Impact Wrestling Rebellion Night One Results – April 21, 2020

Impact Wrestling Rebellion Night One Results – April 21, 2020

Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2020 opened with a voiceover as different talents prepared for war.

Josh Mathews welcomed everyone to Rebellion, which is taking place in an empty arena setting.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne are the announcers.

Tommy Dreamer & Rhino & mystery partner vs. OVE.

The mystery partner is Crazzy Steve. What, you were expecting Tommy Cairo?

Dreamer and Jake Crist started out. They battled back and forth, trying to maintain control of armbars. Crist gained control, so Dreamer rolled through with a reversal. Crist grabbed his hair and snapped him to the mat. They did a comedy bit where Crist did a nip up and Dreamer tried to do it but couldn’t so he partners helped him. Rayne asked what was going on. I hear you, Madison!

Steve and Dreamer doubleteamed Crist, who retreated and tagged in Madman Fulton. Rhino tagged in so the burliest on each side could face off. Fulton caught him with a right had and worked him over. Rhino fired back with chops and gained control. Dave Crist and Steve tagged in. Steve nailed a series of clothesines and hip attacks in the corner. He nailed a cannonball in the corner but Fulton and Rhino tagged back in.

Fulton worked over Rhino and nailed a series of shoulderblocks in the corner. OVE tagged in and out, working over the former NWA and ECW Champion. Rhino fought his way out of the corner and tagged in Steve, who was cut off by Dave Crist. He escaped a suplex attempt and tagged in Dreamer, who backdropped Dave Crist. He nailed some clubbering shots but was cut off with a poke in the eye. Dreamer caught him out of nowhere with a RKO for a two count. Fulton interfered. Dreamer bit him on the hand. Jake Crist nailed Dreamer and choked him against the ropes.

OVE worked over Dreamer for some time. He made the hot tag to Rhino, who nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex on Jake Crist.

They announced Tessa Blanchard was home in Mexico and would not be able to compete at Rebellion. They teased we would find out something about the future of the Impact title tonight.

Everyone battled. Dreamer hit the Cactus Clothesline over the ropes on Dave Crist. Fulton press and tossed Steve down atop Dreamer. Rhino kicked Fulton out of ring and gored Dave Crist for the pin.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer & Rhino & Crazzy Steve!

On camera, Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcomed everyone to Rebellion on AXS TV. They ran down the remainder of tonight’s card.

They announced tonight’s Ken Shamrock vs. Sami Callihan match will be an Unsanctioned Match.

They announced Eddie Edwards was also not in attendance at Rebellion. They went to a previous interview with Facetime with Edwards. He said that not being there was a decision that was not easy to make. Everyone knows how much pro wrestling, Impact Wrestling and being the World Champion means to him. He said that if it was only him, he would be there right now but with his family, he had to make the tough decision to not be part of Rebellion. The decision has and continues to weigh on him. It’s something he has to get through and he has to live with it. He knows Michael Elgin will have something to say about it but he knows the competitor Eddie is. This is something that is eating at him every day and he can’t wait to get back.

Gia Miller interviewed Michael Elgin. He said that doesn’t know her so he’s going to give her a crash course. He entered the ring as a prodigy at 14. He tore through Canada and then went to Ring of Honor, where the best wrestling in the world was at the time, and he beat them all. He needed all the spotlights and accolades, so he then went to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He had the first-ever Ladder match there and won the IWGP Intercontinental title. That wasn’t good enough. If you want to be great, you have to compete with greats and hold titles that greats have held. The Impact title was held by Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles but when you look at the list of champions down the line, the most important name on the list will be his. Tessa Blanchard is supposed to be a fighting champion but she’s allegedly stuck in Mexico. She’s an American citizen, so she isn’t really stuck. She isn’t here because she can’t hang in the deep end of the pool. He thought Eddie was going to show up and be the new Eddie Edwards but it doesn’t matter, because at the end of Rebellion, Michael Elgin will be the Impact Champion. Probably the best Elgin promo I’ve ever seen.

They announced Impact Tag Team Champions The North were not here tonight but will have a message later on from Canada.

XXXL vs. Fallahh Bah & TJP vs. The Rascalz

Some nice sequences early with Dez and TJP. TJP tried to tag out but Dez tossed him across the ring. Dez locked on an Octopus and tagged in Wentz. The Rascalz nailed a series of double team maneuvers and knocked Bah off the the apron before scoring a two count.

Wentz locked on a version of the Muta Lock on TJP, who made it to the ropes to force the break. Wentz locked on a rear chinlock. Bah finally tagged in and they worked over Wentz. Acey Romero broke up the pinfall as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Larry D nailed a spinebuster on Bah for a two count. Bah was sent into the buckles and nailed a series of shoulderblocks. D nailed a superkick to the back of the head and covered Bah for a two count. Romero tagged in and they nailed a double shoulder block on Bah. Romero nailed an assisted splash for another two count. Bah was worked over for a long time. TJP and Romero got into it as D locked on a front facelock, grinding down Bah. Bah was controlled with an armwringer but Bah fired back and finally caught him with a big belly to belly suplex.

Romero cut off Bah and continued to tag in and out. They nailed a pair of splashes in the corner on Bah as they went back to commercial.

Upon returning, Romero continued to pummel Bah with forearms. D tagged in but Bah absorbed the shots to the head. They fought each other until Bah nailed a Samoan Drop. He made the hot tag to TJP who dove into the ring with a big missiles and a series of big moves. The Rascalz tagged themselves in and nailed a series of synchronized moves on D. Romero got involved but drilled his own partner. TJP got involved and they went into a series of big moves, one right after the other. Dez nailed a series of spins into a kick to the head. Romero nailed Dez and covered him for a two count.

Wentz comes back to nail a series of superkicks on D. Dez came off the top and drilled D with a twisting splash and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Rascalz!

The North, from Canada, said they were told it sucks they were stuck in Canada but they think it’s great. It’s an extended vacation in the greatest country in the world. Fans still get Rebellion, just without the belt or the champs. Josh Alexander said the fans will see them soon. They are going to find the best Canadian team and give them a shot at the titles. They are going to let everyone in America fight and earn their shot, however.

Willie Mack and Rich Swann were interviewed backstage. Mack said the fact Swann is here tonight means the world to him. He knows it was supposed to be them going for the Tag Team titles and seemed flustered. Swann said he wanted to cut him off right now and said that was then. He’s not healthy. It’s time for Mack to get Ace Austin, break him, get the X-Division and then they can celebrate all night long. He told him to go become the best X-Division Champion Impact has ever seen. Mack said he didn’t need to be told twice. Hell of a promo from Swann.

They aired a video feature on the X-Division title bout.

Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Willie Mack

Mack was wearing purple contact lenses to match his ring gear.

Lots of stalling from Austin early on.

Austin tried to steal the win with a rollup but was nailed and went back to the floor. Mack followed and chopped him hard. Mack worked him over on the floor and tossed him back into the ring. Mack went for a dropkick but Ace moved out of the way and placed Mack atop the ropes. He tried Mack to the tree of woe and stomped the hell out of him.

Austin slid out of the ring and locked on an upside down chinlock on Mack, who was still hanging off the buckles. Austin went for a dive off the top but was caught and nailed with a Samoan Drop in mid-air. Mack nailed a standing moonsault and began beating Austin with punches. Austin went to the ropes to save himself, forcing the referee to back up Mack. Austin snapped Mack into the ropes and stepped on the challenger, trying to force the air out of his body.

Mack was nailed with a big knee strike and peppered with right hands down on the mat. Austin worked him over with a series of hard kicks in the corner and used his boot to continue to choke Mack.

Mack reversed a whip into the corner but Austin avoided his charge and nailed a leaping kick to the head. Mack crumbled to the mat. Austin went to the top for the Fold but Mack caught him with a sit-down powerbomb for another two count.

Mack and Austin battled back and forth with chops and forearms. Mack smacked Austin down to the mat and worked him over in the corner. Mack whipped him into the corner, nailed a splash and a Facewash in the corner. Mack followed up with a cannonball.

Mack nailed the stunner but Austin bounced over and landed on his feet. He snapped Mack with The Fold but Mack kicked out of several pinfall attempts. He went for another Fold but Mack reversed it into another cutter for a two count.

Mack nailed a Van Terminator on Austin but missed a frog splash off the top.

They battled back and forth, ending up on the top rope. This led to a hell of a creative finish. Mack nailed the stunner on the buckles, snapping Austin’s head on the top of the ringpost. Austin took a big bump into the ring below. Mack nailed the frog splash and scored the pin. Never saw that before!

Your winner and new X-Division Champion, Willie Mack!

Rich Swann came to the entrance stage to celebrate with Mack.

Ken Shamrock is seen getting ready for the main event.

Backstage, Rich Swann celebrated with Willie Mack. He said winning the title puts a stamp on everything Willie Mack has been through in the business. It’s the icing on the cake. Mack asked him if he’s sure he doesn’t mind Mack doing this on his own. Swann said he was Champion when they tagged and they can still tag and be double champions. Johnny Swinger showed up and congratulated his “partner” and reminded Mack he was going to give him the first title shot because Swinger needs the straps to get more rizats. Swann said they were off to celebrate. Swinger said he can party and goes to get his Cadillac but not before asking Swann if he minds riding in the back, brother. Swann questioned that as Swinger walked off. Mack said it’s some old carny thing. Mack suggested they duck out before Swinger returns and they do.

They aired a video feature on Kylie Rae vs. Kiera Hogan.

Kylie Rae vs. Kiera Hogan.

Kylie played up her character, talking to people outside the ring. Hogan asked who she was talking to since there was no one here. Rae pointed out the cameraman and the timekeeper.

Rae drilled Hogan in the corner and went for the Kylie Special but was cut off and nailed with a legdrop for a two count. Rae was sent into the corner and drilled with some harsh kicks in the corner. Rae was choked in the corner. Rae ate a kick to the back for a two count as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Rae was whipped into the corner but rolled out of the way of a charge. Rae attacked with a series of forearms, raining down shots across the back. Hogan cut her off and splashed her in the corner for a two count before cinching in a rear chinlock. Rae fired back but was cut off and sent into the corner.

They fired back and forth with kicks until Rae nailed a big one. They met each other on the mat, battling back and forth with forearms and punches. Rae finally exploded with clotheslines and nailed the Kylie Special for a close two count.

Hogan regained control and went for a fisherman’s buster. Rae reversed it into a suplex of her own and set up for a charge, nailing a running uppercut in the corner. She nailed a big cannonball for a two count as Hogan got her shoulder up at the last minute.

Hogan snapmared her and kicked her in the face. She began beating Rae’s head into the mat. She went for a move but was taken down and locked in a STF. Hogan tapped.

Your winner, Kylie Rae!

Rae apologized to Hogan after beating her.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne announced the lineup for next week:

*Suicide vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel.

*Joey Ryan vs. Cousin Jake.

*Full Metal Mayhem: Havok vs. Rosemary.

*Will Michael Elgin be named the new Impact World Champion?

They aired a long video feature on Ken Shamrock vs. Sami Callihan.

Unsanctioned: Ken Shamrock vs. Sami Callihan

I guess we will never know how Shamrock got out of last week’s cliffhanger!

Shamrock was nailed with a dive as he hit the ringside area. Callihan drilled him with bodyshots and nailed a suplex on the floor.

Callihan worked over Shamrock, who came to life and fired away with punches and snapmared him onto the ramp leading down to the ring. Shamrock sent him into the ringpost and then whipped him into the barricade. Callihan cut him off and used the ringpost to rip at Callihan’s face. Shamrock nailed a series of kicks and whipped Callihan into the barricade again. They kept tossing each other into the barricades. One crashed under Callihan. Shamrock kicked away at him.

Shamrock dove off the stage towards Callihan. Sami tried to back up and escaped a kick. Callihan ran backstage and Shamrock pursued him as they went to commercial.

When they returned, Shamrock was seeking Callihan backstage. This was shot in a more cinematic way with dramatic music underneath. Callihan tossed powder in his eyes and nailed him with a chairshot across the back. He began beating him with a trash can lid and declared that he, not old man Shamrock, was the World’s Most Dangerous Man. He waited for Shamrock to get up, measured him and nailed him with a trash can.

Callihan grabbed a chain and used it on Shamrock as a weapon, then wrapped it around his face. He demanded Shamrock quit. Shamrock instead said he was going to kill him. Callihan let him go, then drilled him with a headbutt. He said they were just getting started.

He went to use a trash can on Shamrock but was kick. Shamrock lost it and beat him over and over, ground and pound style, with punches. Shamrock asked him how he liked it now and told Callihan to look at him as he brandished a trash can. OVE attacked Shamrock and beat him down. MadMan Fulton destroyed a trash can over his back and stomped him down. As they did this, Callihan was nowhere to be seen. Callihan returned but instead attacked OVE and laid them out with a pipe. He told them that he sees everything.

Shamrock and Callihan both returned to their feet and faced off. Callihan said, “Let’s finish this.”

Shamrock said, “Outside” and that’s where we went, as they were now fighting in a parking lot amidst the Impact production trucks with referee Brandon Tolle returning to the fray.

They circled each other and began brawling again. Sami beat him into the production truck and Shamrock returned the favor.

Callihan locked on a sleeper. Shamrock fought to escape it and slammed him backwards into a truck several times but Callihan kept locking it back on. Shamrock finally threw him off. It was the most anyone has worked a sleeper in forever.

Callihan locked on the anklelock and screamed, “Game Over!” Callihan blacked out from the pain and Tolle stopped the fight.

Your winner, Ken Shamrock!

The cameras focused on an unconscious, beaten Callihan before we faded to black.

Part Two Next Week!