Impact Wrestling Results – September 22, 2022

Impact Wrestling Results – September 22, 2022

BTI pre-show match: Gisele Shaw defeated Hyan

Impact Digital Media Champion Brian Myers vs. Bhupinder Gujjar in a Ladder Match

Bhupinder Gujjar competed in his first ladder match ever. Brian Myers, on the other hand, has the experience edge in the match. Gujjar starts out strong with a series of kicks and then scores big with a ripcord knee before hitting a samoan drop. Myers attempts to bring a ladder into the match, but Gujjar is there to cut his off with a dropkick to the ladder. Myers finally gets the ladder set up but isn’t able to climb as far as Gujjar hits a big cutter, to stop the momentum. Gujjar attempts to get up the ladder, but Myers is able to get up and push the ladder over and take control of the match. Gujjar is bleeding heavily from the nose, which was busted earlier in the match after Myers hit a big knee. Both men were able to set up ladders and start to battle, for who would be able to climb up. Gujjar is able to slam Myers head on the top of the ladder, which causes him to fall from the ladder. Gujjar gets his finger tips on the belt but isn’t able to pull it down before he is stopped. Myers sets up a third ladder laid against the steel steps. Myers powerbombs Gujjar onto the ladder he just set up on the outside. Both men are tired and can’t make it to their feet easily. Myers some how is able to make it back into the ring. Gujjar is able to stop Myers from climbing up the ladder and is left alone to climb for the Digital Media Championship. Myers stops Gujjar with a low blow. He then starts to tape him to the ladder. Brian Myers is able to reach the title and retain it.

Winner: Brian Myers

Josh Alexander and Rich Swann are backstage talking. Heath comes up and apologies to them for costing them the Tag Titles. Heath then says they need to get on the same page. Both Josh and Rich agree. Heath then says he has an open contract for any member of Honor No More. Swann says they have his back, but Heath wants to do this on his own.

Run down of Victory Road Matches.

Video is shown of Maclin attacking Sami Callihan at a Wrestling Revolver show on Saturday.

Impact Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Zicky Dice
Zicky Dice is accompanied by Johnny Swinger. Jordynne takes over early and makes short work of Dice with the Grace Driver.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

A video package is shown of Jordynne Grace’s Pick Your Posion match at Victory Road, Max The Imapler.

Black Taurus vs. Mia Yim vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Laredo Kid in a preview for the Triple Threat Revolver at Victory Road

Mia Yim sits back and lets the rest of the match square off. Laredo, Taurus and Yim are all down, which leaves Trey and Zayne to square off in a nice exchange. Mia Yim takes Trey and Zayne out with a crossbody but runs into Taurus but isn’t gonna let the size of Decay’s monsters scare her. She puts up a good fight, but it’s just not enough; Taurus tosses her aside to just turn around and see Laredo springboard his way toward him. The action goes outside with Mia Yim landing a big dive, taking out all the men in the match. Trey and Laredo are battling on the top rope and cut off Taurus, who then launches Zayne into them. Zayne is able to hit a double head scissors to take them off the top. Mia hits a package piledriver but is only able to get a count of two before Trey and Laredo double super kick her off of Zayne. Laredo crashes and burns after a failed twisting moonsault attempt. Taurus hits a huge spear on Laredo before getting the victory over Zayne.

Winner: Black Taurus

Eric Young addresses his new seeds, as he calls them, “Revival of Violence”. Young says they will be everywhere and everyone. Then he asks who they are, all ” I am Violence”. Deaner and Young then attack the new seeds as they all hold the Violence by Design sign high.

Joe Hendry vignette plays. Couple is seen fighting, then the “I believe in Joe Hendry” music plays.

Heath is in the ring and addresses the Dallas crowd. He says IMPACT has given him a street fight against any member of Honor No More. PCO’s music plays as he enters the arena. The rest of Honor No More comes out and stops PCO from getting to the ring. Eddie Edwards says this match isn’t happening tonight. Eddie asks who PCO thinks he is; he then tells PCO he belongs to him. Heath tries to convince PCO to take the match. Eddie Edwards finally allows PCO to go and sends Vincent to keep an eye on things.

Heath will challenge any member of Honor No More to a Street Fight – Heath vs PCO w/ Vincent.

Heath and PCO don’t wait to get things started and don’t make it into the ring. Heath hits a big back body drop on PCO, who lands hard on the ramp. PCO rolls a stack of chairs out after throwing Heath into a rolling garage door. Heath is able to separate himself from PCO and gets on stage. He hits a big DDT on stage before throwing PCO off stage into a sea of folding chairs. Honor No More surrounds the ring. Josh Alexander and Rich Swann come out with chairs to even the sides. Josh wastes no time taking out Edwards. Vincet tries to take out Heath but isn’t successful. PCO emerges from the chair grave he was buried under. PCO covered in chairs, makes his way through the crowd before throwing chairs into the ring. Heath is driven into the mat with a huge chokeslam before the mandible claw is applied. Heath is able to hit the wake-up call and win the street fight.

Winner: Heath

NJPW Strong Openweight Tag Team Champions Aussie Open vs. The Motor City Machine Guns in a non-title match . The winner gets a shot at Impact Tag Team Champions The OGK at October’s Bound For Glory.

Aussie Open has the youth advantage, but the Machine Guns are one of the most decorated and best tag teams to ever compete in IMPACT. Machine Guns are able to establish an early advantage with frequent tags and keeping the younger fletcher in the ring. Mark Davis is able to finally get a tag into the match. Sabin keeps control of the larger Davis, Fletcher tries to come in and stop things, but the machine guns are one step ahead. Shelly misses a double stomp which gives Aussie Open the opportunity they need to take control of this match. Davis tags himself into the match while Fletcher has Sabin up for a suplex. Fletcher then hands Sabin over to Davis, still up for a suplex. Chris Sabin gets a second wind and takes out both before a big crossbody on Fletcher. Machine guns hit a big double team move for a two-count before Fletcher could kick out. Aussie Open takes control once again and hits big combo to get a two-count on Sabin. Coriolis attempt is stopped. Machine Guns start a fully automatic come back; Skull and Bones does it. Machine Guns to face OGK for IMPACT World Tag Titles.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns.

Gia is backstage with Tasha Steelz and asks how she feels about facing Killer Kelly tomorrow night at Victory Road. Tashs tells Gia to get lost as her and Savanah have a friend for Kelly, a steel chair. They make their way down the hall and savanah is taken out quickly. Tasha turns to say something and realizes she’s alone. Tasha then turns around to see Kelly sitting before her. Kelly says “I hear you want to play”. Tasha replies that they will play tomorrow night at Victory Road.

Gishele Shaw says, she’s gonna do Mickie James a favor and retire her. Shaw says once Mickie is gone she can spend more time with her family. Shaw then says the spotlight will be where it should be, and that’s on her.

Victory Road Barbed Wire Massacre contract signing with Moose, Sami Callihan, and Steve Maclin

Scott D’Amore is in the ring and talks about how dangerous BarbedWire Massacare is. D’Amore then introduces the competitors for the match. Moose makes his way to the ring and then Maclin; they go nose to nose before sitting down. Sami’s music plays, but there is no death machine. Moose stops the music and says Callihan has been in the ring with him. Maclin, however, has not. Moose goes on to say that he’s gonna put Maclin through hell. Maclin says that guys like him transcend matches like this. Sami finally comes out and says he was late because he had to find his favorite chair. Sami says he is the master of puppets and has them where he wants them. Maclin then tells Sami to sign the contract; Sami pulls out a barbwire pen, and before he can sign the contract, Maclin jabs him in the head with another pen. Maclin and Moose work over Callihan before Moose turns on Maclin. Sami hits Cactus 97 on Moose before signing the contract in his own blood. Moose and Maclin are left laying in the ring as the show ends.