Injury Update on Veer Mahaan, Set to Be a “Huge Part” of Upcoming WWE Show in India

(Photo Credit: WWE)

According to reports, Veer Mahaan is injured.

Veer and Sanga vs. The Creed Brothers had been scheduled for Saturday’s WWE NXT Deadline event, but it was canceled on Tuesday night. WWE created an angle in which Julius Creed was not medically cleared to compete due to a rib injury, and then Indus Sher announced that the match had been canceled because they only wanted The Creed Brothers to be at 100%.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer reports that Veer has a “very minor” hand injury, but WWE officials are being cautious with him and not allowing him to wrestle due to the upcoming live event in India.

WWE officials want Indus Sher to be healthy for the live event scheduled for Wednesday, January 18 at Hyderabad’s Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. Veer and Sanga are set to be a “huge part” of the event, so WWE doesn’t want Veer to wrestle now and risk missing the show.

Veer could wrestle despite his minor injury, but WWE officials are being extra cautious due to the importance of the India show. Most wrestlers perform with this type of injury, which can be as minor as a broken finger.

There is no word on when Veer will be medically cleared, or if Indus Sher vs. The Creeds will be held before the India event to give Veer and Sanga some momentum.