Impact Wrestling Victory Road Results – October 3, 2020

Impact Wrestling Victory Road Results – October 3, 2020

Impact Wrestling’s Victory Road 2020 opened with a video feature previewing Eddie Edwards challenging Eric Young in an attempt to regain the Impact Championship.

The Rascalz’ Dez & Wentz vs. XXXL

Wentz and Romero started out with Wentz trying to use his speed and some kicks to offset Romero’s size. Neither man gained much of an advantage early. Wentz started to stick and move with strikes and dazed Romero with a dropkick. He rebounded off the ropes but was blasted down.

Dez tagged in and nailed a suicide dive to the outside, but was nailed with an elbow as he went for a second dive. Went dove off the apron on Romero but was caught and was slammed onto the floor atop Dez. Dez was dumped back into the ring. Larry D tagged in. They worked over Dez in the corner. Larry nailed a hard strike on Dez, rocking him, and controlled the ring with a series of shots to the mid-section. Dez was worked over for a long time, trying to fight but always getting beaten down. Dez tried to fight back from underneath and finally began scoring with some shots. He tried to use a head scissors takedown but was caught and powerbombed. Dez finally caught him with a kick to the back of the head.

Wentz finally gets the hot tag and begins cleaning house. Everyone battled. XXXL double-teamed Dez and elevated and dropped him. They each splashed Dez but Wentz broke up the pinfall. They battle continued. Dez nailed a series of cartwheels into a kick. He nailed Larry with the Final Flash off the top and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Rascalz!

This was a hell of a tag match. XXXL played great heel bullies here and this may have been the best Larry D has looked in Impact to date. Dez was awesome as the babyface in peril. Great work all around.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcomed everyone to the show officially on Impact+.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers

They went back and forth on the mat but Myers grabbed the ropes when Dreamer gained the advantage. Dreamer used a Fireman’s Carry takedown to bring Myers into an armbar. Myers backed Dreamer into the ropes but snapped Dreamer’s throat into them to gain the advantage. He began stomping Dreamer on the shoulder and hand. Myers worked over Dreamer in the corner with right hands. Dreamer began firing back and charged. Myers moved and Dreamer hit the ring post shoulder-first.

Myers continued the assault on Dreamer, stomping away at him. He suplexed Dreamer over for a two count and began drilling him with knees in the back. Myers cinched on a rear chinlock, trying to wear Dreamer down. Dreamer fired back with shots to the mid-section and rebounded off the ropes but Myers tripped him up. Myers scored another two count with an elbow. He worked over Dreamer. Dreamer made a comeback and sent Myers to the floor. Dreamer came off the apron but was nailed as he came off.

They returned to the ring, exchanging blows. Dreamer began nailing some clubbering blows. Dreamer nailed a sit-down slam but Myers kicked up at the last second. Myers nailed Dreamer with a DDT for another two count, but Dreamer grabbed the ropes. Dreamer drilled Myers with a Cutter for a two count.

Dreamer went for the Spicoli Driver but Myers slipped out and kicked him in the chest for a two count. They continued to battle until Myers nailed a blasting lariat for the pin.

Your winner, Brian Myers!


Backstage, Moose wanted to know why he has a match while his title is being held hostage. Scott D’Amore told him he hasn’t wrestled in a month. Moose said there’s going to be a funeral on Tuesday for his title and he wants to know what Scott is going to do about it. Scott said that’s Tuesday’s problem but his problem tonight is Trey Miguel.

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju came to the ring for the first ever Defeat Rohit Challenge. Raju took the mic and said he’s going to give what no one would give him – an opportunity. He offered for anyone in the back who believes they can beat him to come out. Willie Mack emerged from the back.

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju vs. Willie Mack.

It was all Mack early until he missed a pescado to the floor. Back in the ring, Raju unloaded with a series of kicks but is unable to score the pinfall. Raju locked in a chinlock on the mat. Mack started to fade out but made his way back to his feet. He nailed a series of elbows to the mid-section and went for a Fall Away Slam but Raju slipped out.

Raju took Mack down and scored several two counts, getting frustrated that he was unable to make the pinfall. He began psyching himself up and nailed a series of elbowstrikes. He scored another two count after dropping another big elbow. Mack nailed an inverted atomic drop and nailed several leaping back elbows. Mack nailed an atomic legdrop and nailed a Samoan Drop followed by a standing moonsault for a two count.

Raju went for a kick but Mack blocked it. He went for a stunner but was kicked. Raju took him down with an armbar and locked in a crossface, trying to force a submission. Mack struggled to make it to the ropes but Raju used the ropes himself, kicking him off to the center of the ring. Raju kept control and nailed a running cannonball in the corner for another near fall. Raju continued to get frustrated by his inability to score the pinfall.

Raju went to the top rope but missed an attempted double stomp. Mack elevated him and nailed a big elbow strike. Mack nailed an exploder and scored a near fall. Mack missed a running charge in the corner but avoided Raju’s charge as well. They clunked heads while battling in the corner and Raju was knocked to the floor. Raju heard the countout was close to ten so he decided to fall back to the floor and take the loss, taking the fall.

Your winner by countout, Willie Mack.

Obviously, Raju retains the title.

The match was solid and felt more like the kickoff to a larger story.

Gia Miller interviewed Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan about attacking Eddie Edwards. She asked Shamrock but Callihan answered for him while Shamrock glowered in scary fashion. He said that they were this-close to winning the Impact Tag Team Championship as the World’s Most Dangerous Tag Team but even Shamrock would admit he didn’t have the old killer instinct. So, Sami got in his head to convince him who he was. To get back there, you had to do something radical, and that was attacking Eddie Edwards. He said Shamrock was his best friend and he was just looking out for Shamrock’s best interests. He blew off the idea that he was doing this because of his past issues with Edwards.

Kaleb with a K came to the ring to introduce Tenille Dashwood.

Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood

They locked up and Grace took her down with a headlock takeover. Tenille fought to her feet and grabbed a hammerlock but was taken down to the mat again, where she was controlled with a head scissor. Tenille slipped out and dove atop Grace, grabbing a headlock and even giving her a noogie.

Grace powered out and nailed a running lariat in the corner, then smashed Dashwood’s face into the corner. She nailed a double knee strike to her back but missed a Vader Bomb off the ropes. Dashwood recovered and covered Grace but wasn’t able to score the pinfall. Dashwood began stomping her back. They battled to the apron, where Grace went for a shoulderblock but was kicked. Grace overcame Dashwood and nailed a neckbreaker in the ropes.

Grace went for a suplex to the outside but Dashwood blocked and nailed her with a series of forearms that knocked her to the apron outside. Dashwood nailed a sliding kick, sending Grace to the floor. They fought outside. Dashwood was sent into the railing. Grace charged but Tenille moved and Grace crashed hard into the barricades. Grace slammed her into the ring and then instructed Kaleb to show her the video of her beating down Grace.

Grace returned to the ring and was covered for a two count. Dashwood mocked Grace, who tried to fight from underneath. Dashwood held Grace down on the mat but wasn’t able to score a three count. Grace bridged up and rolled through and they battled back and forth with pinfall attempts. Dashwood rebounded off the ropes with a low clothesline for another near fall.

Dashwood went Grace into the buckles, beating her again and again into them. Dashwood went for a back suplex but Grace nailed her. Grace was tied to the tree of woe and battered with kicks. Tenille went to the floor, where she grabbed Grace’s hair and yanked it for a photo-op with Kaleb shooting. Dashwood went to the top rope but was snared and pulled down by Grace.

The competitors were down in the ring trying to recover. Grace made a comeback and fired back with some explosive slams. She went for a Grace Driver but Tenille slipped out and nailed a big boot. Grace nailed her with a spinebuster. Grace nailed a back elbow and drove her into the ring post shoulder-first. Grace nailed a Vader Bomb off the ropes but Kaleb jumped on the apron to distract the referee. Grace locked on a rear naked choke and Dashwood tapped but the referee missed it. Grace let the move go and argued with the referee.

Grace went for the Grace Driver but was rolled up for a two count. Dashwood nailed the Spotlight Kick for the pin.

Your winner, Tenilla Dashwood!

Dashwood is now 2-1 in their series.

Another really good bout in their recent series. They’ve had some really nice chemistry and this has been the best Dashwood has looked in a long time, so her extended time off really helped her reboot.

Gia Miller interviewed Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion The Motor City Machine Guns. They said they are ready to get past the teams that have been pursuing them since they won the belts at Bound for Glory but tonight there will be a preview with Alex Shelley facing a rep from each of the teams challenging them. They are ready.

Unsanctioned Match: Rhino & Heath vs. Reno Scum

Rhino and Luster faced off to start the match, trying to muscle each other but not getting an advantage. Rhino’s arm was worked over but Rhino reversed the hold. Rhino was shot into the ropes but shoulderblocked him down. Heath tagged in, as did Adam T. Reno Scum took control on Heath and worked him over on the floor. They tagged un and out, working over Heath as Rhino tried to tag back in. Heath was worked over for a long time and was given the Pit Stop. UGH!

Heath was locked in a side chinlock and fought to his feet, only to be taken back down. Heath fired back and sent Reno Scum into each other, then nail a big knee strike on Adam T. Heath went to the wrong corner but still made it to Rhino to make the hot tag. Rhino met Luster mid-way in the ring and hit a spear and a belly to belly suplex. Adam broke up the pinfall attempt and was thrown to the floor. Luster attacked Rhino. Heath tagged himself back in and tried to fight off Reno Scum alone.

The numbers game overwhelmed Heath. Rhino returned and gored Luster. Adam superkicked him and was nailed by Heath’s finisher the Wake Up Call for the pin.

Your winners, Heath and Rhino!

OK tag bout. I expected something a little more chaotic given it was an unsanctioned bout but it was very much a traditional tag bout. This was fine.

Josh Mathews left it open, wondering if Heath would end up working for Impact full-time.

When they returned to the back, Scott D’Amore told them they are a hell of team but Heath still doesn’t work here. He praised Heath’s moxie and said Heath has impressed him. He invited Heath to come to Impact Wrestling on AXS on Tuesday so they can discuss Heath coming into the company officially. Rhino and Heath celebrated.

Moose vs. Trey Miguel.

Miguel went for a flurry of offense early on but was caught going for a rana and was slammed down. Moose wiped him out with a hard chop. Moose beat Miguel in the corner and worked him over. He grabbed Miguel by the throat, demanding to know where his title and where EC3 was. Miguel escaped and nailed several shots in the corner. He went to the top but Moose snatched him down and slammed him backwards into the ring.

Moose drilled him with several hard chops, maintaining his dominance. Miguel tried to fight back but was overwhelmed with uppercut and stomps. Moose told the camera that Miguel was going to get hurt because of EC3. He nailed an awesome standing dropkick and told the camera that Miguel was going to need a GoFundMe campaign because of EC3. He whipped Miguel hard into the buckles. He choked Miguel against the ropes. Moose continued mauling Miguel, who nailed two desperation superkicks and nailed a running kick. Trey missed a leaping kick but connected on the rebound. Moose was sent to the floor, where Trey nailed several dives.

Miguel was caught on a third attempt and was slammed down. Miguel was out on his feet but EC3’s logo appeared on the video screen. Moose was distracted, leading to Miguel hitting a forward roll and scoring the pin.

Your winner, Trey Miguel!

Moose said EC3 must be in the production truck and ran there.

He entered the truck to find EC3’s logo on every screen and fine himself locked inside. A screeching noise scared him and he broke out of the truck, running around outside the venue. Moose spotted something and approached it. It was his TNA title belt surrounded by candles. Moose went to retrieve his belt but was attacked from behind by EC3. EC3 told him nothing lives forever and took the belt, walking off.

Impact Tag Team Champion Alex Shelley vs. Karl Anderson vs. Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander with all respective partners at ringside.

Lots of good wrestling in this one. Austin missed a twisting splash off the top. Shelley nailed a great snap Dragon suplex. Anderson and Alexander tagged in and went back and forth. Austin tried to get involved and was hit with a neckbreaker. Anderson nailed a spinebuster on Alexander for a close two count.

Alexander went for a spinning move but smacked the referee down accidentally. This led to all the partners getting involved and everyone battled on the floor. The referee ejected all the partners from ringside. Security removed them.

The battled continued. Alexander went to the top. Anderson tried to suplex him off but was fought off. Shelley superkicked him and slipped under Ace Austin as he went for his own superplex, nailing a Tower of Doom. He scored several near falls but Anderson broke up the attempt.

Everyone battled. Austin gained control of the battle and leapt off the ropes with a spinning kick on Alexander. Anderson nailed him with a stunner. Shelley nailed Anderson with sliced bread #2 but was caught with a butterfly suplex into a driver for the pin.

Your winner, Josh Alexander!

Frenzied but fun bout.

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer tried to congratulate Brian Myers, who trashed him to his face. He said he thought that perhaps he’d fight the Innovator of Violence but instead he beat a tired, sad, old man. Dreamer told him he’s see the Innovator on Tuesday.

Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo with Kimber Lee vs. Susie with Kylie Rae

Susie was her usual self while Purrazzo was all bullying business. The Knockouts Champion kept working over Susie’s arm and maintained control early on. Susie gained control and scored with several headlock takeovers. Susie was shoved into the corner but nailed Purrazzo as she advanced with an elbow. Susie nailed a bulldog for a two count.

Susie rebounded off the ropes and nailed a pair of dropkicks. Purrazzo avoided another and rolled to the floor. She tried to exit with Lee but Susie nailed a flip dive to the floor, knocking them down. She tossed Purrazzo back into the ring and went to the top but Lee grabbed her leg. That allowed Purrazzo the opportunity to slam her off the top. Purrazzo went right back after the arm, tying her up on the mat. She battered Susie’s back with a number of clubbing blows, then chopped away at her in the corner.

Susie was sent into the corner but surprised Purrazzo with a sunset flip. Susie nailed a flapjack for a two count. Purrazzo scored with a big forearm and nailed several near falls. She continued to work over Susie, who kicked up at the last second every time. Purrazzo sent her hard into the corner and charged but Susie moved, so for the third time tonight, someone hit the ring post with their shoulder. Susie fired back with palm strikes and chops. She nailed a Thesz Press and peppered Purrazzo with strikes. Susie went to the ropes and nailed the hanging rana, drilling the champ into the buckles. Some of Su Yung’s mannerisms began slipping out, worrying everyone.

Purrazzo went to the ropes but Yung nailed her rana off the top. She went for the Panic Switch but Purazzo turned it into the armbar. Purrazzo snapped the arm and then sunk in the armbar. SHe cinched the other arm, locking in the Venus di Milo and forced her to submit.

Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo!

Kylie Rae checked on Yung. Purrazzo told Kimber Lee to attack her and they swarmed over Rae, beating her down in the corner. Purrazzo grabbed a steel chair. They beat down Susie and Rae. They locked Susie’s arm inside the chair and forced Kylie to watch as Deonna dove off the ropes with a stomp on the chair. Purrazzo then snatched her other arm and snapped it in an armbar.

The match was very good but the angle after was especially strong.

Impact Wrestling Champion Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards

Edwards sent Young to the floor immediately and nailed a pescado. Edwards drilled Young with a headbutt and stalked him on the floor, drilling Eric with chops. He tossed Young back into the ring, only to clothesline him over the top back to the floor. Edwards then nailed a big tope to the floor. Young came up bleeding under the left eye. Edwards drilled him with right hands up the entrance ramp the stage and beat him all the way back to the ring. Edwards went for the Tiger Driver on the floor but was backdropped over. Young began kicking away at Edwards and slammed him into the guard rail. Young maintained control on the floor until Edwards caught him with a series of chops. Young was able to send him into the ring post and drilled him with an elbowdrop on the floor.

Edwards was dumped back into the ring and nailed with several axe-handles. Edwards was choked against the ropes and beaten in the corner. Edwards was whipped into the ropes but came back and nailed an inverted atomic drop and an overhead belly to belly suplex. He chopped away at Young in the corner and whipped him hard into the opposite corner. He charged Young but was backdropped over the top to the apron. They battled, trying to suplex the other over the buckles to the floor. With neither getting success, Young nailed a neckbreaker across the top of the buckles. That was a cool spot.

Young followed Edwards on the floor, dumping him back into the ring. Young twisted away at Edwards’ neck. Edwards tried to fight to his feet but was drilled across the base of his neck and nailed with a big right hand. The Champion continued to maul Edwards. Edwards finally fired back with a series of chops. He avoided a Young charge in the corner and nailed the Backpack Stunner for a two count. They battled outside to the apron. Edwards nailed a series of headbutts but was kicked in the mid-section. Young elevated Edwards and drove him down on the apron outside on his knee. Young then lifted and drove his knee into the ring steps.

Edwards struggled to get to his feet because of injuries to the knee. Young went right back after him just as he was going to return, attacking him and tossing him back into the ring. Young kept measuring and attacking the bad wheel. Edwards kept trying to fight back to his feet. Young went for a leg submission on the mat but Edwards kicked away at him.

Edwards fired away on Young but was still unable to return to a standing position. Edwards finally fired back with some chops but was nailed with a hard forearm that rocked him back to the mat. Edwards kept trying to fight back but Young controlled the battle. Edwards blocked a clothesline and nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb but Young escaped before there could be a pinfall attempt. Edwards nailed a second attempt, scoring a two count this time.

Edwards went for the Tiger Driver but it was reversed into a Young TKO. Edwards rolled towards the ropes to avoid getting pinned. Young approached but was nailed with a big superkick. Young cut him off and nailed a wheelbarrow suplex for a two count. Young ascended to the top for a flying elbowdrop for a two count.

Young went for a piledriver but Edwards backdropped him over to escape the maneuever. Edwards nailed a series of right hands and nailed the Tiger Driver for a two count. He nailed a second one for another close two count.

They battled to the ropes. Edwards nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb off the ropes for a close two count. They fought to their feet and EDwards approached, limping, grabbing Young, who was on the buckles. They battled back and forth until Young shoved him downwards to the mat, crashing knees first.

The referee wanted to stop the bout but Edwards screamed at him to go away. Young grabbed at Edwards and locked on an anklelock. The boot slipped off and Edwards, out of desperation, leapt up with a Boston Knee Party. He covered Young but Eric kicked up. Edwards went for Emerald Frosion but Young ripped his eyes and nailed the piledriver. He locked a heel hook and Edwards, after trying to fight, tapped out.

Your winner and still Impact Wrestling Eric Young!

This was a long, hard fought, gritty, quality main event. Edwards was excellent here as was Eric Young. Easily the best thing on the show.

Young grabbed a chair and was going to use it on Edwards but Rich Swann hit the ring and nailed a leaping kick that knocked Young to the floor.

Swann held up the title belt, warning Young he was coming for him.

They went off the air with a Bound for Glory commercial.