Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results – June 19, 2022

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results – June 19, 2022

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rewohldt are your announce team.

Brian Myers vs. Rich Swann

Swann is the Digital Media Champion but Myers has possession of the physical title. Swann started out fast but Myers cut him off and worked him over, scoring a series of near falls but Swann kept kicking out. Swann came back with a series of kicks and a cutter. Swann came off the ropes with a 450 splash and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Digital Media Champion, Rich Swann!

Good opener.

The announcers ran down the lineup for tonight before going to a video package on the main event for tonight, Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young.

Reverse Battle Royal

Mike Jackson (!), David Young (!), Shark Boy, Slash (Wolfie D) with Jim Mitchell are involved, returning to the promotion alongside Johnny Swinger, Crazzy Steve, Steve Maclin, Zicky Dice, Shogun, Gujjar, Chase Stevens, Mahabali Shera, Raj Singh and Chris Bey are among those included.

Everyone battled on the outside. The first 8 men into the ring will continue on in a traditional battle royal.

Jackson walked the ringside barricade, holding Shera at Bey before coming off and drilling him. This was a great idea in concept but took too long in part because some fan hung his MANY title belts on the guard rail and time stood still as Jackson waited for him to move them. Singh prevented Jackson from hitting the ring and shoved Shera in.

The final eight are Mackin, Swinger, Shera, Shark Boy, Young, Stevens, Bey and Gujjar are the final eight.

Stevens was booted off the apron to the floor. Bey and Maclin battled on the outside on the apron, chopping the hell out of each other. Bey came off the ropes and nailed the Art of Finesse on the apron with both men bouncing rudely off the apron to the floor, eliminated. The crowd chanted for Shark Boy. Gujjar and Shera were eliminated.

Young and Swinger worked over Shark Boy. Young nailed a big spinebuster on Sharky but Swinger tossed him. Sharky was tossed Sharky over the top but to get the final elimination, you need a pinfall or submission. He brought Shark Boy back into the ring but played to the crowd and was hit with a stunner for the pin.

Your winner, Shark Boy!

The PPV kicked off with a GREAT package on the history of the company, including a lot of faces from the past, including archival footage of Jeff Jarrett, Mike Tenay, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Abyss, AJ Styles and the late Bob Ryder. It was really, truly nice.

Ultimate X: X-Division Champion Ace Austin vs. Kenny King vs. Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. New Japan’s Alex Zayne vs. the returning Andrew Everett.

Everett is replacing the hurt Jack Evans and is the biggest showcase for Everett in some kind.

Everyone battled at the bell. Zayne and Bailey were the last men standing and tried to maneuver the ropes but were pulled down by King and Miguel. They teamed and then turned on each other. Miguel avoided the Royal Flush and nailed a rana, then hit a flip dive to the floor. He returned to the ring and worked over Austin with a series of kicks.

Austin drilled Zayne and Speedball with kicks from the apron but Miguel caught him with a leaping neckbreaker on the outside. Everett nailed a big snap German suplex and left alone, thought about going for the belt but instead hit a springboard twisting dive to the floor on everyone. Speedball tried to prevent him from getting to the cables but failed. Zayne nailed a big German suplex and then pulled Miguel down. He lifted Miguel for a powerbomb but King springboarded it and nailed a Blockbuster on Miguel.

Everyone battled with Speedball going across the cables. Bailey came off the ropes, flipping into Ultima Weapon, his knee strike. Bailey and Everett battled on the top. Everyone joined in, setting up an insane Tower of Doom that saw everyone but Miguel (who held onto the girder) going down. Zayne went to attack him but Miguel nailed a Canadian Destroyer off the top into the ring. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**.”

The battle continued. Kenny and Trey each maneuevered across the ropes. Bailey and Austin joined them as all four battled above the the ring. Bailey kicked down King. Ace lowblowed Trey. Bailey and Austin hung themselves by their legs above the ring, trying to grab the belt. They slapped each other. Everett joined the fray above the ring, using his legs to hang off as well. He pulled himself above the belt and tried to unhook it but Bailey used his legs to headscissor him off the cables down to the ring, which was nutty.

Bailey and Austin continued to battle, but this time Zayne made his way across. He was kicked off. Austin was kicked off the ropes, leaving Bailey alone. He removed the title and wins.

Your winner and new X-Division Champion, Speedball Mike Bailey!

A really entertaining athletic display with lots of big dives and multi-man sequences. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The announcers talked about the importance of Bob Ryder and specifically his importance to the creation of the company dating back to that fateful fishing trip with Jeff and Jerry Jarrett. They announced the broadcast tonight was dedicated to Bob Ryder, who passed away in 2020. This was well deserved and the only other thing that could have been nicer is they announced he was inducted into the company’s Hall of Fame, which could still be coming for all I know.

Scott Hudson was back as a backstage interviewer. He tried to find out who the mystery partner was against Honor No More but Team Impact wasn’t spilling beans.

They had a message from AEW’s Sting, who talked about how the promotion was his outlet to return to professional wrestling. He talked about how much fun he had doing Joker Sting and wrestling Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett.

They announced a DVD release of tonight’s show is now available for pre-sale at

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Champions The Influence vs. Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary.

Taya started with Madison but Rosemary tagged herself in and continued beating on Madison. Tenille and Madison cut off Rosemary and tagged in and out, preventing her from making the tag. Rosemary finally nailed a belly to back suplex and crawled over to make the tag but was almost stopped. Taya finally got the tag and battled Madison. Taya nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count.

Pandemonium exploded as they battled in the corner. Rayne and Dashwood escaped the beating and slammed the challengers into the buckles but Taya and Rosemary came back with a double spear for a stereo two count. The Influence came back to nail the Collab (double Stroke) but Taya knocked Tenille out of the ring. Rosemary came back to life. Madison tried to flee but Taya kicked her in the face, sending her stumbling into a sit-out powerbomb for the pin by Rosemary.

Your winners and new Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Taya & Rosemary!

Kurt Angle sent in a video message congratulating Impact for 20 years. He said TNA gave him an opportunity and he’s thankful for his matches with Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode and so many others.

They showed Moose and Sami Callihan being locked up for 24 hours prior to their Monster’s Ball match, followed by a video package on the history between the two combatants.

They showed each of them being released from the room. Moose was having problems adjusting to the light. Callihan said that was easy and he was going to live in that room now.

Sami Callihan vs. Moose – Monsters Ball.

Callihan attacked Moose during his entrance on the stage and whipped him with his studded leather jacket. He beat down Moose on the outside and smashed him with a plastic trash can, then grabbed several cookie sheets. He nailed Moose with them over and over. Moose came back with smash him with a trash can lid, busting open Sami. Moose, exhausted, stole a hot dog and a water from a fan at ringside. He ate the dog (was it from the old White Trash Cafe down the road?) and then splash the water on himself.

Moose worked over Callihan, who was smiling over bleeding. Callihan tried to gouge his eyes but Moose nailed him onto the apron with a Uranage, then followed up with a second. Moose worked over Callihan and tried to break his ankle again but Callihan avoided it and attacked. Moose smashed him with a chair and went for a spear but Callihan avoided and Moose speared himself INTO a rubber trash can. That was great. Callihan turned the can upside so Moose was trapped upside down.

With Moose incapacitated for a moment, Callihan pulled out a door with barbed wire attached. The announcers said somewhere in the Impact Zone, Abyss was smiling. Callihan set it up in the corner. He went to send Moose into it but Moose blocked it. He nailed Callihan and leapt up to the top but slipped, which given his bumps and being trapped for “24 hours” actually made sense. Callihan ripped at his face but Moose fought him off and went for the leap again but this time was shoved off the top, crashing hard down itno the timekeeper’s table. Mind you, this man is wrestling with a partially torn labrum.

Callihan said, “and F*** you” to someone at ringside after tossing Moose back into the ring and dumping out thumbtacks into the ring. Callihan went to the ropes for a tornado DDT but was instead yanked into a Sky High off the ropes into the tacks, so they both took that bump. Sami kicked off, sending Moose backwards into the tacks. Moose dragged him through the tacks. Callihan tried to return to his feet as Moose lined him up for a spear into the door. Sami caught him and nailed a DVDR through the barbed wire door for a two count.

They fought to their feet, taking the other out with trash can lid shots at the same time. Moose was bleeding from several places on his body. They fought to their feet. Callihan dared Moose to hit him. They took each other out with big shots, bumping into the tacks, which at this point were all over the ring. Moose kept kicking out, even after a Cactus Jack-style piledriver. Callihan went for another but was drilled with a low blow.

Callihan powerbombed Moose onto the bottom of a trash can, which didn’t really budge. Callihan nailed another Cactus piledriver but Moose kicked out at one. Callihan smashed him with a barbed wire bat and nailed another Cactus piledriver, scoring the final pin.

Your winner, Sami Callihan!

A damn good brawl and weapons match with some great intensity.

They aired a Briscoes vs. Good Brothers promo, so they moved this bout to earlier in the show then initially scheduled.

Kudos to the ring crew for getting the ring cleared so quickly from the remnants of that war.

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The Briscoes vs. The Good Brothers.

Everyone brawled at the bell. Jay clotheslined Gallows over the top to the floor. The Briscoes drilled Anderson with a double shoulderblock. They nailed stereo dives to the floor on the challengers. Mark nailed the Cactus Jack elbow to the floor on Gallows. They battled all over ringside and to the stage and back. Jay was taken out. Mark came off the top with a clothesline on Gallows, then suplexed Anderson with an overhead belly to belly.

Mark slammed Anderson off the ropes for a two count. Anderson cut him off on the top. Mark cut him off but was caught with a spinebuster back in the ring for a close two count. The Good Brothers nailed the double-team neckbreaker and set up for the Magic Killer but Jay speared Anderson. Gallows drilled Mark for a two count. Anderson sent Jay into the ring post shoulder-first. Anderson and Mark battled back and forth with strikes and elbows. Anderson nailed a big uppercut. Mark reversed a whip but Anderson nailed him with an elbow.

Jay got involved and they double-teamed Anderson with a close two count. They went for the Doomsday Device on Anderson but Gallows shoved Mark off the top into a Gun Stun. Jay battled the challengers but was eventually taken out with a Magic Killer for the pin.

Your winners and new Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers!

A damn good, physical bout.

The teams faced off after, but out came America’s Most Wanted. James Storm took the mic and said they were sitting in the back and felt these two teams are just like them, they just know fighting and drinking. Since they are done fighting, it’s time to do some drinking in Nashville. The crowd chanted “TNA.” Storms said that tag team wrestling always thrived right here. When this place started, there were haters saying the company wouldn’t last a day, a week, a year but 20 years later, they are still here, so “Sorry about your damn luck.”

They aired a GREAT video package on the original voices of Impact Wrestling, Don West and Mike Tenay. They noted Don’s battle against cancer and pushed everyone to go to his GoFundMe to donate to him, so PLEASE do.

Christy Hemme was introduced. She looked awesome. She brought Scott D’Amore to the ring. He was dressed in his old Team Canada garb. That was funny. He’s joining the announcers for the next bout.

Honor No More’s PCO & Eddie Edwards & Mike Bennett & Matt Taven & Vincent vs. Kazarian & The Motor City Machineguns & Nick Aldis & a fifth opponent to be announced.

They showed Traci Brooks and Earl Hebner at ringside. Kazarian embraced Brooks and their son, Rebel. Impact sent their condolences to the Hebner family on the passing of Dave Hebner.

Dixie Carter came out and thanked for the fans for all their support. She wished the company a great 20 years and hoped for 20 more, The mystery partner, introduced by Dixie Carter, is MLW’s Davey Richards, so there’s some sort of agreement there. I wonder if this means some Impact talent will be at Battle Riot this Thursday.

The idea was stars of NWA, MLW and AEW were all united in their love of Impact Wrestling here.

The idea is Richards was there to play mind games with his former partner. He was well hidden backstage before his entrance.

Everyone brawled. It settled down to Sabin vs. Mike Bennett. Sabin nailed a suplex. Aldis tagged in and nailed a big suplex on Bennett. Kazarian tagged in and continued working over Bennett. Finally, Richards and Edwards tagged in and faced off but Edwards tagged back out, playing mind games. Taven instead faced off with Richards and battled. Shelley tagged in and the Motor City Machineguns and Richards worked over Taven.

PCO gained control and worked over Shelley but missed his swanton to the apron outside. Shelley fought his way out of being beaten down by Honor No More and made the tag to Kazarian. He cleaned house and tagged out to Aldis, who battled PCO amd Vincent. Lots going on here. Aldis went for the Kingman’s Cloverleaf but it was broken up. They went to an insane series of big move sequences. The Guns hit the Dream Sequence. Today is the anniversary of Trent Acid’s passing. May he rest in peace.

Taven hit a big dive to the floor on everyone. This left Richards and Edwards in the ring. They had some fun back and forth wrestling. Richards locked Edwards in a submission. This sparked a series of sequences where Team Impact locked HNM in multiple submissions at the same time before PCO broke it up. PCO nailed Aldis with a DDT. Taven nailed a frog splash but Sabin broke up the pinfall. Everyone battled to the floor again, leaving Aldis and PCO in the ring. PCO missed a moonsailt. Aldis nailed a Driver. Richards came off the top with a double stomp but PCO kicked out.

Maria got involved so Traci Brooks hopped the rail and nailed her. PCO pulled her into the ring but Kazarian rescued her amnd moved her out of the ring. PCO drilled Kazarian down and went to the top. Kazarian cut him off and went for the Flux Capacitor which looked insanely scary. Sabin went for the pin but PCO kicked out. The referee, Brian Hebner, left the ring to deal with all the chaos and was knocked down. Earl Hebner hopped the rail to check on his son. D’Lo Brown hit the ring and nailed the Sky High on King, then hot a top rope frog splash.

The Guns and Kazarian triple-teamed PCO but the OGK hit the ring. Team Impact took them out. Earl Hebner revealed he was wearing a referee’s shirt and made the count.

Your winners, Team Impact!

A fun tag bout.

They went to a video message from AJ Styles, who wished Impact a happy anniversary. He discussed the first-ever Impact bout, which he was in on the first PPV. From there, Jeff Jarrett, Raven, The X-Division, Ultimate X, Elevation X, Kurt Angle and the match that “changed everything” with himself vs. Samoa Joe vs. Chris Daniels. They were 6’5″ but they changed wrestling. The fans voted him most Impactful Wrestler and Most Impactful X-Division. He’d still be AJ Styles but asked how Phenomenal would he be without Impact Wrestling? He thanked WWE for letting him send this message because they realized how important this moment was for him. He said he was raising a glass to Impact Wrestling.

Queen of the Mountain: Knockouts Champion Tasha Steelz vs. Mia Yim vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Chelsea Green with Mickie James as Special Enforcer.

RULES: First, competitors will need to achieve a pinfall or submission to qualify. Then, ladders will officially come into play as they attempt to set them up in order to scale to the top and deliver the championship, hanging it above the ring to signify that they are victorious as champion. A competitor who suffers a pinfall or submission will be banished to a penalty box for a period of time, unable to compete until being released, potentially losing their chance at winning. Whew.

Tasha came out wearing a cowboy hat to screw with Mickie. She ducked out early to let everyone else fight, instead setting some tables up at ringside. They were a series of big dive spots early. Green covered and pinned Steelz but there was some sort of miscommunication as the referee stopped even though Steelz didn’t kick up, then counted three. WHOOPS. Green is eligible and Steelz goes to the box.

Steelz was locked in the penalty box with James also tossing Savannah Evans in. Yim tried to pin Green but Purrazzo broke it up. Grace and Yim beat down Purrazzo, teaming up. A ladder was brought into the ring. Tasha returned to the ring and took control, drilling Purrazzo and Yim. Evans got involved but Mickie tossed her from ringside. Mickie and Steelz argued. Green tried to roll up Tasha for a two count. Yim nailed a back suplex with a bridge for the pin. Yim is now eligible. Green goes to the box but not before she nailed Mickie.

Yim set up a ladder and tried to climb up but Purrazzo srtopped her. Steelz and Grace battled on the top rope in the corner. Yim knocked Purrazzo down and tried to climb up to hang the belt but Steelz dove off the top and drilled Yim with a cutter off the ladder. Purrazzo locked on an armbar on Grace, then Steelz. Deonna forced Steelz to tap. Deonna is eligible and Steelz goes to the box.

Grace was spotlighted, taking out Purrazzo and then skinning the cat back into the ring. Chelsea drilled her with a back cracker. The battle continued. Green got the belt and was going to hang it but James pulled her down. James handed it to Yim, who went to climb up but Deonna naiked her and slammed her onto a ladder on the mat with a powerbomb. Deonna then suffered the same fate at the hand on Steelz. Green drilled Steelz into the ladder.

Green and Purrazzo both climbed the ladder, seeking to each hang the ladder. Yim shoved the ladder over. Purrazzo and Green crashed down into the tables at ringside. It looked both horrifying and spectacular. Grace and Tasha both pinned Yim, making themself both eligible. With Yim being banished to the penalty box and the others destroyed in that ladder bump, Steelz and Grace battled. Steelz tried to climb the ladder but was pulled off with a muscle buster and pinned.

Grace, all alone, made her way to the top of the ladder and hung the ladder, securing the Queen of the Mountain and the X-Division Championship.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Man, they left this all out there, despite the befuddling old school TNA rules. This had some really hard bumps especially what Purrazzo and Green endured.

Gia Miller interviewed Goldilocks. NOOOOOO. Goldilocks interviewed Gail Kim, who was voted the most Impactful Knockout in company history. Gail thanked the fans and all the women that came before them. She said the company gave women opportunity when no one else is. Kim said she was so proud of how far they’ve come and praised Grace’s title win.

Impact Wrestling Champion Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young with Deaner and Joe Doering.

Some nice back and forth wrestling early with Alexander showing his skills and keep Young at bay. Since this was Nashville, it’s a pretty split crowd. Alexander and Young each missed moonsaults. Young nailed a big lariat but Alexander gutted through it and went nose to nose. They had some pretty hard looking strikes. They are doing a lot of moves from Impact alumni, including Chris Daniels and Samoa Joe. Deaner set up a table outside. Alexander almost knocked Young off the apron through it.

Alexander and Young battled on the top. Young sent him crashing to the ring. Young nailed a flying elbow for a two count. Alexander came back with a powerbomb and turned it into a standing deep Boston Crab. Deaner got up on the apron but was knocked off. They battled back and forth. Alexander went for the anklelock but Young sent him into the buckles. Young caught him with a Black Hole Slam for a two count.

Alexander was whipped into the corner but blasted out with a STO. Alexander nailed a BME. They battled back and forth. Alexander nailed a Styles Clash for a two count and floated over into an anklelock. Just as Young was going to tap, Deaner tossed yellow powder in the eyes of referee Brian Hebner, blinding him so he couldn’t see the tap. Alexander battled off Violent by Design. NOT ONE BABYFACE wants to help him?

Alexander nailed an Olympic Slam off the apron on Doering, putting him through the table. Deaner hit the ring and began waving the VBD flag. Alexander grabbed the Canadian flag Scott D’Amore had earlier and attacked him with it, but was EL KABONGED by Young with a guitar in a very obvious shout out to Jeff Jarrett. Alexander kicked out at the last second.

Young began ripping apart the canvas from the ring, exposing the wooden beams underneath. He nailed an piledriver on the wood but Alexander kicked out at the last second. They battled to the top. Young went to piledriver off the ropes but Alexander grabbed his leg and sent him crashing down. Young kicked out of a anklelock but was caught with a uranage and the C-4 Spike on the exposed wood for the pin.

Your winner and still Impact Champion, Josh Alexander!

An excellent match with a ton of shout-outs to past Impact stars, which was smartly set up with mentions of the talents all night on commentary and video packages. As a match designed to top a celebratory throwback show, this was a perfect cap to the night.

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