Impact Wrestling Officials Address Recent Departures

Impact Wrestling management team of Ed Nordholm, Don Callis, and Scott D’Amore spoke with Newsweek’s Tufayel Ahmed. During the interview, they addressed the recent departures of some of their top stars. Here are the highlights:

The departure of Jeremy Borash: “[Borash] is leaving and joining the WWE,” Nordholm said. “We wish him all the best. He’s a talented guy and has been with the company forever. But we have a lot of talented guys—change is good and it gives other guys a chance to step up.”

The departure of EC3: “His contract was not up,” D’Amore said. He came to us, we had a frank discussion about where he saw himself going. We decided to sit down and work something out that worked for us on how we’d wrap up this portion of his career.”

The departure of Bobby Lashley from Impact Wrestling: “Bobby is free to figure out what he wants to do next, whether it be wrestling or mixed martial arts,” he said. “We wish him all the best. He’s a great talent, it’s foolish to say, ‘No, we wouldn’t want to retain him,’ but he has his own ambitions about what he thinks is good for him next in his career.”