Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results – March 13, 2021

Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results – March 13, 2021

Match 1: Decay (Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve w/ Rosemary) vs Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend)

Decayyyyy Decayyyyy Decayyyyyy. Yeah, I’ll admit my bias here. Crazzy Steve working fast and keeping Thornstowe grounded. Taurus and Luster tag in and we got some big men slapping meat….but faster lucha style. Black Taurus has such a great look for Decay. Tandem spear on Luster and Steve only gets the two. Crazzy Steve getting worked by Scum but hits a neckbreaker to get Taurus in. Double backbreaker and a series of headbutts but Thornstowe kicks out. Taurus sent into the head of Luster and Scum is working him over though repeated tags. Taurus with a reverse into a crossbody and gets the tag to Crazzy Steve. Steve with a side Russian leg sweep into a cross face into a running Flatliner. Luster has to break up the pins, Taurus in help but Decay using their skills to running the Scum into each other. Luster has Crazzy Steve on the outside. Rosemary baits him in for a green misting. He dead. Back in the ring, Taurus hits Thornstowe with a headbutt, Crazzy Steve with a cannonball, TAURUS DRIVER ONE TWO THREE. YES.

Winners: Decay

Match 2: Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a K vs Havok and Neveah

Impact Plus came alive midway through this match and I’m watching Kaleb get stomped out by Neveah. Dashwood comes in and Kaleb takes some pictures of her working Neveah over. Kaleb back in to pick the bones but Neveah hits a neckbreaker and Havok tags in to clean house, running knees to both in the corner. Neveah with a running knee after a backbreaker but Kaleb breaks up the pin. Neveah has the roll up on Dashwood but while the ref is distracted by Neveah, Kaleb runs in to reverse the pin and the ref counts the three.

Winners: Dashwood & Kaleb

Match 3: James Storm and Chris Sabin (w/ Jake Something) vs Violent By Design (Joe Doering and Deaner w/ Eric Young)

Deaner is working the arm early but Sabin is using his superior technical reversals to stay ahead. Doering in to counter with the power. Sabin working the knees and hops into a crucifix. Sabin out to tag in Storm but Doering finally blast them down and VBD works over Storm. Storm gets to Sabin and they work over Deaner. Deaner tries to toss Storm but he skins the cat. Doering is right there to cut it off and beat on Storm some more. TBH, I’m shocked that Storm is taking the heat here but it’s smart to overlook Sabin and work over the powerhouse. Saving finally tagged in and serving up kicks for erryone. Storm in to save from a Doering crossbody catch. Sabin with a fisherman’s suplex and Storm with an elbow drop for two. Eric Young is losing his mind. Sabin isolated and eats a Doering crossbody and flying Deaner headbutt for a close two. Sabin with an enziguri to Deaner but Young pulls the foot to the rope. Ref dropped in the corner. Young tries to interfere but Something cuts him off. Doering takes out Storm at ringside. Young with a cutter to Something on the floor. Sabin is surrounded….RHYNO IS HERE!!!! He’s back from injury after being taken out by VBD. He’s gonna save Sabin… no, he gores him. Sabin is dead and Deaner gets the pin. WHY RHYNO WHY?!?

Winners: Violent By Design

Match 4: Hold Harmless Match – Eddie Edwards versus Brian Myers

Edwards drags Myers right outside, where the stipulation is going to be a problem for the semi-blinded Myers. Myers is just getting his a** beat up to the ramp, back to the ring and back up the ramp. This match may have been a bad idea. Eddie goes for the steps but Myers sweeps the legs and Edwards blasts the back of his head against the step. OW. Myers tossed Edwards back in the ring and grabs a garbage can lid and cookie sheet and beats Eddie down with the hardware. Michinoku Driver from Myers but Edwards ain’t done. Myers chokes him out in the corner with a chair. Edwards rocks Myers on the ropes and hits a superplex onto a pile of chairs. Another big slam onto the chairs and Myers kicks out. Hernandez is here to swing the needle in Myers favor. Matt Cardona evens the odds and Edwards is left to rock Myers with a huge forearm. Edwards grabs a kendo stick but Myers blasts Edwards into the apron and hits a facebuster on the ramp. Myers wants to put Edwards through a table but Edwards with a kendo shot to the head and a backpack stunner through the table. Myers barely alive as he’s rolled into the ring but Edwards is wobbly too. Myerss comes in but eats a lid shot to the head. Edward faceplants him, loads him knee with a foreign object from Myers pocket and hits a Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Match 5: IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championships – Fire N Flava (c) (Tasha Steelz & Keira Hogan) versus Jordynne Grace and Jazz

Grace in with a power and muscles out Hogan. Steelz into test of strength against Jazz. A gut punch cuts that off but Jax hits a Michanoku driver for two. Grace into work over the lower back with elbows and slams. Steelz takes a long count on the floor to recoup and back to start working tags to stay ahead of Grace. Jazz in to beat up Steelz but Hogan baits her into a cheap shot and Jazz is getting worked over by the experienced tandem now too. Jazz with a reversal spin kick to the gut and Grace in on fire. Grace with a Vader bomb to Hogan but Steelz with a splash to the back and almost reverses the pin. Grace is pissed. Popup double stomp. Steelz sweeps the leg and Fire & Flava hits a double double stomp for two…Grace gets the rope. Grace with a wheelbarrow facebuster for a clooooooose two. Jazz in for a tandem powerbomb, Steelz tries to interfere but Jazz lets Steelz splash her partner. Hogan slips out of a muscles buster. Steelz with a crucifix bomb and Hogan with a fisherman’s neckbreaker for the pin.

Winners: Fire & Flava

Match 6: IMPACT X Division Championship – TJP (c) versus Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton)

Ace Austin has a chance to break the 100-day reign of the X-division champion. Austin holds his own against the champ in the early sequences and drags him down to the mat with a headlock takedown. Austin tosses him to the outside and dives after him, Fulton catches and makes sure Austin is safe. Ace stays ahead of his opponent’s reversals, hitting a springboard kick to the face for two. Ace with a reverse dragon sleep and drags him to a standing position. Champ hits a springboard DDT to finally takes control , huge cross body from the top and a yakuza kick. Tornado DDT for two. Octopus stretch but Ace reverses into a roll up for two. Double pump kicks and double down. Ace with a rolling kick in the corner and a springboard legdrop for two. Austin going for the finish but the champ collapses. Ref checking on him, Ace goes for an octopus stretch but gets reverses into a knee bar. Fulton pushing the ropes but the ref stops it. Ace pulled back to the center but he drags to the rope legit. Trading shots in the center, trading reversals and the champ drops back into the knee bar. Back suplex but Ace pushes the ref into harm’s way. Ace hits a running blockbuster and he’s got the three count. And he didn’t even need Fulton to secure that victory. Excellent victory!

Winner (AND NEWWWWWWW CHAMP): Ace Austin

Match 9: IMPACT Knockouts Championship – Deonna Purrazzo (c) (w/ Kimber Lee & Susan) versus ODB

Good lockup early but ODB showing her power. Deanna is the master technician and drags ODB down to the mat. Showing match in the center but ODB with the Lou Thez press. Big fallaway slam but Susan distracts the ref and Kim interferes. Ref manages to catch them in the act and throws Kimber and Susan out of the match. OH NOOOOOO! Deanna is incensed and stomping the heck out of ODB. ODB fires up but gets dragged down into an armbar. ODB wont quit and drags towards the rope. Deonna wants to come off the top but grabs on arm bar off the top rope. ODB throws her off to create some space. Toe to toe shots but ODB eats a front kick to the chin. ODB reverses an arm lock into a powerslam for two. ODB off the top and falls into an arm bar. Deonna gets the other arm and the Venus de Milo is locked into and ODB immediately taps.

Winner (and STILLLLLLLLLL): Deonna Purrazzo.

Match 8: IMPACT World Tag Team Championships – The Good Brothers (c) (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) versus FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

Finlay and Anderson working each other to a stalemate. Juice unloading some big shots to Doc but a huge clotheslines may have flash KO’d him for a close two. Anderson bounces Finlay’s head off the top turnbuckle and the Good Brothers have their opening to start dropping heavy artillery and QUESTIONABLE tactics. Gallows not bothering to cover Finlay and just stepping on his wrist to keep him grounded. Juice in to clear house but Karl is ready for the big punch. He wasn’t ready for the big slam and kicks out at two. Doc in and drops the straps. Anderson cuts off Juice and hits a tandem backdrop on Finlay. Juice is able to cut it off. Good Brothers try the Magic Killer on Juice but Finlay cuts it off. Anderson with a HUGE spinebuster to Juice for a close two. Anderson stalking but Juice with a backslide for two. Finlay and hit the Demolition elbow drop on Anderson for two. FinJuice sends Doc back to the outside….Doomsday Device to Anderson and we have new champs!!!!

Winners: FinJuice

Main Event: Unification Match – IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann versus TNA World Champion Moose – Winner Challenges Kenny Omega for AEW World Championship at Rebellion

Swann isn’t dancing to the ring tonight, he has a HUGE test ahead of him. Swann gets right into Moose’s face and he’s definitely outsized here. Speed vs Power all the way here. Swann gets some kicks in and avoids Moose constantly trying to his a powerslam. To the outside, Swann dodges and Moose’s posts himself. Swamm goes in for the kill and Moose with the popup drape choke on the top rope. Moose throwing Swann corner to corner by the back of his head. Swann blasted with a 450 backdrop. Moose ripping at Swann’s dreads and demeaning him with slaps. Swann is firing up and hitting his own strikes, reversal into a roll up up for two but Moose with a huge uranage for two. Moose grabs a chair but the ref ain’t having it. Moose sends Swann to the outside and blasts him into the guardrails. Moose starts pulls Swann’s hair through the guardrails. Swann showing fight but Moose….well….I mean, look at him. Moose with a side stretch and grinding his elbow and fist into the ribs. Swann bites his way out and stuns the big man with running forearms. Swann caught running with a huge gut buster. Moose wants a slam from the top but Swann ranas him down. Swann landing shot after shot in the pocket. Springboard into a kick to the spine. Moose trying a quick shot off the top but eats a cutter OUTTA NOWHERE….but kicks out at two. Swann to the top, 450 splash down for two. Swann back to the top, Moose intercepts but Swann BITES HIS HEAD and sends him down. Swann takes WAY TOO LONG and Moose pops up to his a flipping world strongest slam from the top for two. Moose wants a spear…..but eats the buckle. Again? Eats buckles!! Again? Oh wait, there’s a chair in the corner and Moose eats that. Moose ain’t dead and tries a FOURTH spear. Swann catches a crucifix roll up for the pin!

Winner: Rich Swann

And with that, Swann takes control of the TNA Heavyweight Championship and books his date with Kenny Omega at Rebellion!

And that’s it for Impact’s “Sacrifice”! Good show overall, despite the initial problems with Impact Plus. I feel like I was gonna like that Decay match regardless but it WAS good. I liked how they built wins by established tag teams Decay, VBD and Fire & Flava to set up the importance of the Good Brothers losing their belts to FinJuice. Deonna managing to overcome ODB after losing her human crutches at ringside mid-match was some good work too. The Hold Harmless match was some nice chaos with a few painful looking shots in there and some nice back and forth swerving when the cavalry came in. The main event was the David vs Goliath war it needed to be, Swann wasn’t gonna STOP the Moose but he was able to stagger him enough to hit the crucial three seconds he needed. Good stuff, Swann goes onto Rebellion to defend against Kenny Omega and his nascent title belt collection. Until then!