Impact Wrestling Star Critical of Bobby Lashley – Lana Wedding, Aleister Black’s 2019

– Impact Wrestling star Joey Ryan was critical of the Bobby Lashley and Lana wedding segment from WWE RAW:

– Aleister Black wrote the following on Instragam about his 2019:

2019. I thank you all, whether you were cheering or booing you were a part of what I can only recall as a crazy year. From working NXT, Smackdown! And RAW all together for two months straight before finally landing on Monday night RAW permanently to competing in Europe, the UK, South America and Mexico this was a hectic year for professional and personal growth. Clearly not the biggest user of social media now a days but I try and do my best to represent, how I personally feel, my brand and character in the best way possible. Being a WWE wrestler is anything but easy, screw that being a wrestler in general isn’t easy. There is a constant mental beatdown that takes place besides the physical one trying to complete and shape who and what you are within this universe. Much like we do in real life, we only do it in-front of an open platform and don’t get second takes nor chances. Wrestling is incredibly difficult and has details far exceeding the comprehension of most. Every day I discover new things, ways and thoughts in regards to my work and skill. This is a never ending working curve and I am glad it is the path in life I have chosen. I hope you all have a great 2020. Yours, AB.