Impact Wrestling Results – October 20, 2022

Impact Wrestling Results – October 20, 2022

– After a video recap of the 10/13/2022 episode of IMPACT Wrestling , Tom Hannifan & Matt Rehwoldt welcomed the audience to the broadcast before transitioning to the opening segment.

– Chris Bey & Juice Robinson were backstage talking before Bey went to look for Ace Austin. It was revealed that Austin was attacked in the parking lot. Robinson & Bey checked on Austin before Tommy Dreamer joined them. Conspicuous of his absence, Bully Ray was nowhere to be seen, which Robinson & Bey immediately questioned Dreamer ahead of their match. This segment transitioned into the opening match.

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & “ROCK HARD” Juice Robinson) vs. Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer.

Robinson took Austin’s spot in the match before confronting Ray. Bey and Dreamer started the match by locking up before exchanging wrist locks. Bey flipped over Dreamer’s back before stomping him with a low dropkick and a double stomp. Dreamer avoided Bey’s Standing Moonsault before hitting Bey with a pump-handle cutter. Robinson and Ray tagged in before Robinson pounded into Ray in the corner with stomps. Ray landed a running back elbow on Robinson before launching chops into Robinson’s chest in the corner. Ray moved into the corner to confront Bey before attacking Robinson. Dreamer and Ray attacked Robinson with a double-shoulder tackle. Bey sent Dreamer to the ground with a spinning heel kick. Robinson collided with a body slam on the outside to Dreamer In the ring, Bey stomped on Dreamer before Robinson tagged back in. Robinson landed eight punches on Dreamer before landing a leaping Senton for a near fall. Bey returned the tag and landed an uppercut on Dreamer’s back. Bey put Dreamer in a headlock before whipping him into the corner with an Irish Whip. Bey attempted an Art of Finesse on Dreamer, but Dreamer countered with a cutter before tagging in Ray and Robinson. Ray connected on three jabs, a back-body drop on Bey, and a side smash on Robinson for a near fall. Dreamer and Bey were both clotheslined out of the ring. Ray was nearly knocked out by Robinson’s spinebuster. Robinson chose a top rope move, but Ray evaded and hit a Full-Nelson bomb on Robinson for the pinfall win.

Winners: Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer.

Bully Ray quickly contacted Chris Bey outside the ring to assure him that he did not assault Austin, which Bey did not believe.

– Heath & Rhino were backstage talking about their IMPACT Tag Titles match later that night. Rhino vowed Tag Champions The Kingdom that he would tear them apart with “A GORE, GORE, A GORE!!”

Taylor Wilde vs. Mia Yim

Wilde and Yim locked up at the start of the match before Yim leaned Wilde in the corner. Before Wilde leaned Yim against the corner, Wilde and Yim locked up again. Yim applied a wrist-lock takedown to Wilde after the two locked up for the third time. Wilde and Yim exchanged arm drags before Wilde struck Yim with a forearm strike for a near fall and the two hit stereo dropkicks on each other. Before Yim hit a wheelbarrow arm drag on Yim, the two exchanged fist bumps in the ring. Wilde submitted Yim with a Monkey Flip and an arm drag. Yim held the position till he ran the ropes and landed a front chop block and a running dropkick on Wilde for a near fall. Yim returned from the break and landed kicks on Wilde’s back and chest before hitting a stalling suplex on Wilde for a near fall. Yim landed a forearm strike on Wilde before lariating her for a near fall. Yim hit a body smash on Wilde for a near fall, and Wilde answered with a devastating gut-wrench toss. Yim pummeled Wilde before locking in the Bow & Arrow submission, but Wilde countered with a lateral press for a near fall. Wilde and Yim traded strikes before Wilde landed a lariat, a single-leg dropkick, a hurricanrana, and locked in a rack assault on Yim, but Yim responded with a roll-up. For a quick fall Yim and Wilde traded pins until Wilde landed the Tijeras on Yim. Yim nearly fell Wilde with a Helluva Kick and a corner cannonball. Yim attempted Eat Defeat, but Wilde foiled his attempt. Yim grabbed Wilde with a back elbow before hitting the Wilde Ride (Bridging German Suplex) for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Taylor WIlde.

– Following the match, Mickie James entered the ring with Wilde. Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green came from behind to defeat James in a match. Gisele Shaw entered the fray by assaulting Wilde from behind, while IMPACT Knockout champion Jordynne Grace came out racing. Grace tossed Shaw out of the ring after two slaps and a spinebuster.

– Backstage, Jordynne Grace, Taylor Wilde, and Jordynne Grace challenged Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green, and Gisele Shaw to a match for the 10/27/2022 edition of IMPACT Wrestling.

Joe Hendry vs. Jason Hotch.

Before the match, Hendry delivered a promo in which he said that he had listened to the fans and that they believed in Joe Hendry, and that he would oblige. Hendry put Hotch in a headlock before hitting him with a running lariat. Hotch performed a leapfrog over Hendry, who responded with a shoulder tackle. Hendry stalled Hotch with a Suplex before dumping him off his shoulder onto the mat from the Fireman’s Carry. Hotch landed a snap-mare kick on Hendry before telling the crowd he didn’t trust Joe Hendry. Hendry arose from the mat and hit a delaying one-handed spine buster on Hotch to win by pinfall.

Winner: Joe Hendry

– X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian made an appearance in the ring to cut a promo and renounce the X-Division belt. Kazarian turned over the belt to Scott D’Amore and then made a promo reiterating his intention to challenge for the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship. IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander arrived to the ring to save Kazarian when Steve Maclin attacked him in the ring, but Maclin rolled out.

– Eddie Edwards arrived at the building before being confronted by his wife Alisha and Honor No More. Edwards informed them that he had made a decision between his relationship with Alisha and leading Honor No More, but that he would reveal his decision later in the evening.

– Frankie Kazarian and Josh Alexander were backstage talking about Maclin’s attack. Kazarian warned Alexander to never trust Bully Ray before walking out of the shot.

Rich Swann vs. Eric Young.

– To open the contest, Young attacked Swann, but Swann retaliated with a rebound dropkick on Young. Swann was attacked with a wheelbarrow neckbreaker by Young. Young cornered Swann before hitting a chop and putting a boot on him. Young landed a running elbow on Swann’s skull, nearly knocking him out. Young performed a snap-mare on Swann before securing a nerve hold and soon transitioned into a chin lock. Swann punched Young in the stomach to release the hold before hitting Young with two slaps, a back fist, and a head kick for a near fall. Swann retaliated by hitting Young with a cartwheel cutter after Young gauged him in the eye. Swann replied to Deaner’s distraction by dodging Young’s attempt a Piledriver into a Victory Roll for the pinfall win.

Winner: Rich Swann

– After the bout, Violent By Design assaulted Rich Swann before Sami Callihan arrived to save Swann. Deaner and Young bolted from the ring to avoid Callihan.

– Backstage, Matt Cardona and IMPACT Digital Media Champion Brian Myers cut a promo, with Cardona expressing his pride in Myers’ success. Myers and Cardona stated that they will be aiming for the IMPACT Tag Titles.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match

The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (c) (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. Heath & Rhino.

Rhino laid in the punches on Bennett to begin the match before hitting a shoulder tackle and clotheslining Bennett out of the ring. Rhino clotheslined Taven out of the ring. Kanellis told Taven & Bennett to leave the match, but Heath & Rhino attacked them on the ramp. The two teams brawled across the ringside area. Back in the ring, Rhino slammed Bennett into the corner with an Irish Ship before hitting a corner spear on Bennett. Heath tagged in and punched Bennett in the head before laying the punches on Bennett in the corner and a running forearm strike on Bennett in the corner. Rhino & Heath hit a double back elbow on Bennett. Taven hit a chop block on Rhino’s surgically repaired knee. Taven tagged in and started targeting Rhino’s left leg before laying his boot on Rhino’s neck in the corner. Bennett gauged Rhino’s eyes before tagging back in. Bennett laid his knee on Rhino before Maria gauged Rhino’s eyes. Taven tagged illegally before Taven hit a DDT on Rhino’s ankle. Bennett tagged in before Bennett hit a low dropkick on Rhino’s left knee. Bennett slammed Rhino’s head in the corner before hitting a superkick on Rhino’s knee and a superkick on Heath on the apron. Taven & Bennett hit a double lariat on Rhino for a near fall. Bennett hit another dropkick on Rhino’s knee before Taven hit an elbow drop on Rhino’s neck for a near fall. Back from the commercial break, Bennett hit a dropkick on Rhino for a near fall. Taven tagged back in and hit a Russian Leg Sweep on Rhino. Taven went for the Lionsault on Rhino, but Rhino evaded and was tagged in Heath. Heath hit two lariats & a leg lariat on Bennett, a back-drop on Taven & a Powerslam on Bennett for a near fall. Bennett hit a forearm strike on Heath before Taven hit an Enziguri kick on Heath for a near fall. Bennett hit a vicious elbow strike on Heath for a near fall. Heath & Bennett hit each other with a stereo lariat. Vincent, PCO & Kenny King came to distract the referee. Maria Kanellis went to blind Rhino with powder, but accidentally hit the powder on Bennett. Heath hit the Wake-Up Call on Bennett. Rhino hit a vicious, disgusting, and downright nasty GORE on Kanellis before Heath hit the Wake-Up Call on Taven for the pinfall win, becoming the new IMPACT Tag Team Champions.

Winners & New IMPACT Tag Team Champions: Heath & Rhino.

– After the match, Eddie Edwards confronted Honor No More in the ring. Edwards got greeted by chants of “You got beat” from the crowd. Edwards admitted that he had been doubting whether Honor No More was worth saving before running down on Honor No More for saying they were nothing but failures. Edwards asked everyone if they were loyal to Honor No More before stopping himself with Vincent. Edwards asked Vincent if he was loyal to Honor No More or to PCO before proceeding to run down PCO and calling him a failure. Edwards asked PCO if he was loyal to Honor No More. Vincent placed the black bag on PCO’s head before Edwards called PCO a bitch. PCO took off the bag and attacked all of Honor No More, including a pop-up powerbomb on Taven & a big boot on Bennett. PCO hits a double lariat on Bennett & Taven. Vincent blasted PCO with a chair, but PCO laid out Vincent. PCO hit a Cannonball on The Kingdom to the outside before hitting Vincent with a chokeslam onto a standing chair. PCO was finally unleashed to end the broadcast.