Impact Wrestling Results – December 28, 2017

Impact Wrestling Results – December 28, 2017


It’s the second half of the best of 2017, and we open with a look back at Slammiversary before seeing the unification of the GFW Women’s Title and the Impact Knockouts Title between Rosemary and Sienna.  Allie and Crazy Laurel Van Ness get involved and distract the ref so Sienna can knock Rosemary out with the belt, but that doesn’t do it, so Sienna puts her out with a choke instead to come away with both titles.

We come back to Josh, who hems and haws and then finally takes us to Slammiversary when he and Scott Steiner faced Jeremy Borash and Abyss.  This was comedy gold for anyone who didn’t see it, and featured the returns of Shark Boy and Jim Mitchell.

Next up is the Gauntlet For The Gold for the Global Title that Alberto El Patron was stripped of for not doing anything wrong.  Eli Drake pins Eddie Edwards to win the title, which he continues to hold to this day.  American Top Team is at ringside making a nuisance of themselves.

We look at Eddie Edwards doing awesome in NOAH, Johnny Impact doing awesome in AAA, and Taya Valkyrie doing awesome here in Impact.

On to Trevor Lee, who took the X Division Title from Sonjay Dutt with Caleb Konley’s help and continues to hold the title today.

Next up is oVe defeating LAX for the tag title at Bound For Glory thanks to their newest member, Sami Callihan.

We look back at Gail Kim’s retirement announcement, victory for the Knockouts Title one last time, and subsequent final speech before handing back the Knockouts Title.

On to Dan Lambert and American Top Team, who have a big problem with the way the world of professional wrestling is picking a fight with the world of MMA.  Personal note: Dan Lambert is SUCH an amazing promo.

Now we go to the main event of Bound For Glory, as Johnny Impact challenged Eli Drake for the Global Title…then went down in defeat thanks to Alberto El Patron’s interference.

And that does it for 2017!  Have a happy and safe New Year’s, and see you in 2018!