Impact Wrestling Debuts New “Shoot” Interview Series

Impact Wrestling has announced a new web series called Outside The Ropes.

The regular series will be hosted by Impact announcer Tom Hannifan and will feature an interview with a wrestler from the roster. Trey Miguel is the first guest, and the interviews are described as “shoot” style.

The following is the synopsis for the 14-minute opening episode: “In a raw, emotional interview Trey Miguel talks with Tom Hannifan about overcoming a difficult childhood, the woman he considered his mother passing away in February, his best friends The Rascalz in WWE and his plans in IMPACT. ‘Spider-Trey’ also talks about the lessons he takes from his mentor, Alex Shelley, what the X-Division Title means to him and the breathtaking Ultimate X match at Slammiversary 2022.”

The premiere episode is below, along with Impact’s entire press release and a tweet from Hannifan:


It has always taken a special type of person to want to become a professional wrestler – and it takes a different type altogether to have the determination to become a successful one.

What drives these incredible athletes? Where does their passion come from? Who are they, when they aren’t in the IMPACT Zone?

IMPACT Wrestling’s lead announcer Tom Hannifan will explore these questions and more in his brand new OUTSIDE THE ROPES show on IMPACT Plus.

“What happens in the IMPACT Zone is not always the full story” said Hannifan. “With OUTSIDE THE ROPES, we want to bring you the stories that mean the most to IMPACT wrestlers. No bullshit, no walking the line. This is as real as it gets.”

The first episode – click above – features a raw, emotional interview with X-Division sensation Trey Miguel. Trey talks about his very difficult childhood, his adopted mother passing away in February and the mental toll it took. His best friends Dez and Zach in WWE and the offer he got.

Hannifan added: “Knowing this series was going to debut in the lead up to Slammiversary, we knew that Trey Miguel had more than just the X-Division Title to fight for in Nashville.

“Trey is one of pro wrestling’s most exciting young stars. What he has endured in his life – especially in this past year to get to this point – it’s astounding. hope fans will see what really fuels Trey inside and outside of the ropes.’

OUTSIDE THE ROPES will be a regular, on-going series.