Impact Wrestling Results – December 21st, 2017

Impact Wrestling Results – December 21st, 2017

Josh welcomes us to the show and lets us know that we’re going to spend two weeks on the Best of Impact Wrestling in 2017.  We open with a video package of lots of awesome wrestlers and legends who don’t work here anymore.

We see the opening promo from the beginning of 2017 when Bruce Prichard kicked off the Anthem Era by telling us how awesome TNA used to be, how much it sucks now, and how they will Make TNA Great Again.  Now that I’m not transcribing his every word, I can’t help but notice the garish purple shoes he’s wearing here.  He puts Bobby Lashley over as the greatest athlete in the world, Josh puts over what he did while working for WWE, and then Alberto comes out to crash the party mere hours after Ed the Owl spoils his surprise appearance by tweeting out a picture of him backstage.

We’re back for the match where Alberto beat Lashley for the TNA World Title in his debut before voluntarily handing it back because he cheated to win.  EC3 comes down to ringside during the match and grumbles about Alberto getting this shot instead of him.

We look at the early turmoil of the year with Alberto treating EC3 like a punk, Cody and Brandi Rhodes stopping in for a cup of coffee, and LAX making their return.

Next up is the X Division five-way where Low Ki made his return, busted up Sonjay Dutt’s face, and won the X Division Title on his first night back.  I’m starting to sense a theme here.  The segment ends with Jeremy Borash knocking Josh Mathews on his ass after listening to his annoying rants one time too many.

We come back to LAX and their first title victory over Decay in some kind of hardcore match.  Abyss got absolutely destroyed with barbed wire boards before LAX puts Crazzzzzzzzzzzy Steve through a table with thumbtacks on top for the win.

We look back at TNA’s “There, We Did It, Are You Happy Now, Sony Six???” Tour from this past spring in India, featuring a promo video from Mahabali Shera (who also doesn’t work there anymore) and Sonjay Dutt.  Anyone else think it’s a coincidence that Shera was out the door as soon as they got that tour over with?

We wrap the show up with Sonjay Dutt’s big moment, as he defeated Low Ki for the X Division Title in Mumbai.  Dutt came out with an eyepatch on to cover his injured eye, and Low Ki’s face was puffed up too from a shot Sonjay gave him leading into the match.