Impact Wrestling Results – October 27, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results – October 28, 2020

This week’s edition of Impact on AXS opened with highlights of this past Saturday’s Bound for Glory PPV.

Backstage, Eric Young attacked Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann and beat him into the ringside area. He went to use the title belt as a weapon but Swann ducked and nailed Young. He stomped away at Young. They brawled back and forth around the ringside area. Young gained control and drilled Swann into the ring apron, then into the ring post. Swann reversed a whip and sent Young into the corner, then drilled him with right hands. Young kicked him in the mid-section and continued beating on Swann, choking him with his own shirt. Swann was tossed into the ring but nailed a kick. He went to the top rope (during a brawl?) but was cut off and knocked off the top into the ring. Young began beating him down and a number of officials, including Scott D’Amore, finally hit the ring to stop the beating. Young demanded his rematch and wanted it right now. Scott refused to allow it to happen and demanded security remove Young. Young declared everyone was against him and he wants his match – it was his right. D’Amore told him he wasn’t getting it. Swann heard that and demanded Scott give it to him right now. He said he was ready to fight.

Impact Wrestling Champion Rich Swann vs. Eric Young.

They rang the bell and security let Young charge to the ring. Swann and Young battled. Young nailed Swann, who was already hurting, but missed a top rope frog splash. Swann unloaded with a series of kicks and hit a flip legdrop for a two count. Swann nailed a kick to the face and hit a Rolling Thunder for a two count. He nailed a head scissors takeover, then went for a rana. Young caught him and nailed a powerbomb for a close two count. Young lost it over Swann kicking out.

Young nailed a big right hand in the corner. Swann avoided a charge and nailed a back heel kick. Swann, hurting, went to the ropes and hit a handspring cutter. He ascended to the top and nailed a Phoenix Splash and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Champion, Rich Swann!

A good opening to the show with a stiff, believable brawl leading to a good match that led one to believe Swann was in jeopardy of losing his title.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne discussed the title bout and noted Swann is the new Impact Champion after Bound for Glory weekend.

Backstage, Havok told Neveah “he was back” and the wedding was on.

Backstage, all the Knokouts were trying to get into management’s office to find out about the Knockouts Tag Team titles returning. Kaleb with a K said it was announced online that the eight-team tournament would begin in three weeks. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan picked an argument with Alisha Edwards. Jordynne Grace stepped up for Alisha and challenged for a tag match later tonight. Edwards was thrilled Grace wanted to be her partner.

Hardcore Halloween Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

Tommy Dreamer again dressed a Road Warrior Animal for the match.

Dreamer tossed Myers to the floor and worked him over, nailing a suplex on the ramp. Dreamer began grabbing weapons from the trash can, choking Myers with a shirt. He teased driving Myers into a spiked vest Dreamer wore to the ring in honor of Animal. He nailed Myers with a walker and placed a trash can in the ring, selling it was heavy.

Dreamer smashed Myers’ faced into the ring apron, then hit him with the ring bell. Myers cut him off on the floor and nailed an atomic drop onto the guard rail, then smashed Dreamer in the head with a metal trash can for a two count on the floor. Apparently, this is Falls Count Anywhere!

Dreamer was tossed back into the ring. Myers grabbed the metal trash can but as he placed it into the ring, Dreamer dropkicked it in his face. Dreamer went to jump off the apron, but Myers nailed him with a sign as he came off.

After a commercial, Dreamer was being beaten in the ring and was hit with a catapult into a Singapore Cane placed over Dreamer in the corner. Myers choked Dreamer against the ropes and nailed a back suplex for a two count. Myers exited the the ring and returned with a bag of apples. He ate some and spit it in Dreamer’s face.

Dreamer made a comeback but was hit with a drop toehold onto a chair. Myers said he was the “Franchise of Impact Wrestling” and drilled a chair into Dreamer’s throat before nailing him with a chair to the back. He followed up with an elbow and locked on a sleeper. Dreamer fired back with several elbows and a RKO but Myers kicked up at the last second. Dreamer nailed him with a street sign and then dropped a bag filled with candy corn and thumb tacks in the ring. Well, that’s different. Dreamer went to the top but Myers cut him off with a thumb to the eye. Myers drilled Dreamer with a series of right hands but Dreamer bit him on the face and shoved him off into the tacks and candy corn. Dreamer covered him for a two count. Myers screamed in pain.

Dreamer brought a table into the equation. He set up the table in the corner but Myers caught him with a clothesline, sending Dreamer into the tacks. Myers screamed this would be his last match ever and he was done, brandishing a Singapore Cane. Swoggle crawled out of the trash can Dreamer placed in the ring earlier. Myers said, “What are you doing here, Dylan?” just as Swoggle grabbed his, well, manhood with salad tongs. This allowed Dreamer to recover and hit the Spicoli Driver through a table for the pin.

Your winner, Tommy Dreamer!

The usual hardcore match you’d expect but the Swoggle spot was amusing and well set up. Sort of rare to see Tommy Dreamer actually win a match and some nice LOD tributes.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Rhino and Heath. Rhino said they were going to call their shot and go for the Impact Tag Team titles when Heath is healthy. Heath is going to sign his Impact deal next week. He was asked about his injury at the PPV. Heath denied the injury and Rhino said everyone is fine and they tried to leave but it was obvious Heath was hurt and couldn’t move.

They plug Hard to Kill on PPV on 1/16.

Hernandez and Reno Scum catch up to Fallah Bahh. He said he doesn’t have their money. He stole the money for John E. Bravo. Luster the Legend nails Bahh and go looking for Bravo. Fallah reveals he had the money hidden down his pants.

XXXL vs. The Rascalz

The Rascalz started off strong with big superkicks and a Dez dive on Larry D. Acey Wiped out Wentz. XXXL double-teamed him in their corner. Wentz tried to fight his way out and make a tag but Acey wipes him out. Larry D tagged in and as they say, the beatings must continue. XXXL continued to tag in and out, working over Wentz. Dez makes the tag and cleans house on Larry D. Dez looked awesome here until being laid out with big Larry D lariat that turned him inside out. Larry D went to the top. Dez nailed him and charged but Romero intercepted him with a big Uranage. D came off the ropes with a big splash for the pin.

Your winners, XXXL!

A short but impressive tag bout. These teams have quietly put together a hell of a series.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber B were being represented by Barrister RD Evans, who threatened to file an injunction against Impact. He asked Scott D’Amore to go to the ring and strip Su Yung of the Knockouts title and return it to Deonna. He told D’Amore he had until the end of the night. Scott said he’ll head to the ring and head to the ring right now and take care of this. He walked out. Deonna said to Evans and Lee and said she thought this was good.

Backstage, Alex Shelley said he was going to be hurting for about two months. Chris Sabin said when Shelley is healed up, they are going for the Tag Team titles. XXXL showed up and said they deserve a shot and they are waiting two months in line. They said that if they stopped talking, they’d realize the biggest muscle the team has are their jaws. The Guns dismissed them but then attacked Shelley, who fell to the ground.

In the ring, Scott D’Amore announced Deonna Purrazzo has hired a lawyer who has made a lot threats against Impact. Scott said they reviewed the circumstances and facts, including that Purrazzo issued an open challenge to anyone, he rules Su Yung is the rightful Knockouts Champion. Deonna came to the ring with her entourage. RD Evans said that D’Amore made a lot of mistakes but this is the biggest. He said that the only reason Su Yung was in the ring is because something happened to Kylie Rae, perhaps at the hands of her alleged best friend Su Yung. It is his client’s choice to take this to court, however long this may take. He said that Impact may even turn out to be right, but how long and how much money will all of this take, when Impact could end all of this right now by doing the right thing by recognizing Deonna as the rightful champion. D’Amore said he likes a good threat and good lawsuit around Impact, feel free to “slow roll” it. He said Deonna deserves her day in court, even if it takes five years and eats all the money both sides have. D’Amore said Evans will love all the billable hours and appealed to Deonna that she’s supposed to be the best in the ring. The entire time there’s an injunction, that mean Su Yung will remain champion, or she can have her contractual rematch next week. So, does she want to wait 5-7 years or to go out and prove she’s supposed to be the champion inside the ring. Purrazzo’s crew conferred amongst themselves with Evans agreeing to the match next week. Su Yung’s music hit and she emerged on the stage. She came to the ring and put the Mandible Claws on Kimber and Evans. She spewed red mist on Scott D’Amore (hey, he was on HER side!) and then avoided Deonna’s attack and choked her out with the Mandible Claw.

Backstage, Impact Champion Rich Swann, Willie Mack and The Rascalz were all talking. Swann said tonight was supposed to be about celebrating but he guesses the champion never takes a night off. They showed a POV of someone watching, like a horror movie monster. It was Moose. He asked Swann why he was happy being second best. He said Swann came from a poor home and a rough upbringing so he’s happy getting his hands on anything. Swann got mad and was going to go away Moose but The Rascalz got in his face. Mack stepped up to Moose and he said, “What do you want, sidekick?” Mack said they can settle it now. Moose said he gets to say when and walked off. Mack told him to keep walking.

The Rascalz calmed down Swann and he went to enter a room, where Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock were waiting. Callihan applauded his title win and said his little brother is the World champion. He said that he knows they don’t talk like they used to, but going forward, Swann is going to hear a lot from Sami and Ken Shamrock. They stared him down and walked off, leaving Swann to ponder that he’s going to have a long, long day ahead of him.

They aired a great video feature on Ken Shamrock’s Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame induction.

Backstage, Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The North stopped The Good Brothers telling a story to tell the one about the team Impact paid that couldn’t get the job done. Gallows mocked Ethan Page calling himself the Karate Guy. Page slapped him and security pulled them apart.

This week’s Impact+ Moment was Willie Mack vs. Rphit Raju from last month’s Victory Road PPV.

Jimmy Jacobs entered a locker room where he thought there was a party but X-Division Champion Rohit Raju was alone. Raju assured him he was the first to arrive and praised himself for beating five other wrestlers at once at Bound for Glory. Jacobs pointed out TJP had the match won when Raju stole it, so Raju threw him out of the party.

Elsewhere, John E. Bravo began screaming at Fallah Bahh, who was dressed as the Staypuft Marshmallow Man. He said he heard that Hernandez was looking for him and blamed Fallah, saying he stole the money and didn’t even give it to him. He told his best man that he was dead to Bravo. Johnny Swinger came along and mocked Bahh.

Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan vs. Alisha Edwards & Jordynne Grace

Tasha tried to muscle up with Grace, who easily took her down and nailed a series of shoulder tackles. Steelz went to the floor. Grace set up for a dive, but Edwards tossed her back into the ring, where Grace scored a two count. The story was that Edwards and Grace weren’t really on the same page.

Hogan tagged in but Edwards nailed a Thesz Press for a two count and then another near fall after a legdrop. Edwards followed up with a big clothesline and pulled Kiera to her corner, tagging out to Grace. Grace slammed her and then slammed Alisha down on Hogan. The referee didn’t see Grace tag in as he was arguing with Steelz. Alisha returned to the ring, eating a superkick.

After a commercial, Edwards was being worked over by Hogan and Steelz, who kept tagging in and out. They worked over Edwards for a long time, but she kept kicking up. Edwards fought her way out of a side chinlock but was smashed back down to the mat.

Grace finally made a hot tag and cleaned house with big power spots on Steelz, including a big Vader Bomb off the ropes on Steelz. Hogan broke up the pinfall so she was dispatched to the floor. Edwards and Grace tried to double-team Steelz but she kicked them off. Edwards charged to save Grace from a trashing in the corner but Steelz moved and Edwards smashed Grace instead. Steelz rolled up Edwards for the pin.

Your winners, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan!

Outside, Willie Mack was stopped by a fan who asked him to do a video shoutout for his nephew. Mack started doing it but Moose attacked him with the TNA title belt and snatched the phone from the fan.

Backstage, Rosemary was preparing for her wedding. Taya said that she feels that they need to have a talk. She said Bravo is turning into a complete out of control lunatic. She said Rosemary could leave. Rosemary, who was staring at a Tarot card, said that she wouldn’t leave him at the altar when they are in the endgame. She has bigger things in mind. She walked off. Alisha Edwards showed up and asked if she was in time. Taya said she had a bad feeling about this. Is there a Death Star afoot?? Taya looked at the card and walked off. Edwards wondered why everyone keeps saying this.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne talked about the wedding, noting historically, these aren’t good things when they happen at pro wrestling.

Time for the Demon Wedding.

Most of the roster was there in costume.

The wedding party are all in costume, including Alisha as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Fallah Bahh (or someone dressed in the same costume as him) accompanied her.

Jim Mitchell received his own entrance and theme song for his return.Crazzy Steve gave away the bride.

Mitchell was just tremendous as the master of ceremonies. It really is complete hot garbage he doesn’t have a regular role in pro wrestling. He epitomizes the type of over the top managerial type that hardly exists in today’s pro wrestling.

Bravo and Rosemary read their own vows. Bravo’s was the lyrics from the Adams Family. He said they were destined to be together and no one was going to ruin this day for him. Cue Hernandez? Nope. Rosemary said that from the second they caught the scent of Bravo’s virginal blood, they knew the shadows sent him to them. She said no mortal from this realm or the next can stop them from getting what they want. Cue Abyss? Nope.

Mitchell called over the Ring Imp and it was Swoggle. They exchanged the rings. Bravo says “I do!” Rosemary says, “We do!”

Mitchell pronounced them man and wife. They went to kiss and the lights went out. A gunshot RANG OUT and when the lights came back on, Bravo was dead in the ring, with a bullet wound in the chest.

Everyone was stunned. Tommy Dreamer dropped to his knees and asked, “Who shot Bravo?” and then gave his Best Bruce Campbell “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

They went off the air. Guess the Internet will have something other than a song and dance number to complain about!