Impact Wrestling Results – September 2, 2021

Impact Wrestling Results – September 2, 2021

We take a look back at the last week and then head right to the ring.

The Influence, Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne & Kaleb with a K vs. Jordynne Grace & Taylor Wilde & Rachael Ellering

Kaleb and Rachael started out with Ellering maintaining control early on. She and Grace nailed a double suplex with Grace scoring a two count. She wailed away on him with big shots but Kaleb ducked a clothesline. Grace sent him into the ropes and booted him but Rayne shoved her off the ropes.

Tenille tagged in and drilled Grace with a series of elbows. Grace was trapped in the corner of The Influence. She cinched in a rear chinlock but Grace got to her feet and dropped backwards to break it, crashing down in Rayne. Tenille pulled Grace into the corner, allowing The Influence to maintain the assaults.

Grace fought her way out and finally gets the hot tag. Wilde hit the ring and nailed a big rana on Kaleb, then hit a big kick. Taylor was sent into the corner after a distraction from Madison but fought her way out and nailed a tornado DDT. Kaleb kicked out at the last second. Wilde went for a back suplex but Rayne grabbed his arms. She was kicked off and Wilde nailed the back suplex and scored the pin.

Your winner, Taylor Wilde & Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering!

They aired highlights from the NWA Empowerrr PPV Knockouts title bout.

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo was interviewed by Gia Miller. She was asked if her attack on Mickie James overshadowed her own victory. She said her actions speaked for herself. Drama King Matt said she proved Mickie wrong and came out the best. Last week, Melina needed her friend Trey Miguel but now Matt and Deonna can focus on their futures. Purrazzo said when they make a promise, they keep it.

Tommy Dreamer said if he wins tonight, he gets to face Christian Cage for the Impact title. Years ago, he beat Cage and Jack Swagger to win the ECW title. Cage showed up and said Dreamer didn’t beat him for the title. Dreamer said he’d like to be the face of Impact just like Cage is. Cage said he hopes Dreamer wins because it would be an honor to step back into the ring with him at this stage of their career. Dreamer asked him not to come out no matter what because he wants no excuses, no matter what happens.

No Way & Fallah Bahh vs. Decay’s Black Taurus & Crazzy Steve

One of No Way’s dancing entourage members attacked Rosemary. It was Tasha Steelz in disguise. Havok chased her to the stage, where Savannah Evans attacked her. Havok and Rosemary ran backstage to find them after recovering.

Steve and No Way started off and went back and forth. Taurus tagged in and worked over NW, driving him into the corner. He worked over the arm. He went for a sunset flip but NW held on and tagged Bahh, who splashed Taurus and then bit down on his hand.

NW was whipped into Taurus for a splash. Taurus was drilled with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. NW brought him back into the corner, railing away with right hands. Bahh and NW tagged in and out, controlling Taurus. Bahh nailed a hip attack in the corner.

NW and Taurus battled back and forth until Taurus finally nailed him. Steve got the hot tag and battled Bahh. He nailed Bahh several times. Decay and NW battled on the floor. Bahh blocked Steve but was caught with a DDT off the ropes for the pin.

Your winners, Decay!

The Impact+ classic content was Abyss vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage at Final Resolution 2007.

Gia Miller interviewed W. Morrisey. He said Sami Callihan made a big mistake getting involved in his business, but he has the tiniest bit of respect for Callihan and Eddie Edwards because they actually admit they don’t like each other while everyone else pretends they are friends and like each other. Moose showed up and stared down at him. He said he agrees with everything Morrisey has said since he got to Impact. If he had a chance to stab Morrisey or anyone else in the back, he would, just like Morrisey would. They both have issues with Callihan and Edwards. He’s not looking for a friend but an alliance. They stared at each other as it faded out.

Maclin cut a promo asking what he has to do to get through to Petey Williams. He calls himself the Canadian Destroyer but he doesn’t know a thing about destruction. Maclin knows mayhem and destruction. He challenged Petey to next week.

Moose came to the ring. He said that he and Eddie Edwards have a long history but he wants to remind him that he’s not the same guy he used to be. He’s a wrestling God and a monster. He demanded Eddie come to the ring so Moose can prove the hero doesn’t save the day. Eddie hit the ring and they brawled. Moose kicked him into corner but missed a charge. Edwards nailed him but Morrisey hit the ring and they doubleteamed Edwards. The announcers pointed out that Edwards had told Callihan to never help him again so no sign of Sami. Edwards was hit with a double-team powerbomb and left laying. The announcers wondered what sort of damage Moose and Morrisey could do together.

Gia Miller interviewed No Way and Fallah Bahh backstage. They denied knowing Tasha Steelz was going to attack Rosemary. TJP showed up and asked Bahh if he’d be replaced. Bahh said he needed a partner. They acted annoyed at each other but then smiled. They palled around with No Way. TJP said they should go to Swinger’s Palace next week. Bahh said he still has a gambling problem. TJP said he had a sure bet and said to trust him.

The latest Violence by Design video aired. Rhino was handcuffed to a table in a prison. Eric Young said he fails time and time again and he sees a pattern. The sickness was back in Rhino’s veins. He can cure Rhino but first he has to suffer. They showed Rhino being abandoned in a dark cell, handcuffed. We heard Rhino yell “Help me” in the darkness as we faded away…usual well produced VBD segment.

X-Division Champion Josh Alexander Open Challenge to any former X-Division Champion

The challenger is the returning Jake Crist.

Some really nice back and forth wrestling here. Alexander went for a suplex but Crist landed on his feet behind him and drilled Alexander in the back of the knee. He went after the leg and raked at Alexander’s face several times. Crist locked in a front facelock but Alexander fought his way out. Alexander nailed a series of forearms and backdrops Crist. Alexander charged in the corner with a running forearm. He drilled Crist with a running boot as Crist recovered to a standing position.

Alexander nailed a series of German suplexes. He nailed the C4 Spike (Jay Driller) and scored the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division Champion, Josh Alexander!

Gia Miller interviewed Josh Alexander in the ring and asked him why he was defending his title against an unknown opponent. He said he had to do it for himself, the title, the fans, the Impact brand. He said he has to challenge people from outside the company because he has to be in the conversation for greatest X-Division Champion of all time before all is said and done.

Chris Sabin came to the ring. He said he is a huge Josh Alexander fan and he’s one of the greatest wrestlers Sabin has ever seen. His time in the company has been awesome, but he’s only a one time X-Division Champion but Sabin is an eight-time former X-Division Champion, so if Alexander wants to prove himself, he has to beat the greatest X-Division wrestler of all time. He challenged Alexander to a match at Victory Road. If Sabin beats him, he’ll be the first-ever nine-time X-Division Champion so Alexander had better think about it because he shakes his hand. Alexander did and they shook the match.

They aired a vignette for Brian Myers offering training to a bunch of would-be wrestlers who all did really bad promos. This went to a Myers lesson on building alliances. He was obviously disgusted by the talent Sam Beale brought him, one of which was former NWA wrestler Zicky Dice. Myers began cutting them one by one. He was going to cut Dice but they would be left with one wrestler, Manny Lemons. Myers said he’ll see them next week.

Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green vs. Rohit Raju & Shera

Cardona went right after Shera and nailed him with a series of kicks and punches. Shera caught him running off the ropes with a Pounce, then slammed him hard. Shera mocked him with a fistdrop, then tagged in Rohit Raju. Cardona cut him off and slammed Raju, then began working over his arm. Green tagged in and came off the top with an axehandle.

Cardona returned to the ring and held Raju for a jumping pump kick for a two count. She went to rebound off the ropes but Raju tripped her up. Green used a drop toehold to take down Raju and walked across his back. Green reversed a back breaker into a head scissor and slapped him. Shera stepped to her and challenged Cardona. She told him to look at her and got in his face. Shera moved her out of the way, so she slapped him and he turned into Radio Silence.

Raju sent Cardona shoulder-first into the ring post. He then nailed Green with a leaping knee strike and pinned her.

Your winners, Shera & Rohit Raju!

Cardona was angry he drilled Green, but it was technically legal. Raju told Cardona that was on him.

Backstage, Kimber Lee and Su Yung revealed they have converted Brandi Lauren to their cause, Kabuki makeup and all.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers came to the ring for a promo. They ripped on the fans, then ripped on Willie Mack. Rich Swann hit the ring with a chair and nailed Gallows. They brawled and security pulled them apart.

After a commercial, Swann was screaming backstage. Scott D’Amore told him he knows he wants to get his hands on the Good Brothers. He can fight Karl Anderson next week in a Bunkhouse Brawl.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Ace Austin with Madman Fulton

If Dreamer wins, Austin vs. Christian Cage at Victory Road becomes a Three-Way Dance.

Dreamer nailed some quick jabs early but was nailed before he could hit the Dusty Elbow. Austin nailed several shots but Dreamer hiptossed him and then hit the Bionic Elbow. Dreamer nailed the Cactus clothesline to the outside. They battled on the floor with Dreamer nailing a series of punches. He whipped Austin into the guard rail but Fulton stepped in and saved Austin by blocking the rail.

Austin fired back and drilled Dreamer, then returned to the ring. While Austin distracted the referee, Fulton crotched Dreamer on the guard rail. Dreamer returned to the ring but Austin easily attacked and maintained control. He nailed the Nova pull out of the corner into a powerbomb. Austin locked on a rear chinlock. Dreamer fired back but missed a charge in the corner. Austin went to the top but Dreamer cut him off and nailed a hanging neckbreaker from the ropes.

Dreamer worked over Austin and beat him down with punches in the corner, then bit him in the face. He whipped Austin into the ropes and nailed a powerslam for a two count. Ace blocked a kick but Dreamer nailed an enziguiri. Austin rolled to the apron, where he snapped Dreamer with a kick to the head, then nailed a springboard legdrop for a two count.

Austin went for the Fold but Dreamer surprised him with a Cutter. Dreamer covered him but Fulton placed Austin’s foot on the ropes at the last second. Dreamer got into it with Fulton, DDTing him on the floor. Austin caught Dreamer with The Fold as he returned to the ring and pinned him.

Your winner, Ace Austin!

So, Tommy Dreamer’s quest for an Impact title match with Cage will have to resume elsewhere.