Impact: Slammiversary XVII Results – July 7, 2019

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results – July 7, 2019


Josh Mathews and Don Callis were introduced to the crowd and came to ringside.

Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne

Everyone battled. Grace nailed a sunset flip on Hogan but Rayne broke it up. She small packaged Hogan for a two count. Grace nailed her and slammed Hogan into the buckles. The crowd clapped for Grace as she controlled Hogan, who fired back with forearms. They battled back and forth in the corner with chops. Grace went for an exploder but Hogan blocked it. Rayne attacked Grace and went for a suplex. Hogan tried to help but Grace reversed and suplexed them both. Some fans chanted “Think Mama Pump.”

Grace continued to control the ring. She nailed a double knee strike and a big elbow on Hogan in the corner. She missed a Vader Bomb off the ropes, allowing Rayne to nail a flying bodypress on her. Hogan kicked Grace in the head. She and Rayne both tried to pin Grace.

Rayne and Hogan battled back and forth. Hogan gained control and rained down with punches across the back, scoring several pins. Rayne was sent to the floor and hit with a dive by Hogan. Hogan went for another on Grace but was caught and slapped. They battled on the floor and Rayne nailed a flip dive onto each of them.

They battled back into the ring, where Hogan wiped everyone out with superkicks, scoring two counts. Grace caught her and slammed her with authority several times. Grace caught Hogan with a back suplex, rolling up Rayne at the same time with a Backlund Bridge for a two count. They all fought into the corner. Rayne nailed a double stomp on Grace, who was caught hanging in the corner.

Rayne was sent out of the ring. Hogan and Grace battled. Grace nailed a sit-down Michinoku Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Jordynne Grace!

Good, solid match. There were a few rough moments but Hogan looked strong as a heel, Rayne looked solid and Grace easily won the crowd over with her power spots. A good way to open the show live.

Rayne and Hogan double-teamed Grace and left her laying after the match.

They introduced a number of NFL alumni members who were in attendance here at the show as well as a number of other dignitaries.


They aired a cool opening video showcasing lots of past Impact/TNA moments. Live, the crowd chanted Impact Wrestling.

TJP vs. Trey Miguel vs. Willie Mack vs. Jake Crist

Big reaction for Willie Mack, although everyone got a positive reaction. Crist ate a triple superkick to start the bout. Lots of fast-paced back and forth athletic action early. Trey nailed a nice springboard lucha style armdrag. He stepped to Willie Mack but was dropped with a right hand. Mack nailed a Samoan Drop on TJP, followed by a standing moonsault for a two count.

Crist nailed Mack and went right after TJP in the corner. They built to a spot where TJP took out everyone with holds, but was nailed with a cutter by Trey. The crowd popped and chanted for Impact Wrestling. TJP was controlling the ring until being knocked out by Crist. Mack nailed a pescado to the floor. Crist nailed a tornado DDT on the floor on Mack. Miguel nailed a springboard twisting dive onto everyone on the floor. The entire building popped.

TJP and Mack attempted to set up a Doomsday Device on Trey but Crist attacked him from behind and nailed Mack in the corner. Crist locked Trey in a bow and arrow. Mack came off the top with a double stomp on Trey. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone began nailing big moves on each other. Crist nailed a suplex into the buckles on Trey for two count. He nailed a DVDR on Mack, scoring a near fall TJP absorbed some strikes and fired back with a series of his own. All sorts of big spots and near falls until Mack came off the top with a frog splash on Crist for the pin.

Your winner, Willie Mack!

Well, that was all sorts of awesome with insanely fast paced action and near falls that kept the crowd popping. Lots of highspots. Great stuff.

Impact Tag Team Champions The North vs. LAX vs. The Rascalz

LAX attacked The North immediately. Everyone battled. Wentz appeared to tweak his knee just as he and Dez went into a crazy amount of double teaming. This is another match with a crazy level of athletics and fast-paced spots. LAX double teamed Alexander and prepared to pin him but Page bodyslammed one of the Rascalz down from the top rope on the pile. Dez nailed Page and went for a superplex but Alexander saved him and hit a moonsaulting Fall Away Slam. Page nailed a swanton on Dez for a two count.

LAX swarmed Page and double teamed him. The entire building chanted for them. They went for a double team Blockbuster on Page but Alexander made the save and knocked Santana off the top. It appeared he came down badly onto the entrance ramp and went to the floor, where officials and Konnan were checking on him.

Inside the ring, Alexander rolled up Ortiz for a two count. Ortiz tried to fight off everyone but was double teamed. The Rascalz got involved and tried to take out Ortiz. The North took advantage, drilled The Rascalz and pinned Ortiz with their finisher.

Your winners and still Tag Team Champions, The North!

Lots of good wrestling here. The story was that LAX had momentum until Santana was hurt.

After the match, the crowd chanted for LAX as it appeared Santana refused to be carried out. He was finally walked out with assistance from everyone else. No word yet whether that was a legitimate injury or a way to write LAX out as their deals expire next month.

There are about 1,000 fans in attendance tonight.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan will be main eventing.

KIller Kross vs. Eddie Edwards: First Blood Match

Kross came out wearing face-paint. He and Edwards brawled on the entrance ramp, then into the ring. Eddie knocked him to the floor, then hit a dive to the outside. Edwards drilled him with a series of chops on the floor. The crowd was super behind Edwards, chanting for him. Kross cut him off as Eddie grabbed a chair, chokeslamming him on the ring apron.

Edwards was brought back into the ring, where Kross charged but was caught with an armdrag. Kross caught him with a suplex but Edwards absorbed it and nailed one of his own. He knocked Kross to the floor and went for a dive but was smashed in the head with a chair as he came through the ropes.

Kross nailed a Gut Wrench suplex off the apron onto chairs on the floor. He went to hit Edwards with a chair but missed and nailed the guard rail, then the ring post. Kross was drilled in the face with a chair and rolled back into the ring checking his face. Eddie followed and went to use a chair. Kross kicked him but Eddie caught it and slammed him harshly down on the mat.

Edwards unloaded with punches. Kross cut him off with a pair of kicks to the head and began screaming where was Edwards’ stick as he beat him down with right hands. He stomped on Edwards’ hard and beat him down.

Edwards was placed on the top rope. Kross tried to nail a belly to back suplex off to the ramp below but Edwards broke free and kicked him. Kross was crotched on the center of the top rope and nailed with a leg lariat.

Edwards went for the Singapore Cane but was snatched in Kross’ choke. They tumbled through the ropes to the floor. Eddie hit a double underhook powerbomb on the floors. He brought Kross back into the ring and nailed a pair of Shining Wizards. He grabbed the Singapore Cane and prepared to nail Kross with it. He broke it over his knee and stabbed Kross with the jagged edges of one of the piece. Kross bled from the mouth and the referee rang the bell.

Your winner, Eddie Edwards!

A solid brawl to seemingly end the feud.

Tessa Blanchard was asked about her match with Sami Callihan tonight. She tossed him against the wall and walked off.

Rob Van Dam was interviewed about his match with Moose. He said he can respect Moose wants to make money by wrestling RVD. He said Moose is mocking him and calling him out. He said Moose probably has a great future if he can get past RVD. He said he’s going to show Moose the consequences of his actions. Moose is a bully and he’s going to show Moose what he thinks of bullies. He’s going to back up being Mr. PPV tonight.

Rob Van Dam vs. Moose

Big reaction for RVD. Moose attacked him as he entered the ring but Rob nailed a series of spinning legdrops. He went for Rolling Thunder but Moose went to the floor. RVD nailed a tope con hilo. Moose cut him off with a big boot on the floor. Van Dam nailed a flip off the apron onto Moose and stomped him on the floor.

They brawled on the floor. They returned to the ring, where RVD nailed several shoulderblocks and a spinkick in the corner. He went to the opposite corner but was killed with a big one-legged dropkick. Moose controlled RVD in the corner and worked him over, scoring several two counts. Moose trashed him and sent him to the floor.

Van Dam returned to the ring, where Moose used his boot to smother him. Moose continued to work him over until Van Dam caught him charging and backdropped Moose onto the entrance ramp. Rob caught Moose with a series of clotheslines. He went to do his iconic RVD pose but was thumbed in the eye.

Van Dam nailed Moose and hit the Hollywood Star Press for another two count. The crowd chanted, “You still got it.” He nailed a spinkick into the corner. Moose cut him off and hit a sit-down Chokenstein. Van Dam kicked out and they battled back and forth with right hands. Moose nailed RVD with a kick to the gut and a DDT.

Moose mocked him with a frog splash off the top but RVD rolled out of the way. He nailed a tornado DDT. Van Dam went to follow up but Moose low-lowed him. The referee was out of position and didn’t see it. Moose grabbed a chair but the referee pulled it away. Moose took it back and RVD hit the Van Daminator. The crowd chanted for RVD.

Van Dam covered him but Moose put his foot on the ropes to break up the pinfall. Van Dam hit a drop toe hold, sending Moose onto a chair. He went for the Five Star Frog Splash but missed and hit the chair. Moose speared him and scored the clean pinfall.

Your winner, Moose!

A solid match that really showcased Moose’s athleticism. The right person won here. The crowd loved seeing RVD. At times this was rough, but they were laying it all out there.

They plugged the 7/14 Fallout event, announcing Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard would be forced to team on the show, as would Michael Elgin and Willie Mack.

Big RVD chant as he left the building.

Chae from the WCW NItro Girls is in attendance.

Backstage, Impact Knockouts Champion Taya was interviewed. She said that being in a Monster’s Ball match was like putting the Lamborghini in a demolition derby. She promised she would still be the champion at the end. Good promo.

Monster’s Ball: Knockouts Champion Taya vs. Rosemary vs. Havok vs. Su Yung.

Jim Mitchell gave the match a grand introduction. He was trying to get Su and Havok on the same page before the bell.

Everyone brawed. Rosemary did the Tarantula on Yung. Taya nailed a double knee strike in the corner. Weapons were brought into the equation in the form of trash cans, chairs and trash can lids. Taya used a staple gun that matched her outfit on Yung, even stapling an Impact flyer to Yung’s forehead. EWWWW.

Havok returned to the ring and attacked Taya, tying her to tree of woe. She placed her in a chair and nailed a hip attack into the chair. She followed up with a pair of Boots to the face. Rosemary hit a missile dropkick into the ring and nailed Havok across the back and shoulder until being attacked by Yung.

Yung wrapped a dog dollar around Rosemary and then attached herself to the other side of the chain. They pulled themselves towards each other and batted. Yung used a headscissors takeover to send Rosemary into a chair in the corner. She went for the Mandible Claw but Taya returned to the ring and ran them down with a ladder.

Taya then nailed a wheelbarrow slam on Havok into the ladder. The crowd chanted for tables. I would think you are getting them folks. Havok was placed on the ladder. Taya went to the top but had her legs knocked out from underneath her by Yung. Rosemary nailed Yung and hit a superplex off the top onto the ladder. That was nuts. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**” and then followed up chanting, “This is awesome.”

Havok charged Taya but missed and hit a chair wedged in the corner. Taya psyched herself up but was speared by Rosemary. She brought a bag of tacks into the ring. The crowd chanted she was a sick f*** and she agreed. As long as we are all in agreement. Rosemary and Taya battled with Taya nailing a back suplex that flipped her over. Taya positioned her over the tacks and nailed a curb stomp. JEEEEEZ!

Havok and Yung took out Taya but got into it with each other. Jim Mitchell tried to intercede but was knocked off the apron. Havok sent Yung into the corner after ducking the mist. Taya and Rosemary battled on the apron. Taya was almost suplexed backwards off the apron but saved herself. Taya nailed a Side Effect off the apron through a table.

This left Havok battling Yung. She nailed a tombstone off the ropes. Taya flung a chair at Havok’s face and took her out, then covered Yung for the pin.

Your winner and still Knockouts Champion, Taya!

A super strong brawl with everyone bringing it and doing all sorts of insane spots. I could have done without the staple gun stuff but when in Rome, I guess? This was such a damn great brawl with everyone really putting it all out there.

Su Yung got a big reaction as she finally left the ring.

Backstage, Rich Swann was all psyched up about it being the biggest show of the summer. Johnny Impact showed up and said he was taking the X-Division title to Slamtown and they were going to party all night long. They sang the song, which is what Swann used on the independents forever. Swann got all serious and said he was going to take Impact out and the only person who’s going to sing all night long is him.

X-Division Champion Rich Swann vs. Johnny Impact (with John E. Bravo)

They went back and forth until Impact went to the floor for a breather. Swann was controlled but nailed a rana and a superkick that sent it into the buckles. There were still thumbtacks in the ring and he complained to the referee. As the ref removed them, Impact crotched Swann on the middle of the top rope and forced him forward, giving him rug burn to a place there should never, ever be any. No babies tonight!

Impact hit a springboard kick on Swann, sending him crashing to the floor. He elevated and dropped Swann on the guard rail, then brought him back into the ring, where he nailed a spinning high kick to the face. Swann was dumped to the floor, where Bravo worked him over and tossed him back into the ring as the referee was distracted.

Impact locked in a side chinlock for a long time. Swann fought to his feet and escaped, firing up with a series of rights. Impact sent him to the apron, but was caught with a leaping kick and an Implant DDT. Implant tried to cut Swann off on the ropes but stumbled and was swept off the ropes. Swann hit a big spinning splash for a two count. The crowd chanted for Swann.

Impact was sent to the floor, where Swann nailed a flip dive. The crowd chanted for Impact Wrestling. Swann nailed a flying elbow off the top. Impact came back with a Razor’s Edge inta twisting slam for a close two count. The battle continued with Impact going for a springboard move but eating a back elbow in mid-air. The crowd chanted for Swann.

They battled on the top rope, battering each other. They each nailed each other with punches and fell off the ropes to the floor. They were almost counted out. Bravo tossed Impact back into the ring. Swann barely made it in but hit the ring at the last minute.

Impact nailed a Spanish Fly off the ropes, then followed up with a standing version for a close two count. The crowd began chanting “Johnny sucks.” They chopped the hell out of each other. Swann was sent to the ropes but flipped over and wiped out Bravo on the floor. Impact attacked him on the floor and they battled back into the ring.

Impact nailed the Moonlight Drive kick off the ropes and hit Starship Pain but Swann kicked up. Impact battled Swann with punches and scored with a knee to the head. Swann psyched himself up and nailed a series of strikes and kicks. He caught Impact with a pair of handspring cutters and came off with a twisting splash off the top for the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Rich Swann!

A HELL of a match. Just incredible work from both men.

Michael Elgin cut a promo promising he was going to pin Brian Cage for the belt. He left Japan because he was tired of waiting. Cage is going to hear 1-2-3 tonight.

Impact Champion Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

Cage walked slowly to the ring.

They began slugging it out in the center of the ring. Cage was caught with a boot to the face several times and went down. He shoulderblocked Elgin down and they slugged it out. Cage got the better of it and nailed a series of clotheslines in the corner. Elgin went down but was whipped into the opposite corner.

Cage nailed a big elbow, a kick and a back suplex. Cage sent him to the floor and hit a tope con hilo on Elgin, landing on his feet on the floor to a BIG pop. Cage brought him back into the ring but was caught with a back suplex that flipped him over. Elgin drilled him with two big clotheslines in the corner and placed Cage atop the ropes.

Elgin nailed a superplex into the ring. He covered Cage for a two count. Elgin tried to muscle him for a powerbomb but Cage backed him into the corner. They battled to the floor where Cage was slammed into the guard rail, then on the apron. Elgin brought him back into the ring, but missed a move off the top when Cage rolled out of the ring.

Cage went after Elgin but was caught with a backbreaker over the knee. Cage screamed and grabbed at his back but blocked a superkick, hitting one of his own. Cage hit a springboard tornado DDT, then a 619. Cage nailed a pumphandle into a slam that inverted Elgin for a two count.

Elgin drove Cage into the buckles. He caught Elgin in the buckles, trapping his head under one and superkicking him in the face. Cage went for a powerbomb but was backdropped. Elgin grabbed Cage, powered him up and nailed a powerbomb. The crowd chanted for “Big Mike.”

They battled back and forth until Elgin scored with a lariat. He wound up and drilled Cage with another, then nailed a Razor’s Edge into sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Cage was hit with a bucklebomb but rebounded back into a discus clothesline. The crowd popped and chanted for Impact.

They charged and nailed each other with clotheslines. Neither budged an inch. They beat the crap out of each other. I don’t know how else to describe it. Cage nailed a bucklebomb and was going for an F5 but was caught with a Canadian Destroyer. He kicked out at the last second and the crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.:

They went back and forth. Cage nailed a big knee to the face, drilled Elgin with a knee and scored an F5 for a two count. The crowd chanted, “Fight forever.” Elgin escaped a suplex attempt and nailed a DDT. They continued to battle until Cage scored a surprise win with a forward rollup.

Your winner and still Impact Champion Brian Cage!

They beat the living hell out of each other here. Cage was, undoubtedly, working hurt and put on a super-human effort here. Elgin was right there with him. This was a hell of a match!

Elgin grabbed the title belt and smashed Cage with the title. He grabbed Don Callis and tossed him into the ring. Elgin went to powerbomb Elgin but Rhino, wearing a mask and not identified, hit the ring and gored Elgin, then left through the crowd.

They announced Bound for Glory for 10/20 in Chicago. No pop in the venue.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan (with Sawyer Fulton)

Blanchard looked every bit of a star and main eventer for her entrance.

They faced off. The crowd chanted, “Tessa’s gonna kill you.”

Tessa took him down but Callihan escaped, only to be hit with a head scissors takedown. She nailed a dropkick off the buckles that knocked him off the apron to the floor. Tessa hit a pair fo topes to the floor but on the third, Callihan caught her, slammed her into the ringpost by swinging her head-first into it several times, then hit a DVDR on the floor.

Callihan returned to the ring. When Tessa finally recovered, he dumped her back outside to the floor. He nailed a powerbomb on the apron and left her on the floor. Callihan expected she would be counted out but was shocked to see Tessa returned to the ring. She was kicked in the face. The crowd chanted for Blanchard.

Tessa began to mount a comeback but was rudely kicked down as she rebounded off the ropes. Callihan stomped her ankle hard. He continued to work over Callihan, slamming her and tossing her outside the ring onto the entrance aisle. He teased powerbombing her off the entrance ramp into the crowd but she escaped and nailed a cutter on the ramp. The referee teased counting them out as they crawled back to the ring, hitting each other. They returned right before the 10 count.

They faced off in the ring. Callihan challenged her and she nailed a series of forearm shots, really beating him down, until Callihan drilled her in the mid-section. Tessa came back and nailed a Samoan Drop. Tessa went to top. Callihan tried to cut her off but Tessa avoided him and nailed a big DDT for a two count. The crowd chanted for Tessa.

Callihan cut her off and nailed a series of powerbombs before locking Tessa in a STF submission. The crowd chanted for Blanchard. She made it to the ropes. Callihan pulled her up to the top and teased a piledriver but Blanchard escaped and caught him with a Codebreaker off the ropes.

Callihan spit at her and she began beating him with right hands in the corner. The referee tried to stop her and she nailed him. She looked at the referee, allowing Callihan to strike her with a right hand. He went for the cover but there was no referee. A second ref hit the ring and Callihan got a two count, so Callihan hit that referee.

Blanchard, her nose bleeding, spit on Callihan and low blowed him. She nailed him with the bat and nailed another inverted Codebreaker, then locked him in a Crossface submission. The crowd live was super into this. Callihan escaped and caught her with a package piledriver but Tessa kicked up. All the facial expressions here have been awesome.

Callihan caught her with a leaping piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Say what you want about inter-gender wrestling, but that was a hell of a match.

Callihan sat in the corner with his baseball bat watching over Tessa as the referee checked on her. He finally kicked the referee away and clunked his and her bats together. He handed Tessa her bat out of respect, then walked out of the ring, leaving her alone in the ring.

The crowd gave Blanchard a HUGE standing ovation.