Impact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2022

Impact Wrestling Results – November 10, 2022

After a recap of the 11/3/2022 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Tom Hannifan & Matt Rehwoldt welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning to the opening match.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match.
Brian Myers (c) (w/ Matt Cardona) vs. Joe Hendry.

Hendry ran down Myers in his promo before declaring that he would be a force for good if he defeated Myers to become the new Digital Media Champion. Hendry and Myers locked up at the start of the title match before Hendry drove Myers to the corner. The two locked up once more before Hendry locked Myers in a wrist lock before running the ropes and hitting two shoulder tackles and a stalling suplex on Myers for a near fall, after which Myers rolled out of the ring. Myers returned to the ring and grabbed Hendry with an enziguri kick before stomping on him. Myers put Hendry in a sleeper hold, which Hendry broke with an uppercut. Myers slid out of the ring, tripping Hendry onto the mat, before landing a lateral press on Hendry for a near fall. Myers engaged in another sleeper before attempting a Guillotine Choke on Hendry, but Hendry countered with a deadweight suplex. Hendry knocked Myers down with two back elbow blows and a trust fall (Fireman’s Carry Toss). Myers nearly fell on Hendry with a flat liner. Myers attempted to assault Hendry, but Hendry caught him with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, sending him flying. Hendry and Myers made their way outside before Hendry smacked Myers’ face onto the apron. Cardona attempted to intervene, but IMPACT Tag Team Champions Heath and Rhino attacked him to lead him out of the equation. Hendry got back in the ring, but Myers hit the Implant DDT on Hendry for a near fall. Myers got back up and went for a spear, but Hendry caught him with the Standing Ovation (One-Hand Spinebuster) on Myers for the pinfall win, becoming the new Digital Media Champion.

Winner & New IMPACT Digital Media Champion: Joe Hendry.

– Backstage, Gisele Shaw was presented with a video package that included an impromptu movie of members of the IMPACT Roster thanking Gisele Shaw. The video featured Eddie Edward, Deonna Purrazzo, Lance Storm, Scott D’Amore, Sami Callihan, and others.

– There was a short vignette of Eric Young, Alan Angels, Kon, and Deaner highlighting how violent they are. Young stated that he warned Sami Callihan that the world belongs to Violence and that he taught him a lesson for failing to see the vision.

X-Division Tournament – Second Round Match.

Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel.

Before Bailey launched his machine gun side kicks at Miguel, the two dodged each other’s kicks. Bailey and Miguel took turns entering and exiting the ring before Bailey turned Miguel over. Miguel slammed Bailey’s arm into the top rope, followed by a dropkick and an arm-drag takedown. Bailey was in a wrist lock on Miguel, but Bailey released the hold with an arm drag, dodging Miguel’s attacks with two back flips, and then kicking Miguel in the chest as Kenny King walked up the ramp to watch the action. Bailey and Miguel traded blows before Bailey kicked Miguel, nearly knocking him to the ground. Bailey was almost knocked to the ground by Miguel’s kick to the chest and a double stomp on her back. Miguel attempted a suplex on Bailey, but Bailey hit Miguel with chops. Miguel was struck with a forearm strike and a pump-back thrust kick by Bailey, but Miguel answered with an Enziguri kick rebound on Bailey. Prior to Bailey going for the Ultimate Weapon, Miguel and Bailey exchanged offensive moves, but Miguel avoided Bailey and almost went for the spiral. To remove Bailey from the ring, Miguel used a Poison Rana. Before Miguel kicked Bailey in the head, King insulted Bailey. Miguel attempted to climb the apron, but Bailey caught him with a pump kick followed by an outside Triangle Moonsault on Miguel. Bailey pounded Miguel with forearm strikes, but Miguel countered before returning to the ring. Bailey reversed a Sunset Bomb attempt by Miguel with a moonsault Meteora on Miguel. Miguel attempted the move on Bailey to the outside. King threw popcorn in Bailey’s direction, but the latter ignored him. After Miguel was thrown to the stairs by King, Bailey’s match was forfeited and Miguel was declared the winner by way of disqualification.

Winner (via Disqualification): Trey Miguel.

– After losing to Savannah Evans, Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary approached Jessicka backstage. Before suggesting that she bite Tasha Steelz in the face, Rosemary advised her to use her anger and let it all out on Steelz. In response, Jessicka said she would have a drink.

– Kenny After the match between Bailey and Miguel, King made a backstage promo to defend his conduct. King stated that until he reveals the Fake Tricks in the Matrix like Morpheus, he cannot concentrate on the X-Division Championship & World Championship.

Bhupinder Gujjar vs. G Sharpe.

The match started with Gujjar and Sharpe locked up until Sharpe placed Gujjar in a headlock. Gujjar jumped over Sharpe and then dropped him with a kick. Before delivering a tilt-to-world backbreaker to Sharpe, Gujjar avoided him. Sharpe threw Gujjar to the ground before crushing him. Sharpe nearly knocked Gujjar over with a snap-mare dropkick. Before securing a headlock, Sharpe attacked Gujjar with Anvil elbow strikes before the latter broke the hold and landed two punches and a lariat on Sharpe. Gujjar jumped over Sharpe and then struck him with a ripcord knee strike, a rip blade, a pump kick, and a Samoan Drop for a close call. Before kicking Gujjar in the head hard, Sharpe measured his eyes. Sharpe struck Gujjar with a chop but Gujjar responded with a pop-up Powerslam before connecting the Spear from the middle rope for the pinfall win.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar.

– Brian Myers & Matt Cardona were the subject of a promo by Heath & Rhino. Cardona was called a lunatic by Heath for seeking to work with Myers. Josh Alexander, the IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion, was spotted by Rhino, who warned him that Bully Ray is a piece of sh*t.

– Alisha challenged Jessicka, who replied that she would travel to Australia to witness the genuine Aussie Open. Then Alisha confronted Eddie Edwards about Honor No More. Alisha had her doubts, despite Edwards’ emphasis that he also buried Honor No More when he laid to rest PCO last week.

Mickie James vs. Chelsea Green (w/ Deonna Purrazzo).

The two began the match locking up before James did a snap mare headlock on Green, but Green reversed it with a wrist lock before kicking James’ arm. Green got James in a waist lock, but James turned it into a waist lock of her own. James got a headlock on Green before transitioning into a hammerlock on Green. Green climbed to the middle rope while on the hammerlock to get a rope break before James slammed Green to the mat. Jams and Green slapped each other before hitting a snap-mare into a running kick on Green for a near fall. James ran the ropes, but Purrazzo distracted James enough to allow Green to hit the Back Stabber on James for a near fall. James pushed Green to the corner before kicking Green in the head. Purrazzo got Green’s hand on the rope, but the referee caught her. The referee responded to Purrazzo’s actions by kicking her out of the match. Green hit a flat liner on James for a near fall. Green hit a ripcord lariat on Green for a near fall, to which Green responded by locking in an S-Grip Headlock. James broke the hold and hit a wrist lock takedown on Green before getting Lateral Press on Green for a near fall. Green took down James and locked in a Single Leg Crab on James, but James rolled to send Green out of the ring. James went for the baseball slide to the outside, but Green caught her with a slap. James hit a Hurricanrana on Green to the outside. James and Green got on the apron and exchanged strikes before the two hit stereo Thrust Kicks on each other. The two got backing the ring at the count of nine before exchanging strikes while sitting down. James fired away with forearm strikes before hitting a Thesz Press, two clotheslines, and a neck breaker on Green for a near fall. James went for the DDT on Green but Green tossed James into the referee. Green accidentally hit a big boot on the referee before James hit a flapjack on Green. Purrazzo got back in the ring to interfere, but Taylor Wilde attacked Purrazoo to send them off the ramp. James hit a Top rope Thesz Press on Green before connecting the Mick-DT on Green, but the referee was out. Green punched James before connecting the Unprettier on James, but only got a near fall. Green lost it in the ring and fired away with punches on James before climbing to the top rope. Green went for a top rope Shotgun Dropkick, but James took a side step and got Green in a Jack-Knife Cover for the pinfall win.

Winner: Mickie James.

– Steve Maclin made an attempt to speak with Scott D’Amore, but Tommy Dreamer called him out for what he had done. Dreamer advised Maclin to wait until Alexander vs. Kazarian and take the locker room’s leadership role, but Maclin shot down the advice by stating that his goal was to win the match. Dreamer issued a challenge to Maclin, who accepted before pledging to defeat Dreamer in the bout.

Zicky Dice (w/ Johnny Swinger) vs. Bully Ray.

The match began with Swinger and Dice doing the “Get the Tables” taunt to Ray, to which Bully Ray was unphased. Dice got a table to the ring, but Ray hit the Bully Bomb on Dice for the quick pinfall win.

Winner: Bully Ray.

– After the match, Moose hit a low blow on Ray before putting through a table in the corner with a vicious spear. The crowd chanted for Moose as he put his suit back on and walked back to the ramp.

– Sami Callihan cut a recorded promo on Violent By Design, putting over the faction for being bigger and better than ever before. Callihan pulled a man with a yellow hoodie and blamed him for ruining the match between him and Young. Callihan challenged Young to a match but wanted to do it in the bloodiest fashion possible. Callihan challenged Young to Deaht Machine’s Double Jeopardy.

– IMPACT Knockout’s Champion Jordynne Grace cut a promo backstage saying that she hoped Gisele Shaw kept that photo of her with the title as that would be the only scene she would have as champion.

– Chelsea Green got her luggage and told Deonna Purrazzo that she was going home after losing her match against Mickie James. Hannifan did a troll face to Rehwoldt as he was distraught by Green’s action.

– After Moose’s attack from earlier, Bully Ray challenged Moose to a tables match. The match was made official.

– There was a video package highlighting Frankie Kazarian’s IMPACT Career ahead of his match against World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander on Overdrive. Scott D’Amore, Chris Sabin, Gail Kim & Traci Brooks (Kazarian’s wife) were a part of the package. Kazarian promised to win the championship and said that he needs the title more than anything, emphasizing that he has to win.

IMPACT Knockout’s Championship Match.

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal).

Grace kicked Shaw in the abdomen and punched Shaw to begin the match. Grace leaped over Shaw and hit a spinebuster on Shaw for a one-count kickout on Shaw. Shaw got out of the ring and talked strategy with Vidal, but Grace hit a sliding kick on Vidal. Shaw slammed Grace off the ropes to the ringside floor. Shaw and Grace got back in the ring and laid in forearm strikes on Grace before launching her to the corner and hitting two corner uppercuts and a diving uppercut on Grace for a near fall. Shaw went for a suplex on Grace, but grace reversed it and hit a snap suplex on Shaw. Shaw popped back up and hit a vicious forearm strike on Grace’s neck before hitting two corner spears on Grace. Shaw hit a chop on Grace before taunting the crowd. Grace laid in the punches on Grace and went for a suplex, but Grace punched Shaw in the abdomen. Shaw hit another chop on Grace, but Grace slammed Shaw’s face to the corner and hit a vicious strike on Shaw before the commercial break. Shaw & Grace exchanged forearm strikes before Grace hit a body slam on Shaw. Grace hit a back fist on Shaw before hitting a reverse Meteora, a sliding elbow strike, and a Vader Bomb on Shaw for a near fall. Grace hit vicious strikes to the back of Shaw’s neck and on the jaw, but Shaw caught her with a spinning heel kick and an enziguri kick for a near fall. Shaw place Grace in the middle rope and hit a spin kick on Grace’s neck before hitting a draping DDT on Grace for a near fall. Shaw climbed to the top rope and taunted Grace, but Grace attacked Shaw in the top rope and hit a Stalling Superplex before rolling into a Jackhammer on Shaw for a near fall. Shaw and Grace exchanged Full Nelson Holds before Grace hit a knee strike followed by, of all things, a Vertabreaker on Shaw for a near fall. Grace went for the Made in Japan Driver, but Shaw reversed it and hit a back-breaker into a flatliner on Grace for a near fall. Shaw went for a running knee, but Grace got her in a roll-up for a near fall. Shaw got a jack-knife cover on Shaw for a near fall, to which Grace quickly responded with a vicious Powerbomb followed by the Grace Driver (Pump-Handle Driver) on Shaw for the pinfall win.

Winner & Still IMPACT Knockout’s Champion: Jordynne Grace.

– After the match, Masha Slamovich viciously attacked Grace from behind with a chair and hit the Snowplow on Grace onto a stack of chairs. Slamovich stood tall on the ramp holding the IMPACT Knockout’s Championship.

– There was a close-up shot of the place where Edie Edwards buried PCO. From out of nowhere, PCO’s hand popped out of the dirt, showing a frightening image to end the broadcast.