Impact Wrestling Victory Road Results – September 18, 2021

Impact Wrestling Victory Road Results – September 18, 2021

Matt Striker and D-Lio Brown are your commentary team tonight.

Match 1: Steve Maclin vs TJP vs Petey Williams

Maclin’s the big man in the ring so TJP and WIlliams come at him first. Maclin using his power but TJP and Williams trying to get the quick rollup and end this early. Maclin faked out to the apron but TJP and Williams finishes the job. Dives to the floor and Williams tries a crossbody to Maclin but caught into a suplex. Maclin goes out to the ramp and hits a uranage backbreaker to TJP and leaves him by the entryway. Big man doing big man stuff but Williams won’t stay down. Williams eats the buckle and a vertical suplex while TJP makes the slow crawl down to the ring. Butterfly backbreaker on WIlliams for two. TJP makes it to the ring but Williams doesn’t have enough in the tank to help and Maclin is cleaning house. TJP catches him in the head, wants a moonsault, Maclin crotches him on the buckle. Double tree of woe and Maclin spears them both. Cool spot! Williams kicks out! Side Russian leg sweeps and Petey with the crucifix pin attempt. Petey is firing up, running knee strike! Slingshot rana to the outside! Slingshot code breaker! TJP breaks up the pin and finally enters this contest with a slugfest against Petey. Maclin tries to get involved and a sequence of kicks and a towards ddt leaves them all laying. Struggle to the feet, Maclin getting ganged on. TJP and Petey do a double ten punch. Williams throws TJP to the outside, puts the sharpshooter on Maclin. TJP runs back to try to put an octopus on Petey but Maclin breaks it all up. TJP with a quick dodge into a side suplex and boot washes Steve’s face. Detonation Kick! Maclin kicks out! TJP to the top. Maclin dodges, Petey hits TJP with the Canadian Destroyer. Maclin grabs Petey into a sitout slam and steals the pin on TJP. Good scramble of a finish here. Liked how this built and landed.

Winner: Steve Maclin

Match 2: Black Taurus vs John Skyler vs Jake Something vs Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel

This should be a wild 5-way. Something sent out right away. Laredo and Taurus go through some good lucha sequences. Taurus is so powerful, hitting a great snap powerslam. Skyler wants a piece of the big bull. Every makes it back in time for Something to clothesline erryone. Laredo Kid sets up Something for something but eats a crushing body splash. Miguel in to speed it up and high speed ranas Laredo Kid. Double stomp clears Laredo and Skyler starts to take his smaller opponent apart. Slingshot spear from Skyler. Taurus in to maul, big Samoan drop. Something with a discus clothesline! Miguel and Laredo in. Miguel hits a meteora ddt combo to Something and Laredo. Something is enraged and gets them in a double double chokeslam setup…and slams Miguel INTO Laredo kid. Taurus takes control, using Skyler as a weapon into Laredo Kid. Trey talks Taurus into a double dive but they eat another John Skyler slingshot spear. Something trying to choke slam Skyler, he get gutted to the outside. Something starts eating dives for breakfast, while Skyler and Laredo Kid go toe to toe in the ring. Laredo Kid gets Skyler up to the top for a moonsault belly-to-belly thez press. SUPER COOL MOVE and he gets the three before Something can break it up.

Winner: Laredo Kid

Match 3: Tenille Dashwood (w/ Kaleb with a K & Madison Rayne) vs Taylor Wilde (w/ Jordynne Grace & Rachel Ellering)

Wilde is finally in an even matchup with Dashwood after weeks of interference and unfair odds against Dashwood and crew. Dashwood looks none to happy about Grace and Ellering at ringside. Wilde going wild, hitting a big running knee for two early. Dashwood trying to outfox Wilde but get head scissored. Kaleb interfering early, leading to Wilde getting dropped on her head from the corner. Rayne takes a turn choking out Wilde, and letting Kaleb get a picture for Dashwood. Tenille with a full Nelson, Wilde is fading but still fighting. She gets out but Dashwood drags her back to the center, re-applies and adds a body scissor. Twists into a pin for two. Wilde fighting back, Kaleb distracts the ref while Madison clubs Wilde. Ref catches them at the dirty pool and ejects Rayne and Kaleb to the crowd’s delight…..wait no, he’s throwing out EVERYONE! Wilde with the roll up? Kick out! Trading rolls. Duking it out, Wilde getting the better with a big lariat. Big tilt a whirl backbreaker and Dashwood out at two. Dashwood with a drop toe hold and Wilde eats the bottom buckle. Crossbody in the corner. Two count! Wilde with a big vertical suplex. Dashwood staggers to the rope but hot shots her. Dashwood comes back in and eats a german with a bridge for the pin. Good story here as Wilde finally gets the W.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards cut a promo about how hell much have frozen over to cause them to team up tonight against Moose & W. Morrissey. Edwards hates having to do it but it’s for the greater good to stop them. Alisha Edwards comes in and demands to be at ringside because she doesn’t trust Sami. Eddie agrees.

Match 4: Rohit Raju (w/ Shera) vs Matt Cardona (no-DQ match)

Cardona ambushes Shera and Raju during their entrance. It doesn’t really matter as they quickly regain control. Shera with a choke breaker to Cardona. Raju sends Shera to the back and stomps out Cardona as the bell rings. Cardona fighting back but Raju is able to stay in Matt’s head and fake him out to keep control. Cardona back again to ram Raju’s head into the stairs and Russian leg sweeps him into the barricade. Raju stuns Cardona again and jaw jacks him with a chair to the throat. Ow. Chair wrapped around the head and rammed into the post. The crowd is none to happy and Raju is feeding off that as he goes searching for more plunder. He takes to long and runs into a boot…but ducks the follow up and out strikes Cardona. Chair-assisted corner cannonball. Cardona is getting torn apart but the crowd is still chanting for him. He tries to go to the second, but Raju sweeps him right off. Raju sets a chair up in the corner, and Cardona uses the chance to hit a big boot and slingshot Raju into his own hardware. Slugging it out in the center. Cardona with a code breaker! Raju set in the corner with a chair and eats the running boot. Cardona grabs a trash can, Raju tries to capitalize but Cardona with a fireman’s carry cutter into the can. OW. kick out! Cardona eats a chair and a flatliner for two! Gut buster onto a pair of chairs and Raju hits a top rope double stomp through the mess. Cardona with the kick out. Raju swinging the chair hard but Cardona uppercuts low. He tosses a chair to Raju and dropkicks through it. Radio Silence onto the chair. Shera is back to save Raju. Radio Silence to Shera. Raju with a drive by kick. He tries to set up Cardona’s neck in a chair but Chelsea Greene runs down to interfere. Raju swings at her wildly but turns into another Radio Silence that keeps him down for three. This was a lot of fun. Raju was wrestling a perfect first half until the plunder got heavy.

Winner: Matt Cardona

Match 5: Bullet Club (Hikuleo & Chris Bey) vs Finjuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

Juice is noticeably limping on his way to the ring tonight, after an attack by Bey & Hikuleo. Hikuleo is Haku’s son and my goodness, he’s huge. Bey mocks Juice’s leg injury and taunts him into opening the match with him. Juice is plenty able to slam Bey around, setting him up for Finlay to get through tag team shots in. Bey chop blocks the knee once he gets the first chance and Juice is in big trouble. Hikuleo in to stomp that limb out. Juice getting worked in the corner as Finlay is helpless to assist. Juice punches his way out of danger, dodges the chop block he knows will be coming and dives to the tag. Finlay goes hot on Bey until Hikuleo catches him out of the air. Finlay comes running and Hikuleo hits a snap powerslam. Finlay getting worked over, big delay vertical suplex for two. Finlay sends Hikuleo over the top on a rope pull. Bey is stunned and Finlay gets the tag. Here comes Juice, throwing buckets of fists into Bey. Corner lariats. Big backdrop. Juice sticks and moves with some jabs before a fake out DDT for two. Hikuleo tags in and eats those jabs too. Double clothesline out of the ring. Hikuleo eats a double dive, Juice brings him back in for the kill, the ref is looking away as Bey blasts the leg of Juice with a chair, letting Hikuleo hits a corner splash and a falcon arrow for the pin. Good drama here around Juice’s leg but he was determined to prove he wasn’t going to be a 4th wheel in this match.

Winner: Bullet Club

Match 6: Moose & W. Morrissey vs Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards (w/ Alisha Edwards)

“I’m not looking for a friend, I’m looking for an alliance.” No one in this match likes each other much but they are clearly aligned in a war of common hatreds. Again, the pairing of Callihan and Edwards might be the biggest odd couple in Impact history. This breaks right out into a fight, Moose and Morrissey sent out and stereo suicide dives follow them. Edwards and Callihan use multiple tags to work over Morrissey in the corner. Moose tries to save his partner and meets the same fate. Bitter rivals, great partners? Morrissey with a double chokeslam out of the corner and the tide has turned. Callihan blasted out of the ring. Edwards big booted off the top rope to the floor. Morrissey with elbow drops from the heavens before taggin Moose into beat on Edwards. Callihan getting dropped off the tag corner repeatedly as Edwards takes a ton of damage. Morrissey with a body splash and tries a vertical suplex….Edwards slips it and hits a blue thunder bomb! Tag to Callihan! Sami rakes Moose’s eyes and stomps him out. Moose fighting out of the corner but eats a DVD for two. Sami wants a follow up but walks into a choke bomb for two. Sami dodges the ripcord, Eddie baseball slides to Morrissey and slugs it out with Moose. Sami in with the assist and sets up Edwards to hit a tiger bomb on Moose. W Morrissey breaks up the pin! Moose like a cat to the top for a superplex on Edwards. Sami is waiting and stuns him. Sami and Edwards hit Chasing the Dragon on Moose! Moose kicks out! This is great. Sami tags in and hyping up for the spike piledriver but Morrissey blasts him out of position. W Morrissey tries to set up Edwards but backdrops him out. Moose gets a kendo stick, swings and a miss! Eddie Edwards with the spike piledriver. He grabs the kendo stick but W Morrissey picks up Alisha and threatens to post her if Edward doesn’t drop the stick. He does and turns into a Moose spear. Moose and Morrissey stalking Alisha and toss her into the ring. Morrissey with a jackknife powerbomb to her. The ref calling for help and more refs run to the ring to attend to her, as Edwards and Callihan recover on the floor slowly. Morrissey and Moose love their handiwork. Edwards gets Alisha and carries her to the back, leaving Sami on his own. Sami is game for het fight and goes right at them….and a big boot stops that quickly. Morrissey pulls Sami up and holds him for a Moose spear and emphatic three count. Loved this. Sami and Eddie WOULD make a great team but I suspect the way this ended won’t do that possibility any favors.

Winners: Moose & W. Morrissey

Match 7: Decay (Rosemary & Havok)(c) vs Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans (for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

Tasha and Savannah never won the Knockouts tag belts but that didn’t;t stop them from stealing them from Rosemary and Havok. Decay attacks right from the get go…they are pissssed. Rosemary with a sliding clothesline and tags in Havok, who effortlessly tosses Tasha to her own corner and demands Evans face her. Titans clash in the center. Big shots, lariats at the ropes. Trading corner splashes and Decay with some tandem splashes. Rosemary loses wrist control to Savannah but fins her way into a tarantula choke….Tasha cuts the off from the apron. Rosemary getting stomped out by Evans. Soccer kick from Tasha for two. Tasha throwing punches but Rosemary gets mad and hits a crossbody. Tag to Havok! Evans eats knees and a boot wash…she dodges and hits a superkick. Evans attacking Rosemary on the outside. Rosemary with the green mist! Havok with a press slam to Steelz, sending her out to her partner. Rosemary sends Tasha back into Havok’s waiting arms. Havok hits a tombstone for the definitive win. Decay have retrieved their hardware.

Winners (and Still champions): Decay

We have a promo from Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton at his side), calling his title win tonight over Christian Cage INEVITABLE. “You don’t have to believe me when I tell you but you WILL believe me when I show you”.

Match 8: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)(c) vs Willie Mack & Rich Swann (for the Impact World Tag Team Titles)

Mack & Swann have been beaten up and injured at the hands of the Good Brothers but they are back together to try their hand at taking the gold tonight. Swann isn’t dancing tonight, he is looking pretty intense. Gallows and Mack feeling each other out early before it speeds right up and Willie gets right into control. Swann in with a liver kick but that just irritates Gallows, who throws him to Anderson. Machine Gun starting strong but Swann with a quick rana reversal and kick to the back. Mack with thrusts in the corner but Anderson rakes the eyes. Tags made, Double drop kick to Gallows. Swann dropped on the back of his head for two. Anderson just grabs his face and starts biting him. Swann takes a chomp at MG’s leg. Gallows throws Swann to the outside, giving Karl some time to stomp Swann out on the barricade. Big Gallows big boot. Mack stuck on the apron. Swann’s trying to get out of there but Gallows ain’t having it. Gallow stunned! Anderson cuts it off! Swann with an enziguri! Mack gets the tag in! Willie goes wild! Samoan drop on Gallows! Popup forearm to Anderson! Sling blade! Two count! Mack to the top….Gallows distracts and Karl finds his way up there too. Mack off the top but may have hurt his knee? Anderson with a spinebuster for two. They try the magic killer, Swann in with a springboard cutter to Gallows, Anderson with one of his own and everyone is down. Back to the feet, Gallows and Mack are slugging it out. Gallows with a kick to the chin. Swann saves him from the magic Killer again. Gallows with a powerbomb to Swann on the apron. Mack tries to help but Anderson gets a cutter as Gallows grabs his leg. Swann is still down and can’t break up the third attempt at the Magic Killer and Mack is down for the three. Good fight here.

Winners (and still Champions): The Good Brothers

Match 9: “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander(c) vs Chris Sabin (for the X Division Championship)

If Alexander wants to solidify his claim as one of the greatest X Division champions, he has to go through one of the most prolific X Division champions in Impact history. The crowd is definitely split here but chanting through the opening stanza of this contest, as both men trade holds and quick reversals to a stalemate. Sabin sent to the apron, Josh gives chase but eats a kick and cannonball. Kick to the head as Sabin gets back in and a crossbody sends him to the floor. Sabin with his own triangle crossbody to the outside and both guys are recovering on the floor. Snap DDT from Sabin. Kick out. Sabin with a front facelock into a neckbreaker…and another. Sabin is working to outwrestle the walking weapon, while bringing that special something of the old X Division style. Alexander catches Sabin off the ropes into a flapjack and an ankle lock, his first really good offense of the match so far. Sabin dropped face first to the apron and thrown back in to a for a backbreaker near fall. Gutwrench suplex to Sabin and Alexander is finding his groove in this match. Alexander tries a vertical suplex but Sabin with a close roll up. Josh makes him payyyyyyy for that. Big whip and a splash into the corner. Josh walking tall and kicking confident now. Sabin fires up with some strikes but Alexander beats him back and hits a big slam for two. Alexander with a Finlay roll but misses a moonsault. Sabin with a dropkick to the back sends the champ to the floor. Neckbreaker to the outside! Swinging neckbreaker off the apron to Alexander! Sabin sends him back in, dropkick to the back again and Alexander is out at two. Quick sequence, Alexander blasts Sabin with a big boot. Sabin tries to escape a tiger driver but Alexander muscles him back up and powerbombs him to the knee. JEEEEEEZUS. Sabin firing up still and sunset flips into the cross face….Josh tries to the rope, Sabin switches into a pin. Kick out! Sabin with wrist control but eats a fist from the champ. Alexander gets the back, hits a german…rolls through another german! Sabin has the wrist again and locks up the arm…Alexander stands up through it and drives Sabin to the mat in a modified air raid crash. Alexander picks the ankle ast hey struggle to the feet, he tries to escape but Josh drags him to the center….Sabin with a rollup! Josh out but still has the ankle. He falls back into the hold….Sabin has no where to go……Sabin arches back into a pin attempt, Josh is out! Sabin superkicks Josh’s headgear off. Alexander is furious and hits the C4 spike piledriver and Sabin is down for the count. This was EXCELLENT. Alexander and Sabin just had a hell of a war. Sabin offers the handshake and we have a good mutual respect torch pass moment.

Winner (and still Champion): Josh Alexander

Main Event: Christian Cage(c) vs Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) (for the Impact World Championship)

The confident Austin is coming in hot but Cage is able to slow his challenger down and take the early minutes at his pace. Austin with a clean shot to the face to stun the champ, comes in running but gets flap jacked for two. Cage and Austin with a good sequence on the apron but Fulton makes his presence known, giving Ace the chance to hit a good kick to the back of the head. Ace in control and gives Cage papers cuts from his playing cards while working over the neck and shoulder. Shotgun elbow and Cage is down on the outside. Fulton is going to interfere but the ref immediately throws him from the arena. Ace is on his own! Cage is recovered and hits a tornado DDT for two. Slingshot slap, diving European uppercut, two count! The crowd is hot for Christian. 20 punches on the corner! Fast back and forth pin attempts. Ace misses a kick and Cage with a reverse DDT for two. Cage misses a body splash and Ace rocks him for a near fall. Cage tries to muscle a Killswitch but Ace is ready for it. Cage tries a frog splash but Ace rolls out of the way. Ace comes running but Cage hits a spear for two! Cage running him into the corner, the ref’s in the way. Ace rakes the eyes. Madman Fulton is back out and hotshots Cage. Corkscrew senton from the top, Ace has this??? Cage kicks out! Ace comes running again, hits the buckles and walks into a Killswitch for the pin. Ace was ready for Christian tonight but Cage is so experienced he was able to stay ahead of the trickery. Good fight here.

Winner (and still champion): Christian Cage

Josh Alexander’s music hits and the X-Division champion heads to the ring and says “Bound for Glory. Option C!” Alexander just announced that he’s relinquishing the X Division championship to cash in for a shot at Cage. Wellllll now. XD!!! Alexander has had a great run in the X Division and the tag division before that…hell, just his match with Sabin tonight….so his upcoming war with Christian Cage should be fantastic, if not a moment of another torch being passed. Until then!

Credit: and Adam Cardoza