Impact Wrestling Results – October 18, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results – October 18, 2019

It starts with a video recapping the issues between Brian Cage and oVe including Sami Callihan giving Cage’s wife a piledriver.

We go straight to the ring where Michael Elgin makes his way out. Out next with Fallah Bahh with TJP.

Match One: Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh

Bahh is able to slam Elgin before taking a kick to the chest. Bahh says, “No! No! No!” multiple times before taking control with a shoulder tackle. Then then goes to the corner but Elgin is able to suplex Bahh for a one count.

Elgin hits Bahh in corner multiple times, then a power slam in the middle of the ring. He tries for multiple slams, but Bahh blocks them. They exchanges blows in the middle of the ring, but Bahh knocks Elgin down. Bahh goes for a crossbody but Elgin chops the leg and catches his breath in the corner.

Bahh is able to hit a crossbody and get a two count. Englin with an enziguri then a kick to the head. Bahh rolls him over and gets a version of a belly to back suplex. Elgin with a short clothesline, but Bahh won’t fall down.

Elgin with a multiple kicks to the head and a clothesline which knocks down Bahh. Two count only.

He tries for lariat but Bahh hits a Samoan drop for the two.

Bahh to the second rope and Elgin gets a power bomb for the pin.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Elgin mouths off to TJP, exits the ring, then goes back in and attacks TJP. He removes the mat and hits a DDT on the floor. Elgin then goes under the ring, gets a chair, and puts it around TJP’s face and slams him into the ring post. He then nails a bucklebomb, a spinning Elgin bomb, and poses in the ring before walking off.

We go to commercial which features a WWE2K20 ad.

Back from break there’s an Impeact Plus Flaceback featuring the debut of Bobby Lashley

Match Two is Chris Bey vs. X Division Champion ‘The Golden Draw’ Jake Crist

Josh Mathews mentions later tonight is a match between Rohit Raju and Sabu for the fifth spot in the X Division ladder match at Bound for Glory. Daga, Tessa Blanchard, and Ace Austin are the other participants on Sunday.

Crist nails a kick to start the match, then rakes his forearm across the face. Bey hits Crist, then hits a dropkick from the top rope and tope on the outside. Bey stands tall on the ramp and we go to break.

Coming back from break is Jeff Hardy’s debut in 2004 versus AJ Styles.

Now in 2019 and Crist is in control. Bey tries to attack Crist but is hit with a superkick. Crist with a cartwheel into a cover for a two count. Another cover, but Bey kicks out. Crist rolls Bey near the center of the ring with a headlock but Bey starts fighting back.

Crist with a crucifix variant except Bey escapes with a series of knees to the head. Crist with a sleeper and Bey again starts to get more control. Bey with a jumping Fameasser for a two count.

Four kicks in a row by Crist for a two count while Bey rolls away. Crist looks pensive before he charges into a hurricanrana by Bey. Bey gets a two count after a DDT from the ropes.

Crist gets a super cutter off the top rope for the win.

Winner via pinfall: ‘The Golden Draw’ Jake Crist

Impact Flashback Moment of the Week is from Wrestlecon 2018 where IMPACT! was represented by Andrew Everett, DJ Z, and Desmond Xavier versus Lucha Underground represented by Drago, Aerostar, and King Cuerno (El Hijo del Fantasma). Lucha Underground won via submission.

In the back and Ace Austin is talking about what will happen when he becomes X Division championship. He tells Alisha Edwards to come party with him if he becomes champ on Sunday.

The IMPACT! Plus Flashback is Jay Lethal beating Rick Flair in 2010.

A video package is next featuring Ken Shamrock from Las Vegas where he talks about living within the rules and being better than he was the day before. Then it goes to Moose where he says Shamrock is just looking for attention. He says the MMA folks just want to be like him. Shamrock says he’s insulted by Moose’s invasion of his MMA gym. There are then comments from MLB Network, Sirius XM, a Las Vegas DJ, Scott D’Amore, Frank Trigg, and Stephan Bonnar where they make predictions on who will win their fight at Bound for Glory. There’s also the confrontation between Shamrock and Moose at an NFL Alumni event. Shamrock says Moose is making a big mistake and we go to commercial.

Another IMPACT! Plus flashback where Madison Rayne became 2014 Queen of the Knockouts and got crowned by Gail Kim.

At this point my feed cut out for a long time before coming back to Taya Valkyrie talking about how she’s been everything from a green girl to a lucha champion to the longest reigning Knockouts Champion. She says she’ll prove it at Bound for Glory, then signs the mirror with lipstick. Valkyrie vs. Tenille Dashwood is Sunday.

Josh Alexander with Ethan Page is out next followed by Rich Swann with Willie Mack in a romper with Rhino and RVD out last. It’s pointed out The North will face Swann and Mack and Rhino and RVD for the IMPACT! Wrestling Tag Team Championship at Bound for Glory.

Match Three: Josh Alexander vs. Rich Swann vs. Rhino

All three beat each other in the corner with Rhino taking control on Alexander. Alexander takes out Rhino, then Swann starts beating on Alexander. Rhino tosses Swann out and he and Alexander beat each other. Alexander gets a two count.

Chops from Rhino but Alexander stays in control. Swann comes in but Alexander grabs him on the top rope. Rhino hits a powerbomb on Alexander while Alexander suplexes Swann. Alexander ends up tossing Swann onto RVD, Page, and Mack. Rhino hits a Gore and goes for the cover, but the ref is pulled out by Page. He puts the onus on Mack.

Swann gets the pin.

Winner: Rich Swann

It’s played up there are now issues between Swann/Mack and RVD/Rhino

We go to Sami Callihan who talks about how it’s been two years since his debut in IMPACT! and how he’ll finally become champ. He goes on how at 24 he was signed to a major TV company and they tried to change him. Callihan says they failed him and no one really got him. He then says every times he tries to be accepted, he messes things up. The Eddie Edwards eye spot, cutting of Pentagon’s mask, feud with Rich Swann, and getting involved in Brian Cage and Melissa’s wedding. He then says things got out of hand last week when he piledrived Melissa Cage. He says the fans created him and he’s not sorry.

He says they have to acknowledge that he’s the best, then swears at the fans if they can’t.

The IMPACT! Flashback is Shane Douglas vs. Raven when the lights went out at the end of the Hair vs. Hair match and Vampiro debuted making sure Raven’s hair got shaved.

Back in the ring and Rohit Raju from the Desi Hit Squad in introduced by Gama Singh. Sabu with Super Genie comes out next. Sabu tosses a chair towards the ring.

Match Four: Sabu vs. Rohit Raju

The bell rings and Raju flips off Sabu while mocking his traditional pose. Super Genie tosses Sabu a chair. Sabu hits his usual chair spot, then Super Genie does too. Raju takes control with a Side Russian Legsweep. Both men exchange two counts.

Sabu puts Raju in the camel clutch, but lets it go to get a table from under the ring. Raju tries to fight but Sabu puts him on the chair and does the legdrop through the table. No one can make the ten count.

Winner: Double Count Out

It’s still a five way for the X-Division Championship but we don’t know who the fifth participant will be.

We go to commercial

Another IMPACT! Plus Flashback with Scott Steiner from 2008 doing ‘math.’

Back from break and Tessa Blanchard says she has a plan to win at Bound for Glory and no one is going to stand in her way.

Now it’s time for the main event which is an over the top battle royal. The winner ends up being the final entrant into the call your shot gauntlet.

Eddie Edwards is out first and we go to break.

Another IMPACT! Plus Flashback is Su Yung beating Rosemary with mist, a panic switch, and putting her in a coffin while Allie looks on in horror.

Most of the participants in the battle royal are in the ring, and now here comes Rosemary. Runner up in the battle royal is number one is the Call Your Shot Gauntlet.

Match Five: Battle Royal

Johnny Swinger is the first eliminated by all the Knockouts. Now Rosemary and Jessicka Havok go at each other, while Jordynne Grace beats down Keira Hogan. Hogan eliminates Grace.

We go to break with Mahabali Shera in control.

Cousin Jake was eliminated during the break and Shera stays in control. Havock tosses out Hogan but she’s caught by Cousin Jake. She tries to tell him to put her back in the ring but he drops her to the mat and eliminates her.

Havok also eliminates Cody Deener and Raj Singh. Rosemary then eliminates Havok who pulls her out too!

The final four are Reno Scum, Eddie Edwards, and Shera.

Havok and Rosemary fight up the ramp. Reno Scum and Shera beat down Edwards. Edwards is able to get both Reno Scum members out.

Shera dumps Edwards, but he stays on the apron. Shera and Edwards keep fighting but Reno Scum interfere allowing Shera to dump Edwards out.

Winner: Mahabali Shera who will entire the gauntlet last while Edwards is first.

He celebrates with the rest of the Desi Hit Squad while the hard sell is given for Bound for Glory on Sunday.

That’s it for Pursuit! Impact moves to its new TV timeslot of Tuesdays at 8 PM on AXS TV next week!