Impact Wrestling Results – July 7, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results – July 7, 2020

Impact Wrestling started with a review of everything that took place last week as the build to Slammiversary continues.

Rosemary & Taya vs. Susie & Kylie Rae

Rosemary trash talked Susie and sent her into the buckles. She missed a splash in the corner and was hit with a monkey flip. Susie covered her for several two counts. Kylie tagged herself in and faced off with Rosemary.

Kylie and Susie worked over Rosemary. Taya tagged in and slapped Kylie. Kylie grabbed her in a side headlock takedown and tied up Taya on the mat until she crawled to the ropes to force a break. Rae nailed a rana into the corner and tagged out to Susie. Susie and Rae nailed a double bulldog for a two count. John E. Bravo distracted the referee, allowing Rosemary to kick Susie in the back. That allowed Taya to take over, scoring several two counts.

Taya and Rosemary tagged in and out, working over Susie. Taya hit a big German suplex but Susie kicked up at two. Rosemary hung off the ropes, working over Susie. Taya nailed a running double knee strike. Kylie and Rosemary tag in and take the fight to each other. Kylie nailed a tilowhirl head scissors takedown into the corner, then nailed a running knee for a two count. Rosemary cut her off with a clothesline. Kyle came back with a stunner variation. Rosemary popped up but was kicked in the face. Taya tagged in and speared Kylie for a close two count.

Kylie battled back with forearms but was nailed with a Northern Lights suplex. Kylie came back with another superkick and covered her but Rosemary broke it up. Susie hit the ring and clotheslined Rosemary over the top to the floor. Taya tossed Susie to the floor and called for Bravo, but he was checking on Rosemary outside. Kylie catches her with a Crossface and forces the submission.

Your winners, Kylie Rae and Susie!

Good match that continued to further the odd love triangle with Rosemary, Taya and Bravo.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne discuss Josh Alexander vs. Sami Callihan later tonight.

Backstage, Chris Bey is upset that Johnny Swinger has been banned from ringside. Swinger said that he always has a plan and walked off, I guess, to enact it.

The Deaners vs. Reno Scum vs. XXXL vs. TJP & Fallah Bah

Everyone brawled a lot. It settled down into Reno Scum working over Cody Deaner, tagging in and out as they beat him down. They give Deaner the Pit Stop and continued beating him down in the corner. Everyone started brawling again. Josh said he had no idea what was going on and neither do I. Reno Scum brawled to the back with TJP and Bah. That left the Deaners vs. XXXL. Jake and Larry battled. Larry hit a big spinebuster but Cody broke up the pinfall attempt. Deaner went for a DDT but was shoved off. Deaner avoided a charge in the corner but was hit with a Pounce by Romero. Jake knocked Romero to the outside. He nailed a spear on D and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Deaners!

We see Bah, TJP and Reno Scum brawling around backstage. TJP dove off some equipment and took out Scum. Bah put his own partner into a trash can on wheels and handed him a chair, then drove the can towards Scum, where TJP nailed them with the chair. Reno Scum regained control and beat Bah and Perkins down, leaving them laying.

The Impact+ flashback is The Beautiful People vs. Angelina Love & Tara.

Impact Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Kimber Lee

They go to lock up and Lee goes for a test of strength. Grace used her power to work over Lee and whipped her hard into the corner. Grace nailed a spinebuster for a two count. She nailed a clothesline in the corner. Lee blocked her charge and nailed an enziguiri to the back of the head. Lee nailed a hard kick to the back and scored a two count. She locked on a chinlock and then used her legs to tie up Grace on the mat. Grace pushed herself back, trying to force Lee into a pinfall submission but Lee escaped that and rolled her over, scoring a two count of her. Some really nice mat wrestling here.

Grace nailed a Michinoku Driver for a two count but Lee kicked up. Lee nailed a trio of kicks that sent Grace to the mat. Lee nailed a swanton off the top for another two count. They are really working hard here. Lee tried to grab brass knuckles that were hidden outside. She went to nail her with them (IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE? WHY?) but Grace blocked and nailed the Michinoku Driver, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Jordynne Grace!

Good, hard fought bout. I thought this was Lee’s best Impact appearance to date.

Deonna Purrazzo showed up on the, uh, Impact-tron. She said she came here to become the Champion and they’ll face off on 7/18. She said she’s not the only person who sees Impact is ripe for the picking and Jordynne will have to wait for Slammiversary.

They aired a video feature on Impact vacating the Impact title. Some REALLY good promos from Trey, Eddie Edwards and Ace Austin here.

Willie Mack came across Suicide, who was obviously Johnny Swinger under the mask. Mack said he’d see him later on. Mack made reference to that creepy old dude that’s always hanging around Bey. Suicide said, “Johnny Swinger. He’s only 44. Kayfabe.” Mack said he’d see Suicide out at the ring tonight as he had promised him a match tonight.

This week’s Locker Room Talk is hosted alone by Madison Rayne. She said she was going to interview the most iconic Knockout in Impact history. She’s interviewing herself. Rayne ran back and forth asking questions and answering. Rayne said she had a major announcement tonight. She announced that at Slammiversary, she will compete in the Knockouts Gauntlet. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan showed up and wondered who the hell she was talking to. Havok and Neveak showed up. Havok said she wishes that she could feel bad for Rayne, but she deserved it after creating Hogan. Hogan said no one created her. Neveah said they’ve been pressing their luck but now their luck has run out. They went nose to nose and began brawling as Rayne scampered away. She found a camera on the ground and signed off from the show. Rayne was pretty damn funny here!

Backstage, Hernandez beat someone in an arm wrestling contest. Rhino showed up and challenged him. They locked up and we are told it’s “to be continued…….”

X-Division Champion Willie Mack vs. “Suicide”

Suicide is obviously Johnny Swinger. The announcers said he stole the outfit so he could try and be at ringside at Slammiversary. Mathews said he’s an idiot. They claimed Swinger had found a Super Eric costume as well.

Swinger was worked over early. He tried to lock on an abdominal stretch but “didn’t know” how to do it. Mack hiptossed him off. Swinger went for a swinging neckbreaker but couldn’t do it because everyone would know it was him. He went to the top but got confused or scared and climbed back down. Mack kicked him and nailed the stunner, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Willie Mack!

All silliness but it was short.

Tommy Dreamer was interviewed, reading a statement prepared by his attorney, Tricky Dicky Heyman. POP. He wanted to apologize for anything that hurt Moose’s fragile ego. He said that he was truly sorry. Moose said that he doesn’t believe Dreamer was sincere. Dreamer told Moose he’s been made the TNA Board of Directors and they made him the number one contender. Moose said there is no committee. Dreamer said he’s going to face Moose under Old School Rules at Slammiversary. Moose said if he wants a title shot, he doesn’t need to make up stories. He said there’s no championship committee. Dreamer said you’re right, there isn’t one, just like there isn’t a TNA. He walked off.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne recapped the lineup for the 7/18 Slammiversary PPV. Dreamer vs. Moose is official.

Sami Callihan vs. Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion Josh Alexander

They locked up and muscled each other, trying to get the advantage. Callihan was sent into the ropes and shoulderblocked Alexander down, then hit a Thesz Press. Callihan clotheslines Alexander over the top to the floor. Alexander returned to the apron but was nailed as he stepped through the ropes. Callihan came off the ropes with a flying knee, sending him to the floor. Callihan went to the floor. They battled with Callihan reversing an Irish Whip, sending Alexander into the guard rails. He then nailed a running boot to the face as they went to commercial……….

When Impact returned, Callihan continued to work over Alexander until missing a charge in the corner. Alexander dragged him the outside but was caught with a DVDR on the floor. Ethan Page ran over to check on Alexander. Callihan went after him but the referee pulled Page away from a confrontation. That allowed Alexander to drive Callihan into the apron and then suplex him onto the apron outside. Callihan was left outside on the floor and was almost counted out as Alexander waited in the ring. Callihan beat the count but Alexander attacked his knee and ankle, working Callihan over. Alexander nailed a kneedrop and scored a two count.

Alexander continued to work over Callihan slamming him and maintaining control. He rained down with several right hands but Callihan absorbed them and rose to challenge Alexander. Alexander rebounded off the ropes but was caught with several clotheslines. Alexander ate a big lariat. Callihan went for a sunset flip but Callihan rolled through. He nailed a brainbuster for a close two count. Callihan nailed a series of rights in the corner but Alexander slipped out, grabbed Callihan and nailed a Whirlybird for a two count.

Alexander cinched in an anklelock and tried to force the submission while also sending a message to Ken Shamrock. Callihan fought to the ropes and finally made it, forcing a break. They battled to the outside on the apron. Callihan grabbed him and nailed a piledriver on the apron. Callihan covered him but Alexander kicked up at the last second. Ethan Page nailed referee Brandon Tolle. Page went to nail Callihan with a piledriver but Ken Shamrock pulled Page out of the ring and locked on an anklelock on the floor. Alexander saw this and went to help but Callihan nailed him and drilled him with a piledriver, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

Shamrock offered Sami a handshake but Callihan walked off.

They went off the air with a Slammiversary commercial, this time announcing that not only is a former World champion returning but he won’t be alone. Someone poured three shots of a drink and three hands picked them up at once. Fade to black.