Impact Wrestling Results – August 4, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results – August 4, 2020

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS opened catching everyone up on what’s gone down in recent weeks since Slammiversary.

TNA Champion Moose vs. Heath’

Heath is, of course, the former Heath Slater. The storyline is that should he be victorious, he’ll earn a spot on the Impact Wrestling roster.

They locked up and Moose muscled Heath into the corner. Heath fired away with a series of rights and clotheslined Moose over the top to the floor. He went for a dive but Moose popped up on the apron. Heath knocked him off with a right hand and sent Moose into the ring steps and the barricades. Moose reversed the momentum and sent Heath into the barricade, then slammed his face into the ring apron. Heath blocked another shot and nailed Moose with several right hands.

Moose tossed Heath into the ring but was dropkicked off the apron as he went to return himself. Moose sent him into the barricade. Slater came back to send him into the ring post. Heath brought him back into the ring, nailing several right hands. Moose caught him charging and nailed a Flapjack onto the top rope. Thus far, Heath has looked really good in the ring.

Moose nailed a catapult, slamming Heath’s throat under the bottom rope. Heath tried to fire back with right hands but Moose cut him off with a standing dropkick for a two count. Moose continued working over Heath, who wouldn’t say die and showed a lot of fire continuing to fight back. Moose nailed a big boot to the face and pounded away with right hands. Moose has played a good dominant bully thus far here.

Moose nailed Heath’s lower back. Heath finally put together a string of offensive maneuvers and scored several two counts. Moose missed a charge in the corner and was rolled up for a two count. Moose missed another charge and hit the buckles. Heath whipped Moose into the referee by accident and nailed his finisher, The Wakeup Call. Heath covered Moose but there was no official to make the pinfall. Heath tried to rouse the referee then grabbed Moose, who lowblowed him.

Moose covered Heath and hooked the tights. The recovered referee slowly counted the pinfall.

Your winner, Moose!

A good match with some really physical action. They had a nice chemistry in the ring. We’ll see hpw the storyline plays out from here.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne pretty much said Heath’s attempts at joining the roster have ended. We’ll see about that.

They announced a two-part special titled Emergence would begin in a few weeks. In three weeks, Jordynne Grace will challenge Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts title.

Gia Miller interviewed Willie Mack. He didn’t have any insight into what Rich Swann’s announcement will be tonight. He said he doesn’t understand why Eric Young had to be such a dirtbag when he returned and attacked Swann. He said that whatever Swann has to say, he’ll be there for him.

They aired another EC3 video piece on him controlling the narrative going forward. He’s going to reclaim the TNA Championship and then burn its legacy to the ground. He’s coming for Moose. Great vignette. Whoever is editing these is doing a great job.

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Impact Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns in the ring.

Alex Shelley said they all have known each other for years and they’ve all put blood, sweat and tears into pro wrestling. They came back to Impact to challenge themselves. They went their separate ways in 2012. Sabin became World Champion here and he’s proud of what he did in New Japan and what they did elsewhere. He’s proud of Sabin returning to the ring from a torn ACL again. He said Sabin is a modern medical miracle. Sabin said when he was working towards returning to the ring, who else was he going to call but his old partner and they found that chemistry again. They are proud to be champions again.

They run down the tag teams in the company and mention that The North call themselves the best. The North come out. Josh Alexander says that Impact had a year to give The North the chance to tell their story but didn’t do that. But here’s the Machine Guns getting the preferred treatment, just like they did when they were granted a title shot so quickly. Ethan Page ranted that they beat the North at maybe 20%. They didn’t beat The North when they were ready. They didn’t turn down anyone and they defeated the entire division. Page was losing his mind and Alexander had to calm him. Shelley said that they learned a hard lesson, that they wouldn’t be champions one day. He said they can have their title rematch anytime they want. They offered to wrestle right now.

Page said they wrestled them at 40% and they aren’t going to do it again without proper preparation. They will get the rematch on their terms at 100% and they’re going to take them back at Emergence.

Backstage, Kimber Lee entered Knockouts Champion Deonna Purazzo’s locker room. Purrazzo wasn’t happy with the intrusion but Lee pitched that she takes out Jordynne Grace for Deonna in exchange for Lee getting her own shot at the title. Purrazzo agreed to those terms.

We go to this week’s WRESTLEHOUSE segment! Taya is gathering everyone together. She realized that she’s trapped in WrestleHouse but isn’t making the most of it. She then realized that everyone she’s trapped in here with her have bad hygiene. Jake Something is crushing on Susie. Kylie Rae wondered when she was going to get back to the Impact Zone. Rosemary said they leave when he takes a hint. Alisha began giving Susie advice about seducing men. Johnny Swinger tried to hit on her. She knocked him to his face. This led to Tommy Dreamer announcing it was MATCH TIME – Johnny Swinger vs. Alisha and Susie. Crazzy Steve warned Swinger he was now in a handicap match. Swinger said he got a Swingman 2 for 1 special.

They wrestled. Swinger was being all lecherous but the women doubleteamed him. They hit a double splash and scored the pin.

Elsewhere in the house, John E. Bravo was cleaning up. Kylie Rae came up to introduce herself. She said she normally doesn’t want to get involved, but after talking to Rosemary, she realized they can’t leave until Bravo “takes the hint.” She tried to help but Bravo said it might take him awhile but he can take a hint. He walked off.

The Impact+ flashback is Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan in a steel cage.

The Good Brothers were in the parking lot and found that someone had screwed with their car. Two Sheriffs questioned them about having open containers. They said they hadn’t opened anything. Ace Austin showed up, showing that it was obviously he and Madman Fulton screwing with them. Gallows got into it physically with Austin and the cops got involved. Gallows elbowed one, not realizing who it was and was arrested. Karl Anderson said it was obviously a set up.

They aired another vignette on the impending debut for Brian Myers.

Impact Champion Eddie Edwards came out for his Open Challenge.

It was Sami Callihan answering but Rob Van Dam attacked him during the entrance and laid out Sami with a chair. He beat down Sami before officials pulled him away.

Callihan dragged himself up and still went to the ring. The referee acted like he didn’t want to allow this but Callihan insisted.

Impact Wrestling Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan.

Callihan slapped Edwards before the bell. They went right at it. Edwards nailed a Tiger Driver for a two count. Edwards worked over Callihan with headbutts and controlled early on. The idea here was to show how tough Callihan was by fighting through everything to still try and win the title. Callihan sidestepped a charge and sent Edwards to the floor. Sami nailed a tope to the outside, driving the champion into the barricade.

Sami worked over Edwards, including going after the eye he previously injured and nailed a piledriver on the apron. Edwards was out on the floor as Callihan tried to muscle him up and sent him again into the barricade. The Champ is brought back into the ring where Callihan nailed an elbow and ripped at his face. Eddie fired back with kicks. They rebounded off the ropes and nailed clotheslines at the same time. The referee checked on them and began counting them down.
They fought to their feet and battled back and forth. Edwards nailed the Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Callihan fought back and scored a two count after a brainbuster.

They continued to battle back and forth, firing punches, kicks and chops at each other. Callihan caught Edwards with a GTS and a running forearm for a close two count. They continued to battle back and forth. Callihan nailed a piledriver and covered Edwards, who got his foot across the bottom rope to break the pinfall. Callihna went to the outside and pulled a chair out from under the ring. Callihan brought it into the ring. The referee tried to stop him but realized he wasn’t smart to do so. Callihan reconsidered and tossed the chair to the floor. Edwards caught him unaware with the Boston Knee Party and then nailed another knee strike for the pinfall.

Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Champion, Eddie Edwards!

Back at WrestleHouse, John E. Bravo has packed up and walked out the house. Taya and Rosemary are both looking for him. Kylie tells them that he left. Rosemary asked if she said anything to him. She said she may have said something about taking hints. Rosemary screamed for Dreamer, who declared, you guess it, MATCH TIME!

After a commercial, we are at the WrestleHouse ring for their match. Kylie “got her nose.” Rosemary wanted to know what sort of sorcery was this. They battled back and forth. Rae had her pinned but Taya counted so slow the ice age passed. Rosemary came back with a spear. Taya was counting super fast but Rae still kicked out. Bravo returned and was at ringside. He chanted for her, which she was pleased with but the distraction allowed Rae to superkick her and score the pin. Kylie wins.

In the ring, Rosemary said that she was happy Bravo came back. He said Rae told him but he’s kind of known for awhile but he feels torn because Taya has done a lot for him. As he’s saying that, they are showing how Narcissistic Taya is. Rosemary suggests that perhaps Taya doesn’t need to know. Before he could answer, Taya realized he was back and yelled at him because she had to maker own sangria.

Backstage, Karl Anderson is on the phone with Gallows and promises to get him out ASAP. He sees Ace Austin and nailed him. Fulton attacked Anderson and they double-teamed him. They left him laying on the floor, beaten.

Backstage, Hernandez hired Reno Scum to help him get his money back.

X-Division Champ Chris Bey & Rohit Raju vs. TJP & Fallah Bah

The storyline is whether Raju is playing Bey or can be trusted.

Some nice action early with Raju and TJP. Bey tags in but is double-teamed by Bah and TJP as Impact goes to commercial. When they return, Raju was working over TJP’s arm, preventing him from making the tag out to Bah. He nailed a running kick and scored a two count. Bey and Rohit tag in and out, maintaining control until TJP nailed a spinning DDT off the ropes. Bah makes the hot tag and worked over Raju. Bey and TJP returned to the fray. TJP hit a springboard elbow and went for the Three Amigos, but the third one was a back suplex. He ascended to the top but Raju went after him. TJP kicked him off but missed a swanton bomb. Bey and Raju overwhelm TJP but Bah broke it up. Bey went for the springboard stunner but was snatched down in a cross armbreaker and tapped.

Your winners, Fallah Bah & TJP!

Next up is the Rich Swann interview.

Rich Swann came to the ring on crutches. He said that he was able to return to become a professional wrestler with hard work, dedication and heart and prove all his doubters wrong. In January, he got the worst injury of his career. He blew out everything in his ankle and was told by the doctors he’d probably be walking with a limp for the rest of his life. That would mean no more professional wrestling, so he went home and busted his ass as hard as he ever did to prove that doctor wrong. Months went by and he’d come to Impact and get the itch. He could feel himself healing, getting better and stronger. He went back to that doctor and gave me the MRI and he said Rich, maybe I was wrong. You’re ready to go. How did you do that? Heart and willpower and motivation for Slammiversary. He saw there was a vacant slot for the Impact title match and he knew he was ready to claim that spot. As soon as he got the OK to go, BAM, inserted in the main event of the biggest PPV for Impact Wrestling.

In that match, Swann said he gave it his ass and he gave it his heart. He pinned Eric Young and he thought he was going to compete more with Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin, but Young’s jealousy and hate ruined that. The seven months of Swann sitting at home came back to home when Young put his ankle in the chair and kept stomping. He’s right back where he was seven months ago at the same orthopedics’ office. He was told that this time is a little different. If he’s going to get back in the ring, his life may change. With the injury he has, he won’t live a normal life if he keeps putting his body what he’s putting it through. That leads him to this decision. He has to think about his family. He wants to thank everyone who supports him and everyone who makes the company what it is. He wants to thank the commentators, the production team and everyone else, from the bottom of his heart. He said it’s been a good 15 years and he hopes that he made a lasting impact, not just here but in this industry. He said that he loves everyone and announces he is retiring.

The Impact babyfaces come out applauding and pounding on the mat. Swann stood in the ring in tears. The Rascals held the ropes open for him as he took a long moment before stepping through the ropes for the “last” time. He was overwhelmed and couldn’t do it. He finally got out of the ring with everyone assisting him. Swann began walking up the aisle himself with the crutches, crying. He faced everyone on the stage but Eric Young ran out and blasted him, then nailed his leg with the crutch before everyone charged after Young as The Rascalz and Eddie Edwards tended to Swann as they screamed for help.



Eddie Edwards’ Impact Championship Open Challenge.

No DQ – Tasha Steelz & Keira Hogan vs. Neveah & Havok.

Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace.