster for two! Grace with a back elbow, Tasha feigns injury, giving Evans a chance to smash Grace’s knee to the post. Ddt to the leg! Tasha staying on top of the knee, Grace with a knee to the chin but she can’t stand! Trading strikes. Grace with bodyslams! Slaps and a backfist! Torture Rack powerbomb for two! Tasha dodges a double knee! Slingshot bulldog for two! Grace pushes off code red, Tasha dropkicks the knee. Sliced bread for two! Steelz goes right to a half crab! She trying to stomp out the knee, Grace grabs her down into a sleeper! Tasha fights out! Grace hits a muscle buster and gets the visual fall but Evans has the ref distracted! Tasha with a rollup to a cutter! Kick out! Tasha goes up top, Grace with a palm

Strike! Stalking Superplex! Steelz kicks out! Evans tries to interfere again, Grace throws Tasha into her! Tasha tries a lethal injection but Grace catches her and transitions it to a Grace driver for the win!

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Main Event: Josh Alexander(c) vs Joe Doering (w/ Deaner) (for the Impact World Championship)

Alexander is looking for revenge against Doering for the attack at Slammiversary. Deaner is here but where is Eric Young? Can Alexander defeat the undefeated Joe Doering? Doering overpowering Alexander in the early lockups, dumping the champ right to the floor. Alexander trying to wrap up Doering but the big man is just forcing free. Doering hits with a crossbody to the floor but he’s right back up with a shoulder block and smash to the apron. Heavy kicks and an elbow drop for two. Josh chopping but the monster eats it. One big shot cuts Josh in half. Big slam and another elbow for two. Doering stalking him on the outside. Josh stuns the big man but Deaner pulls the leg and Doering blasts back and drops another elbow for two. Alexander finally stuns Joe and hits a knee to the back of the head! Josh throwing hands and making him stagger. Josh tries a German, gets it on a rebound! Northern lights for two! Ankle lock on Doering! Roll out and push off! Josh to the apron. Doering absorbs some shots and clotheslines him Right back in. Doering is going to the top?!? Josh with a stiff right hand. Superplex! He wants the c4 but Deaner distracts! Crossbody to Deaner! Doering hits a chokebomb and drops and elbow for two! He wants a Powerbomb, Alexander reverses to a chain of Germans! Joe hits a blow to the back of the head! AA! Josh trying to lariat, crossbody from Doering for two! Brutal! Doering hits the Chain of Sorrow lariat! Kick out! Alexander flips out of a powerbomb, picks the ankle! Josh falls back into the ankle lock! Kicks to the back…Doering stands up out of the ankle lock and club lariats Alexander! Wow! Josh out of the powerbomb again! Dropkick to the leg! Joe with another lariat as Josh comes in. Lariat after lariat! Doering keeps coming with a flurry of heavy hands! Another kick to the leg! Alexander hits the c4 spike! Deaner watches in agony as Joe Doering stays down for the three!

Winner: Josh Alexander

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