Impact Wrestling Results – October 13, 2022

Impact Wrestling Results – October 13, 2022

IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander will start off this week’s edition of IMPACT! less than a week after BOUND FOR GLORY went live on pay-per-view. Following a grueling victory over Eddie Edwards VXT teams up with Gisele Shaw to take on The Death Dollz and Rosemary, the new IMPACT World Tag Team Champions. Trey Miguel will face Alex Zayne, Laredo Kid, Yuya Uemura, Kenny King, and Black Taurus in a six-man X-Division bout. In a No Disqualification match, Killer Kelly takes on Tasha Steelz. Plus, Matt Cardona goes one-on-one with Bhupinder Gujjar.


The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) defeated Raj Singh & Shera

Following a video package summarizing IMPACT’s big show “Bound For Glory”, Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt greeted the audience to the program before switching to the introductory section.

– IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander made a promo in the ring, calling out Bully Ray. Bully Ray confronted Alexander in the ring, explaining that he did not cash in on his “Call Your Shot” trophy for the title because he wanted to change his history in IMPACT Wrestling. Steve Maclin and Moose interrupted to call Ray out for blatantly lying to Alexander and laying claim to the IMPACT World Championship. Bobby Fish appeared and challenged Alexander to a title bout. The contest was scheduled for later in the evening.

– Motor City Machine Guns were interviewed backstage before going to Scott D’Amore to request a Tag Title Rematch against OGK, but Heath & Rhyno interrupted them on the way to reveal that they will face Mike Bennett & Matt Taven for the belt next week.

No Disqualification Match.

Killer Kelly vs. Tasha Steelz (w/ Savannah Evans)

Evans dragged Kelly out of the ring before slamming Kelly into the apron. The match began with Steelz stomping down Kelly before hitting a chop on Kelly’s chest. Steelz hit two more chops on Kelly, but Kelly hit a flurry of forearm strikes before dropping Steelz into the middle turnbuckle. Kelly went for a running kick, but Evans caught Kelly in the Electric Chair position before slamming Kelly onto the apron. Steelz got a near fall on Kelly before hitting her with a headbutt, but Kelly got back up and asked for another headbutt. Steelz granted her wish and hit a second headbutt on Kelly, which brought a smile to Kelly’s face. Steelz slammed Kelly into the ring corner with an Irish Whip before hitting a running uppercut, an enziguri kick, and a running shotgun dropkick on Steelz for a near fall. Steelz got a steel chain to the ring, but Kely hit a drop toe-hold on Steelz before locking a sleeper on Steelz, but Steelz rammed Kelly into the ring corner before hitting a pump kick on Kelly for a near fall, but Steelz quickly transitioned into a modified Gargano Escape, but Kelly powered up and hit Steelz with an Alabama Slam on Steelz for a near fall. Kelly got out of the ring and retrieved a steel chair. Steelz hit a spinning heel kick to the abdomen and went for a bulldog, but Kelly slammed Steelzz into the chair before hitting three short-hand lariats and a running Penalty Kick on Steelz for a near fall. Kelly hit a Death Valley Driver on Steelz for a near fall. Evans attacked Kelly, but Kelly fought off Evans and Steelz. Kelly drilled Evans with a chair before Steelz hit a superkick and placed the metal chain on Kelly’s mouth. Kelly reversed the hold and locked in a chain-assisted Killer Clutch on Steelz. Steelz tried to rebound off the corner to break the hold, but Kelly cinched the hold deep, leaving Steelz with no other option but to tap out, awarding Kelly the submission win.

Winner: Killer Kelly.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger, Zicky Dice, and Dirty Dango were discussing when two hooded males shouted, “I AM VIOLENCE!” Sami Callihan attacked the two hooded men before yelling, “I’m coming for him!” And previewing a feud with Eric Young.

– Backstage, Scott D’Amore, and Josh Alexander were discussing Alexander accepting Fish’s challenge. D’Amore tried talking about Bully Ray and his antics, telling him that everything he does is in his best interests and that Alexander should keep his head on a swivel.

Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve) vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Laredo Kid vs. Kenny King.

Taurus began the match by hitting double lariats on Miguel & Laredo Kid before tossing Uemura to the outside with a Bandera toss. Zayne & King tossed Taurus into Ueumra, sending him to the outside with a spear through the ropes. In the ring, King & Zayne ran the ropes before King hit a shoulder tackle on Zane. Zayne got King in a wrist lock before hitting a chop on King. King and Zayne ran on the outside before King leaped over Taurus to allow Taurus to hit a vicious spear on Zayne. King hit a PK kick on Taurus from the apron before Laredo Kid hit a pimp slap to King’s neck. Laredo Kid slammed Miguel & Uemura onto one another before the two tossed Laredo Kid to the outside. Uemura hits a cross body on Taurus to the outside. Miguel and Zayne hit a double Tope Con Giro on the pile to the outside before the commercial break. Back from the commercial break, King got in the middle turnbuckle, but Miguel caught him with a leaping enziguri kick. Laredo Kid got Miguel into a draping DDT Position, but Uemura got a Dragon Sleeper on Laredo Kid in a reverse DDT, but Taurus got a hold of Uemura’s neck in the reverse DDT position. Zayne got Taurus on the reverse DDT position while everyone was in a DDT position of sorts before King hit a leaping blockbuster on Zayne, causing a DDT Domino Effect to lay everyone out. Zayne chopped King on the back before hitting a twisting Enziguri on King, but Yuya caught him with a dropkick, and Taurus greeted Uemura with a headbutt. Laredo Kid hit an Enziguri Kick, but Miguel caught Laredo Kid with a cartwheel kick. King hit a spinebuster on Miguel for a near fall. Laredo Kid hits a Michinoku Driver on King for a near fall. Uemura hit a cross-body on King before hitting a headbutt suplex on Laredo Kid. Taurus hits a pop-up Samoan Drop on Uemura. Kid placed Taurus in the top rope, to which Zayne took advantage of by hitting a Frankensteiner/ German Suplex on Taurus & Laredo Kid. Miguel dropped Zayne with a twisting neck breaker on Zayne to get the pinfall win.

Winner: Trey Miguel

Backstage, X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian and Mike Bailey spoke, with Bailey complimenting Kazarian for the match before shaking hands. Miguel interrupted the proceedings to stake his claim as the X-Division Challenger. Kazarian stated that he will see what occurs.

Gisele Shaw & VXT (Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo) vs. Death Dollz (Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary & Jessicka).

Jessicka led Shaw to run the ropes before launching shotgun jabs at her, prompting Shaw to flee. Taya followed a Meteora on Green for a near fall after Jessicka hit a corner lariat followed by an Irish Whip Corner Splash. Green struck Taya with a headbutt before tagging Purrazzo. Taya performed a double lariat on Purazzo and Green before Rosemary bit Deonna’s face and the Widow’s Peak on Deonna in the ropes. Taya struck Purrazzo with a knee strike. Green slammed Taya’s face into the bottom turnbuckle for a near fall after Purrazzo hit a backstabber. Shaw tagged in and pounced on Taya before unleashing a spinning suplex for a near fall. Before tagging, Deonna tagged back in. Green struck Taya with a knee strike, but Taya countered with a rising kick before the two laid each other down with a double clothesline. Rosemary dropped Shaw with two lariats, a sling blade, a rushing forearm strike, and an Exploder Suplex. Rosemary attempted a Death Valley Driver, but Shaw countered with a backbreaker/flatliner combo on Rosemary, resulting in a near fall. Rosemary escaped Shaw’s knee blow and hit a spear on him for a near fall. Purrazzo tossed Jessicka out of the ring after he hit a running cross-body on Green. Rosemary speared Purrazzo, allowing Shaw to unleash a knee strike for the pinfall victory.

Winners: Gisele Shaw & VXT (Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green).

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray said backstage to Dreamer that he could turn on a dime. Ray stated that he would not make Dreamer appear foolish and that he would do everything correctly. They decided to work together for one night.

– Maria Kanellis spoke to the IMPACT Tag Team Champions Matt Taven and Mike Bennett on the Honor No More theme. Kanellis stated that the Tag Titles represent success, but Taven stated that they do not receive appreciation for their achievements. PCO yelled at Eddie Edwards, who was not present, but Bennett reiterated that they were family and that their tag championships would be retained.

Matt Cardona vs Bhupinder Gujjar

Cardona and Gujjar locked up before Gujjar leaned Cardona into the corner. Cardona leaned Gujjar on the corner, but Gujjar replied with jabs at Cardona. Gujjar hit a dropkick on Cardona before hitting a corner splash, a leg trip, and a springboard elbow drop on Cardona for a near fall. Cardona slammed Gujjar’s face into the apron before delivering a neckbreaker on the outside. Gujar came back in the ring, but Cardona put in the jabs on Gujjar’s face before hitting a neck breaker stunner on Gujjar. Cardona reached the middle ring and attempted a dropkick, but Gujar dodged and landed jabs on Cardona. Gujjar hit a lariat, a sling blade, a pump kick, a ripcord knee strike,as well as a Samoan Drop on Cardona for a near-fall Gujjar reached for the middle rope spear, but Brian Myers intervened to divert his attention. Cardona dragged Gujjar onto the at before hitting the Radio Silence for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Matt Cardona

– There was a video package highlighting the match between IMPACT Knockout’s Champion & Masha Slamovich from Bound for Glory 2022.

– Mickie James was interviewed backstage by Gia Miller before Deonna Purrazzo, Gisele Shaw & Chelsea Green interrupted James. They told James that she should respect them before calling her a narcissist for making it everything about her. James challenged Green to a match, but Green evaded the challenge because she has her focus on the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Title Match.

– Juice Robinson, Ace Austin & Chris Bey challenged Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer to a tag match for the following week.

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Josh Alexander vs. Bobby Fish.

The two locked up at the start of the match until Alexander leaned Fish in the corner. Fish and Alexander locked up once more before Alexander leaned on the ropes. Alexander grabbed Fish in a headlock takedown three times before Fish reversed it into his own headlock and hit Alexander with two knee strikes. Alexander broke the grip and blasted Fish with a shoulder tackle. Fish knocked Alexander down with two kicks and a running forearm strike. Alexander caught Fish with a running forearm strike and an overhead suplex on Fish. Fish went outside, and Alexander climbed the apron, before Fish kicked Alexander’s legs off the apron and hit a Dragon Screw on Alexander’s leg. Back from the break, Fish hit a snap-mare springboard senton on Alexander for a near fall. Fish kicked Alexander’s legs before hitting a running forearm strike on Alexander for a near fall. Fish continued to lay in the strikes on Alexander in the corner before he hit a knee strike and a snap-suplex on Alexander for a near fall. Fish hit a forearm strike on Alexander before hitting a kick to Alexander’s chest. Alexander caught Fish’s leg and hit a chop, but Fish caught him with multiple strikes on Alexander. Fish kicked Alexander’s leg, but Alexander caught his leg again before hitting a lariat on Fish. Fish & Alexander exchanged strikes before Alexander hit a straight right-hand punch on Fish. Alexander hit an Overhead Suplex on Fish before attempting the C4, but Fish kicked Alexander in the head before hitting a Saito Suplex on Alexander for a near fall. Fish hit three knee strikes on Alexander, but Alexander responded with two German Suplexes on Fish before Fish got a rope break. Fish hit an Exploder Suplex on Alexander into the ropes for a near fall. Fish went for the high kick on Alexander, but Alexander caught his leg and locked in the Ankle Lock, but Fish rolled through to send Alexander to the outside. Alexander got on the top rope, but Fish kicked ALexadner’s leg before climbing to the top rope. Alexander pushed Fish off the top rope before hitting a top-rope moonsault on Fish for a near fall, but Alexander rolled through into an Ankle Lock on Fish. Fish kicked Alexander in the head before locking in a Triangle Choke on Alexander, but Alexander reversed it into a Powerbomb back breaker on Fish. Alexander hit the C4 Spike Piledriver on Fish for the pinfall win, still the IMPACT World Champion.

Winner & Still IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion: Josh Alexander.

– After the match, X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian confronted Alexander after the match and congratulated him for his success being champion. Kazarian told Alexander face-to-face that he would exercise Option C on Alexander, challenging Alexander for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship. The two shook hands to end the broadcast.