Impact Wrestling Results – September 8, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results – September 8, 2020

Welcome to this week’s Impact Wrestling on AXS TV report.

This week’s episode opens with the new Impact Wrestling Champion Eric Young making his first official appearance as champion. Young made his way to the ring and said everyone was looking at a world class man, athlete, professional wrestler and maniac. Rich Swann pinned him at Slammiversary, so he had to take immediate action. Swann didn’t realize that he got the ball rolling and now it’s rolled over Swann and Eddie Edwards. He told everyone this was by design and his winning the title ws inevitable.

Alisha Edwards came out. She said he was nothing but a coward who came back here to make a statement but decided to start injuring people. She warned him Eddie Edwards is going to come back and take what belongs to him. She’s seen it all and she’s not afraid of anyone who tried to screw with her family and she’s not afraid of Young. It’s only a matter of time before Eddie takes the title back and kicks his ass. She said that Edwards can’t even hold their little one at home or take her for a walk and that’s on him. Young said he doesn’t care. Edwards slapped him. Young went to walk away but grabbed her for a piledriver. Tommy Dreamer hit the ring and attacked Young with a Singapore Cane, making the save. Young warned Dreamer to stay out of his business.

Dreamer took the mic and said that he’s a hypocrite for stopping him after all the women he’s piledriver but he’s seen the pain of someone who wakes up everyday with the ramifications of taking that piledriver. He said Edwards, Swann and Eddie are his family because when Young decided to leave, they stayed and gave him a home to come back to. He said Young is a hell of a wrestler but he’s a piece of sh** scumbag that wants to take people out. He dared Young to do what everyone’s being trying to do for year – take Dreamer out. He said he’d wrestle Young tonight in any stipulation. Young said he made his last mistake and Dreamer’s body was going to be on the pile when he’s done. He said Dreamer was a punk just like Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann and he’ll see him tonight.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne reviewed what we had just seen and talked about what was scheduled for tonight’s episode.

Cameras follow Moose getting on a flight to somewhere, seeking to track down EC3.

They plug the Impact+ streaming service.

Rosemary, Taya and John E. Bravo were all together. Taya said she loves love and they are truly in love. She wants to arrange the wedding of the century. Rosemary said that there are very few who can officiate a demon wedding and one of them is dead, but they can resurrect him. She said that means Bravo is going to have to handle the planning. Taya offers to handle everything and is beyond excited about it, especially putting herself in the middle of it all.

TJP vs. Chris Bey

They went right after each other, scrapping and wrestling back and forth. X-Division Champ Rohit Raju came down to ringside, taking it all in. Bey drilled TJP with punches and strikes in the corner but was distracted by Raju being there. TJP caught him with a head scissors and hit a springboard into a lucha style armdrag. He sent Bey to the floor, then went to the top after they returned to the ring. Bey charged but TJP caught him in a triangle. Bey rakes his eyes and clotheslined TJP as they went to commercial…

When they returned, Bey continued controlling TJP. He drilled TJP with a leaping kick to the back of the head, scoring a two count. TJP was trapped in an abdominal stretch. TJP fought his way out but Bey went for a springboard move. Bey was snatched in mid-air but rebounded to nail a Torture Rack into a slam. Some really nice wrestling here. They continued back and forth until TJP scored the win with a sunset flip into the ring.

Your winner, TJP!

Josh Mathews wondered if this meant TJP was next in line for a title shot.

Next up was Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne interviewing Susie and Kylie Rae. Swinger is back. Madison was happy to see Swinger for 15 seconds. They were asked about WrestleHouse but before they could really answer, Rayne asked if they were there so long to avoid Kylie having to face Deonna Purrazzo and then returned to ruin her Black Tie Affair. Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee showed up and challenged them to a tag team match next week.’

Brian Myers is heading to the ring.

They plugged next month’s Bound for Glory PPV.

John E. Bravo is on the phone making wedding plans when Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan showed up demanding to know if they were invited to the wedding. They scoffed at the idea that Taya was making plans and said he needed to make his own plans and stand on his own two meet and be a man. They offered to be his best groomsmen. He said Taya wouldn’t like that so they knocked Taya and said to be a good husband, he needs to be a man. Poor, ever suffering John E. Bravo.

Brian Myers made his way to the ring to offer Willie Mack a handshake. He said they may have gotten off on the wrong foot. He said he’s the most professional wrestler, has wrestled in all 50 States and has tons of sky miles. He’s been in the right with legends and Hall of Famers, so Mack shouldn’t feel bad that he lost to Myers. He said that there is a time honored tradition for a handshake. He said that he was going to offer Mack the chance to shake his hand like a true professional. Mack came to the ring. Myers held his hand out but Mack said he wasn’t there to shake hands of be professional. He’d like to shake Myers’ neck a few times. Impact management has offered him a rematch after what happened…right now. Myers said he didn’t come to wrestle and has to warm up, tan and do calisthenics. Mack said if he’s so professional, he should know to bring his gear. Trapped by his own words, Myers agrees.

Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

Myers tried to attack with a kick but was stopped and nailed with a clothesline. Mack nailed a back elbow and drilled Myers with a kick that sent Myers to the floor. Myers nailed a pescado to the floor. Myers made his way back to the apron but was punched down to the floor. He pulled Mack out and drove him backwards into the apron.

Back inside the ring, Myers peppered him with right hands. Mack was worked over but drilled Myers away with a big clothesline. Mack was a house of fire, beating Myers and nailing a slam. Mack nailed an Atomic Legdrop for a two count. Mack went for a stunner but Myers raked his face. He charged Mack but was caught with a big Sky High. Mack nailed him with a barrage of punches but Myers caught him low and drilled Mack with a DDT for the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers!

Jordynne Grace said she showed up last night to be graceful in defeat and wondered why Tenille Dashwood waited for then to show up for the first time in months. Grace said they should go ask her and dragged the camera crew to Dashwood’s locker room. She knocked on the door but out came Caleb with a K, who introduced himself as Tenille’s personal photographer. It was Caleb Konley in the role. He told Grace she had way more important things to do than be here. Grace asked when she was coming back to work. We went to shots from a photo gallery and then an announcement Dashwood would return next week. Grace was disgusted and walked off. Caleb with a K said, “Someone’s got an attitude.”

Tasha and Kiera were talking about being the best groomsmen when Taya showed up and told them to mind their business and leave things to her. She said she didn’t know who they were and told them to leave the wedding to her. Taya said she was the wedding planner of the century and said she could take on Tasha tonight.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns vs. The Rascalz’ Dez & Wentz.

The two teams went right after each other. Wentz appeared to hurt his knee, so the Guns began focusing on that, wearing him down. Shelley began methodically working him over. Sabin and Shelley tagged in and out, preventing a tag out and continuing to pick apart the Wentz’s knees. They beat him down with multiple double-team maneuvers while also knocking Dez off the apron. They used a spinning toehold on Wentz. Dez finally hit the ring but Sabin trapped him in an Octopus to force him to watch. He finally escaped the hold, KO’d Sabin and nailed a running shooting star press on Shelley to break the hold.

Wentz fired away with slaps and an enziguiri before finally tagging in Dez for the first time legally. Dez cleaned house with a big dropkick to the back of the neck. Dez looked awesome with a series of fast paced combinations and kicks. Shelley nailed Dez but Wentz hit the ring and laid him out. The Rascalz double-teamed Sabin for several near falls. The Rascalz continued to control the ring but was caught with the Dream Sequence on Dez. They unloaded with synchronized superkicks on Wentz and drilled him with a Michinoku Driver, scoring the pin.

Your winners and still Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The Motor City Machine Guns!

The North attacked The Guns and worked them over. Madman Fulton and Ace Austin joined the fray and continued the beating before the two teams faced off. Ethan Page said they could each take one Machine Gun and they split off, double teaming each Impact Tag Champ. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallowed hit the ring and made the save, running everyone off. Dez hit a big dive but was caught. Wentz then hit a dive and took down the pile. The Guns, The Good Brothers and The Rascalz are sized each other up in the ring.

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes announced that next week will be the debut of the Whole Fn’ Talk Show.

After a commercial, Sami Callihan hacked in and said everything in life is about numbers. Last week, he beat RVD because Sami is one of the best wrestlers walking the planet. He said that after the match, he got attacked because of the numbers. He can admit when someone has his number and Katie Forbes has it. He said that maybe Katie is too much for him, because she’s a little too much in general. He said a birdy told him a rumor that RVD and Forbes will debut their own segment next week. Since Forbes has his number, he promises not to hack the show, because he has other plans.

Taya with John E. Bravo vs. Tasha Steelz with Kiera Hogan.

They got into each others’ faces before they began with the fisticuffs. Tasha ended up in control until Taya nailed an elevated knee to the face. John E. Bravo was on the phone the entire time dealing with wedding stuff. Steelz drilled her with a big right hand. Taya nailed the Road to Valhalla and scored the pin.

Your winner, Taya!

Kiera attacked Taya after the match and they put the boots to her. Bravo, realizing what happened finally, got involved and broke it up.

Moose meets with an old football coach. Moose said he needed a favor and asked if he had seen EC3. He explained who EC3 was and was told that he hadn’t seen him. The Coach then said “Control your narrative. You’ve been warned.” Moose realized some guys in black hoodies were behind him and he took them out before exiting.

They aired a classic Impact+ clip featuring EC3 vs. Moose vs. Mike Bennett.

Backstage. Rhino and Heath were marveling at how well the #Heath4Impact campaign. Heath needed more money to do more ads. Rhino said he knew where to find some cold hard cash.

Madison and Josh wondered what they were talking about and whether they might be talking about Hernandez’ ever-present wad of cash.

Old School Rules: Impact Wrestling Champion Eric Young vs. Tommy Dreamer

They started brawling. Dreamer slammed the champ and went for a Singapore Cane. Young was whipped into the corner and went over the top to the apron. He avoided a cane shot and tried to come off the top, only to be hit again. Dreamer sent him over the top to the floor with the Cactus Clothesline. Dreamer wrapped a chain around the eyes of Dreamer. Young cut him off and sent Dreamer into the ring post. Young stomped away at him on the floor.

Young removed the mats on the floor and went for a piledrive on the floor, only to be backdropped on the floor. Dreamer grabbed a plunger, then tossed assorted weapons into the ring. Dreamer nailed him with a street sign. Dreamer beat Young and went for a superplex but was knocked off the ropes. Young took control, stomping Dreamer’s chest and drilling him across the face with repeated kneedrops. Young snapped Dreamer with a catapult, sending his throat careening into the bottom rope.

Young began picking weapons and drilling Dreamer across the head with them. He brandished a steel chair and smashed Dreamer with it across the back. Dreamer kicked Young as he came off the ropes and nailed a RKO for a two count. They met while on their knees, brawling back and forth with right hands. Dreamer rebounds off the ropes and scored a two count with an elbowdrop. Dreamer grabbed the Singapore Cane but swung and missed. Young chopblocked Dreamer and locked on a heel hook. Dreamer grabbed the cane and began wacking Young with it in order to escape. Before Dreamer could mount any offense, Young dropkicked him in the leg. Young placed a trash can in the corner, wedging it between the buckles but Dreamer gained control and sent him into it for a two count.

Dreamer went to the floor and pulled out a table. He brought it into the ring and began setting it up in the corner. Young lowblowed Dreamer and went to the top but Dreamer caused him to crotch himself. Dreamer went for the Spicolin Driver but didn’t realize Young had grabbed his hockey mask and got beaned across the head with it. Young nailed a piledriver for the pin.

You winner, Impact Wrestling Champion Eric Young!

He attacked Dreamer, stomping his leg after placing it inside a chair.

Rich Swann, on crutches, ran down one-legged, hit the ring and nailed Young with a crutch. Young scampered out of the ring and said he didn’t belong here and that Swann needed to watch himself.

This was what you’d expect froma Dreamer match. It appear they are building to Young vs. Swann for Bound for Glory.