Impact Wrestling Results – January 19, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – January 19, 2021

Impact Wrestling on AXS TV opened with highlights of Hard To Kill.

Backstage in a segment filmed after the PPV, Don Callis, Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers were excited about their win at the PPV. They went back to the hotel, except Callis, who turned back around and told the camera they were planning what’s next. He said he was going to take a hiatus and take care of some business in Jacksonville but he and Omega would be back.

They are using the crowd noise for the weekly TV series now.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown are the announcers.

Eric Young with Deaner and Joe Doering vs. Rhino with Cousin Jake

Rhino went right after Young with chops and punches. He whipped Young into the ropes but Young held on and rolled to the floor. Jake grabbed him and tossed him back into the ring. Rhino sent Young across the ring, where he was did the Flair Flop and ran across the apron but was caught by Rhino. Young caught him and drilled him, leaving him near the other members of Violent by Design, who drilled Rhino as the referee was distracted. Young cinched in a side chinlock, grinding away at Rhino.

Rhino fought his way out and clotheslined Rhino several times. Rhino nailed a back elbow, a spear in the corner and sent Young flying with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Rhino called for the Gore but Deaner rolled in the ring and distracted the referee. Doering attacked Rhino and snapped his leg into the ring post several times. Young locked on a heel hook and forced Rhino to tap.

Your winner, Eric Young!

Young refused to let the move go after the bell.

Cousin Jake went to help Rhino but Deaner attacked him and beat him down. Doering kept stomping on Rhino’s leg until several officials came out.

They showed footage of Moose attacking Rich Swann after Hard to Kill.

Backstage, Acey Romero and John E. Bravo approached Tommy Dreamer and told him his theory that a Knockout used Ring Rust to turn Larry D into Lawrence D in order to get him to shoot Bravo. I get paid to type sentences like this. Ridiculous!

The Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions came out and praised themselves for their win at Hard To Kill. They make the headlines and they are the place holders for Impact. Chris Sabin came out. He said the Motor City Machine Guns didn’t lose those belts and they want their rematch. Gallows said that it makes sense he wants to do business with the Good Brothers but he doesn’t have a partner. They told him to get out. Sabin said Alex Shelley isn’t here but he does have a partner. Out came former Impact Wrestling Champion James Storm. Storm cut a damn good promo but was interrupted by AEW’s Matt Hardy and Private Party.

Matt said Private Party have the potential to be the second best tag team of all time, behind The Hardy Boys. Tomorrow, they have a big six man tag on Dynamite so he brought them to Impact for a warm up match since they need a warm-up match. Hardy said he gets 50% of their payday since it’s a third party booking. Storm said that this was a private conversation, not a private party. Hardy said that they aren’t experiences enough to talk for themselves, so everyone should be talking to him. He said in 2016, he put Impact Wrestling on his back and saved the company from bankruptcy so everyone should be thanking him. Hardy suggested Private Party challenge for the Tag Titles tonight. He said he and Jeff never lost the belts, they were taken from them in a stupid teleportation angle.

Sabin and Storm said none of that has anything to do with them. The Good Brothers suggested they should fight it out and the winners can get a title shot. Hardy said he’s going to have his team of lawyers deal with Impact’s lawyers. He told Private Party he needed them to be vicious and mean and after they win, they are coming for the Impact Tag Team titles.

Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardona. Cardona said he’s here to prove himself to everyone and to himself.

They showed footage of the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions crowned in Fire N’ Flayva.

Backstage, The new champions are with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with A K. They were trying to push a Fire N’ Flayva Festival to Dashwood, who was interested until realizing they didn’t want to pay her to be there, but to pay TO BE THERE. Swinger showed up, trying to hit on them. Tasha Steelz realized that Swinger had the fannypack he lifted from Steelz. Fallah Bah showed up and said he stole the fanny pack with the money from them but they stole it from him and he wanted it back. He argued with the champs, allowing Swinger to slink away like the rat he is. As all this was going on, the elevator behind them opened and Brian Myers walked out, disgusted by all of this. He and Bah had words and Bah said he’ll see him in the ring tonight.

Kimber Lee & Susan with Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jazz & Jordynne Grace

Susan is wrestling in her suit pants and jacket. Jazz controlled her early on with power. Jazz and Grace tagged in and out, working over Susan. Grace nailed some hard forearms and punches. Susan was sent to the floor. Grace followed and attempted a piledriver but was snapped to the floor, grabbing her elbow.
Lee and Susan worked over Grace for a long time, but she kept kicking up and trying to fight her way out. She fired away with chops but Lee took her back down and sent her into the buckles. Lee missed a charge and nailed a kick. Grace blocked and nailed her own, then hit a big lariat. Jazz made the hot tag. Susan tried to take off her jacket but Jazz drilled her with a series of jabs. Jazz nailed a DDT but Susan kicked out. Grace was sent to the floor. Deonna drilled Jazz with the Knockouts Title belt, allowing Susan to roll her up and score the pinfall.

Your winners, Susan and Kimber Lee!

Backstage, Taya was asked what is next for her after losing to Deonna at Hard to Kill. She began cutting a promo on Deonna and friends when John E. Bravo burst in with Tommy Dreamer and Acey Romero and accused her of having him shot. Dreamer said they found the ring rust and it has her prints on the bottle. They found the footage and know she did it. Taya admitted she did it. She said the only regret is that Bravo didn’t die. Dreamer had security drag Taya out. Acey wondered where she is will end up. If she’s lucky, she’s going to Jacksonville State Prison but if she isn’t, she’ll be going to Stamford Correctional for 2 years with an option for a third year and trust him, that will change a person together. Romero said he hopes she doesn’t end up in Baltimore. Bravo looked sad and asked Dreamer to hold him. Dreamer consoled him and said it’s finally over.

As Taya was being dragged out, Rosemary scared off security. She asked Taya why she didn’t tell us. Rosemary said that she had a plan. Taya said she doesn’t know why but one of the biggest accomplishments in her career, no matter what she does next, was having Rosemary in her corner. They hugged. Security dragged Taya out. Rosemary said that this is why we don’t have friends, because it never works out for them. Crazzy Steve said that all of this excites him and he and Rosemary walked off.

They went to a paid ad from AEW. Tony Khan was with Jerry Lynn and said he was going to be watching the main event tonight very closely. They ran down the Dynamite lineup. Khan said he sent Matt Hardy here to Impact because he can’t out-carny Impact and what they are pulling on AEW, but Matt is the biggest carny there is. Khan said he’s going to be out there scouting the match at ringside with Jerry Lynn and they are going to find their way to ringside.

Matt Striker said the enemies are at the gate.

Impact Champion Rich Swann made his way to the ring in street clothes. He said that he left his heart in the ring under pressure on Saturday. He said Moose did the same, even if he didn’t know he could trust Moose. He said what is going on between him and Kenny Omega isn’t over but Omega isn’t in the building. He said Moose beat down his friend and attacked him after the PPV, so with an open schedule, he wants Moose to come out so they can settle this once and for all. Moose came out wearing a suit and entered the ring. Moose said he knows Rich is angry but people tend to make bad decisions when they are angry and that tends to make him angry. He said he knows what Moose is capable of when he’s angry – just ask Willie Mack. He said that nothing between them is going to be settled until he gets his title shot.

Swann said he called him out to give him his title shot right now and dared him to go. Moose said that’s not how this works. Moose will say when, not Rich Swann. He said Rich is on his time. Swann said time’s up and nailed Moose. They battled. Moose missed a charge in the corner and Swann drilled him with the Phoenix Splash off the top.

Rohit Raju was complaining to Scott D’Amore about what went down at Hard to Kill. Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion TJP walked in. Raju lost his mind. Scott told him that TJP couldn’t get a title shot again and he didn’t, Manik did. He said everyone knows TJP is Manik and he’s the champion. He told Raju he could face TJP in two weeks. Raju said that’s all he wanted and stormed off, not realizing he agreed to a non-title match.

Backstage, Alisha Edwards was trying to get in with Fire N’ Flayva for their “festival.” Alisha said she could be their emcee. They tried to sell referee Brandon Tolle a package to the Festival, so this is ABSOLUTELY a Fyre Festival parody. As all this was going on, Havok and Neveah stepped up behind them. They wanted in but the Champions told them all the packages were sold out so they could sit at home with their cats and watch on TV. They found their way out of the room, leaving Neveah and Havok to stew.

Brian Myers vs. Fallah Bahh

They locked up and Myers tried to power up Bahh, but that wasn’t going to work. Myers grabbed a side headlock but Bahh used his power to easily escape. He nailed a high cross bodyblock for a two count.

Bahh controlled the match for several minutes but Myers kept kicking out. Myers began drilling him with right hands but it didn’t hurt Bahh. Bahh went to do his “No No No” but Myers acted like he was thumbed in the eye. The referee checked on him and when he turned, Myers drilled Bahh low and then drilled him with a lariat for the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers!

Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. He was complaining. Josh Alexander showed up and said nothing is given in the business, it has to be earned. Austin said he think he earned it. Madman naiked him from behind and worked him over. Matt Cardona made the save and chased them off. Cardona challenge Austin and Fulton to fight.

They aired a video feature on the Barbed Wire Massacre.

Dr. Ross Forman was checking on Edwards. Brian Myers stormed in and wanted to have his eye looked at and didn’t care about Edwards, telling him he was basically a backyarder.

Chris Sabin & James Storm vs. Private Party (with Matt Hardy)

AEW President Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn were sitting ringside.

?Isaiah and Sabin started out and went back and forth. Private Party took control and double-teamed Sabin, scoring several near falls. Storm was able to tag in but was quickly overwhelmed and tossed to the floor. Private Party stomped him in the ring as they went to commercial.

When Impact returned to the ring, Private Party continued to work over Storm in the corner. D’Lo Brown put over Jerry Lynn as one of the best wrestlers in the world but now he’s here as an enemy of the state. Marq Quen nailed a big dropkick for a two count. Storm was caught in a front facelock but really fought his way to the corner, making the hot tag. Sabin nailed a flying bodypress into the ring on both members of Party, then battled them with right hands.

Sabin nailed a big tornado DDT on Kassidy, then nailed a running dropkick to the back of Quen’s head. Sabin hit another tornado DDT with Storm’s help but Quen kicked up at the last second. Everyone battles. Storm pulled Kassidy to the outside and drilled him. Kassidy nailed him and battled with Sabin but Storm slipped back into the ring and nailed a Lungblower for a two count. Sabin went for his finisher but Quen slipped out and nailed an enziguiri. Storm nailed a lariat. Kassidy drilled him with a kick to the head. Sabin nailed a brainbuster on him.

All four men were down as the referee counted and they fought to their feet. Private Party worked over Storm but Sabin made the save. Storm was tossed over the top. Quen hit a big flip dive to the floor. Sabin was going to come off the top but Jerry Lynn grabbed his leg, setting up Private Party to win with Gin & Juice.

Your winners and new number one contenders to the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship, Private Party.

The Good Brothers came out to congratulate them. The two teams faced off but Sabin and Storm jumped both teams and everyone brawled as Impact Wrestling went off the air…