Impact Wrestling Results – February 2, 2021

We open up this week’s edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV with recent highlights.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champion Tasha Steelz with Kiera Hogan vs Havok with Neveah

Steelz took the fight right to Havok early on, working her over in the corner Steelz played to the camera, allowing Havok to nail her. Havok went for a slam but Steelz nailed a series of kicks to the legs and nailed a superkick to the face. Steelz locked on a single leg crab but Havok made it to the ropes. Steelz continued working over the knee and leg. Havok finally threw her off and nailed a big knee strike.

Havok began ragdolling her across the ring with Steelz sailing. Havok nailed an Avalanche into the corner. Steelz fought back but was plucked off the ropes and nailed with a spinning sideslam for a two count. Havok was angry she didn’t get the win. She went for a rebound off the ropes but Kiera grabbed her leg. Havok pulled her up on the apron and began choking her. Steelz went to rebound for an attack but Neveah tripped her. Havok nailed the tombstone for the pin.

Your winner, Havok!

This was the right call in terms of who went over as it sets up rematches for the title plus the Champs ended up with a taste of their own medicine. Havok looked really strong at times here. This was words better than the Festival segment last week.

D’o Brown and Matt Striker discussed what happened after Impact went off the air with Ken Shamrock attacking poor official Brandon Tolle and even Sami Callihan.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore told Callihan that what happened was too much even for him. He said Shamrock is indefinitely suspended. Callihan said he was going to fire Shamrock anyway for slowing him down and said Scott did a good job and walked off. I think that is the second time Ken has been suspended in recent months.

Backstage, Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer said there was a time he gave up his title shot for a 55 year old man (Terry Funk was 53, Dreamer!) and now things come full circle. Swann said when they go into the ring tonight when they face Chris Bey and Moose, let Swann do the work because he wants Dreamer as fresh as possible when they wrestle at No Surrender. Dreamer said he would pull his weight and to tag him when Swann needs him.

Impact Tag Team Champions Gallows and Anderson cut a promo backstage saying they can’t wait to beat up Jon Moxley tomorrow on AEW. They said that maybe they will screw over Private Party tomorrow. James Storm and Chris Sabin showed up and said that it wasn’t OK for them to attack Chris Sabin like he was a loser and kick him when he was down. They said he lost. Sabin asked whether they have the guts to face them or whether they are “Ball-less wonders.” The Good Brothers said as champions, they have no reason to do so. Storm said they can give them a shot next week or they can fight and beat the crap out of each other like men. They tried to talk themselves out of a fight since they have AEW tomorrow and said they can face off next week and walked off. Storm and Sabin marveled at how the champs backed down.

Madman Fulton with Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander

They went right at each other, trying to take the other down. Alexander went for the ankle lock early but was muscled up into a suplex and was just thrown down from above, crashing down to the mat. Fulton began to nail a series of kicks and strikes, manhandling Alexander. Fulton bullied the referee when he tried to intervene. He continued to beat down Alexander, using his size and height advantage but was nailed with a big right hand. Alexander nailed a German suplex but Fulton popped up. Josh locked on the ankle submission. Fulton rolled free and kicked him out of the ring to the floor.

Fulton followed him to the floor, nailing a big right. He grabbed Alexander by the throat and chokeslammed him onto the apron outside. Back in the ring, Fulton nailed another chokeslam for another two count. He place Alexander atop the ropes in the corner. Alexander knocked him of the ropes and drilled him with a series of strikes and finally scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

Good action with a solid strength vs. finesse story all the way through.

They aired a commercial for Good Brothers action figures.

Brian Myers, wearing an eye patch, made his way to the ring He said that he sadly feels somewhat responsible for what has happened to him recently. It only makes sense that the Most Professional Wrestler vs. The Most Unprofessional Wrestler. He said Eddie was a great worker’s worker but now his trainer Killer Kowalski is rolling in his grave seeing what a garbage wrestler he has become. He said he wishes he could get Edwards in the ring at No Surrender but unfortunately, he can’t He went to produce a doctor’s note but Eddie Edwards attacked him until Hernandez hit the ring and attacked Eddie. Myers said his boy Hernandez will gladly kick Eddie’s ass at the PPV. Matt Cardona hit the ring for the save and ran off Myers and Hernandez.

A lot thrown in there. Hernandez gets a new role and alliance. Myers and Cardona tease eventually facing off.

Back in Swinger’s casino, everyone was losing except Swinger. He said business is good like Fritz Von Erich’s house on Christmas night. Fallah Bahh said it feels like it’s always groundhog day.

Eddie Edwards thanked Matt Cardona for helping him. He said they set up a tag match against Myers and Hernandez at No Surrender.

Crazzy Steve with Rosemary vs. XXXL’s Larry D with Acey Romero

Steve nailed D with a series of rights and worked him over in the corner. D showed him off but was caught with a drop toehold. Steve nailed some stiff crossfaces. D gained control but Steve bit him on the arm. D grabbed Steve and hit a big belly to belly suplex for a two count. They battled back and forth. Steve went for a pescado on Romero, who caught him. Steve but D but was drilled with a big right hand and pinned.

Your winner, Larry D!

Rosemary hit the ring and backed off XXL. They were spooked by her.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Trey Miguel and asked him about leaving and returning to the company. He said he had two crutches even before he came to Impact and now one ever saw him walk. He said he could stand on his own two feet and always could. Sami Callihan hacked himself into the interview. Trey asked him why they shouldn’t fight. Callihan said his boys haven’t even been gone two months and he’s already throwing them under the bus. He said that Trey doesn’t have loyalty or the drive. When things get hard, he ran away; He said that Impact wants people who want to be here and have passion. Trey got in his face. Sami told him to go home, look in the mirror and decide what and who he wants to be.

Backstage, XXXL said they’d never hit a woman. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with A K showed up. Dashwood said that their problems were solved. They teased there would a six person tag at No Surrender.

Susan with Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee with Jordynne Grace with Kimber Lee

Susan acted like she was awkward in the ring and used the referee to nail Grace, then dumped her out of the ring. She scored several near falls. Grace nailed her several times but was sent to the floor, where Lee and Purrazzo put the boots to her. Susan nailed several right hands. Grace was sent to the floor but this time landed near Jazz. They brawled with Lee and Purrazzo.

When Grace returned, she nailed a big right hand on Susan and slammed her several times. Grace nailed the GraceDriver but Susan kicked out at the last second. Grace nailed a stiff elbow in the corner but Purrazzo grabbed her leg. Jazz nailed Purrazzo. Susan rolled up Grace for a two count. Grace overpowered her and nailed the Grace Driver for the pin.

Your winner, Jordynne Grace!

Lee and Purrazzo immediately attacked Grace. Jazz hit the ring but was overwhelmed as well until the returning ODB hit the ring for the save.

Backstage, Private Party were upset that Sabin and Storm have a title shot next week when they are next in line. They told Matt Hardy he was supposed to be in charge of things. He said they have a guaranteed shot and tomorrow he needs them to win the Tag Team Battle Royal tomorrow on Dynamite. He said he’s giving them a bonus for winning the titles of each promotion.

They aired the latest paid AEW ad with Tony Schiavone and AEW President Tony Khan pushing the Beach Break event.

Backstage, ODB spoke with Jordynne Grace and Jazz. ODB said she has her food truck outside and she poked her head inside, saw what was going on and hit the ring. She said that she still has it. Grace asked her if she was back. Jazz said there are a lot of us coming back these days. ODB said never say never.

Impact X-Division Champion TJP vs. Rohit Raju (non title)

The story early on was that TJP’s unique wrestling holds were keeping Rohit at bay. Raju, looking good, cut off his momentum. For intensity, Raju may be one of the most underrated talents in the ring right now. Raju nailed a sunset flip but TJP rolled through and reversed it. Raju scored a dropkick through the ropes, sending the champ to the floor. When they returned from commercial, TJP was whipped hard into the buckles. Raju nailed a series of kicks to the face, scoring several near falls.

Raju nailed a back suplex for another two count. TJP began to mount a comeback including a leaping rana off the ropes. He nailed a tornado DDT and went up to the top for a Mamba Splash. He missed. Raju nailed a dropkick in the corner. They went back and forth with counters. Rohit went for a GTS but Perkins slipped away. He went under the ring to put on the Manik mask but he was pulled back from under the ring. Mahabali Shera was hiding under the ring and attacked TJP, chokeslamming him on the apron. Raju pulled TJP in and scored the pin.

Your winner, Rohit Raju!

They aired a video package with Violent by Design. They said that Cousin Jake is family and that’s why they left him standing last week. They are inviting him into the family and offering their protection but the offer won’t last forever. Eric Young offered to remove the sickness but the choice has to be Jake’s. Young was just tremendous here.

They aired a Rebellion PPV promo.

Gia Miller asked Jake about being invited into the family. He said that he thought he had a family but with all the crazy things that have happened, this may the craziest. He said that next week, he will give them an answer.

TNA Champion Moose & Chris Bey vs. Impact Champion Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer

Bey and Dreamer battled back and forth before having a stand off. Dreamer whipped him into the ropes but Bey came off the ropes with a leaping kick as they go to commercial. When they returned, Moose was manhanding Dreamer in the corner. He whipped Dreamer into the corner but missed a charge. Swann made the tag in and tagged Moose with a series of rights. Moose nailed an uppercut and cut off the champ.

Bey tagged in and controlled Swann, scoring several two counts. Dreamer and Swann double-teams Bey. Moose drilled Swann. Bey nailed a Divorce Court on Swann and swamed over him with fisticuffs. Moose tagged in and worked over Swann for a long time. He ripped at the champion’s nose. Moose manhandled Swann and whipped him hard into the buckles. Bey began focusing on Swann’s hand and arm, wearing down the champion.

Swann scored a two count with a desperation sunset flip. Bey regained control and locked on a sitting abdominal stretch. Dreamer finally made the hot tag and backdropped Bey. He nailed some clubbering shots but was hit in the mid-section. Bey went for a kick but Dreamer caught it and slammed him. Moose nailed Dreamer but Swann dropkicked him. Bey was nailed with a DDT. Moose went to spear Dreamer but Dreamer evaded it, leaving Swann to be wiped out and pinned. Dreamer didn’t mean for that to happen.

Your winners. Moose and Chris Bey!

Moose attacked Dreamer and speared him. He kept stomping away at Swann and demanded his belt. He grabbed the Impact and TNA titles and held them both above his head. He threw the Impact title down and left with Bey.

That’s all from Impact!

Next week:

*Contract signing: Rich Swann vs. Tommy Dreamer.

*Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers vs. Chris Sabin & James Storm

*ODB vs. Kimber Lee.

*Kiera Hogan vs. Neveah.