Impact Hard To Kill Main Event Revealed, Bully Ray Attacks Josh Alexander and His Wife

(Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling)

The main event for the Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill pay-per-view in 2023 has been confirmed.

Josh Alexander’s defense of the Impact World Title against Frankie Kazarian served as the main event of Friday’s Impact Over Drive event. Impact Hall of Famer Bully Ray appeared after the match to congratulate Alexander on an incredible contest and for exemplifying what true pro wrestling is all about. Ray reminded everyone of his promise to call his shot in Alexander’s face before issuing the Hard To Kill challenge. Alexander accepted the challenge, and the two exchanged friendly words before shaking hands.

After that, Alexander left the ring to celebrate with his family in the front row. Alexander was attacked by Ray, who used a steel chair to knock him out before tying his arm with a zip tie to the bottom rope. Jade, Alexander’s wife, begged Ray to stop as he was about to shoot Alexander in the chair to end the fight. Alexander was made to watch as Ray took her hostage and threatened her as he pulled her over the barrier.

Ray then threatened to powerbomb Jade to the ground if she didn’t take the title belt off of Alexander and give it to him. Alexander’s wife was still set up for the powerbomb when Ray raised the title to a chorus of jeers. Alexander and his wife were in Ray’s sights as Over Drive went off the air. Before the angle continued, their son was taken out of the ringside area.

At Over Drive, Ray defeated Moose in a Tables Match. In October, Ray made a comeback at Bound For Glory. He unexpectedly entered the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match and took first place.

On Friday, January 13, Impact Hard To Kill will be broadcast live from Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia. As of this writing, only one match for the show has been announced: Ray vs. Alexander.

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Here are some highlights from Over Drive’s show-ending segment: