Internal Reactions to Vince McMahon’s WWE TV Appearances Following Allegations

Mike Johnson of talked about the internal reactions to Vince McMahon being on television after the allegations against him became known in a Q&A. There are rumors that some employees are waiting to see how bad things become before becoming involved in the matter. Following is what Johnson wrote:

“There’s also been a lot of headshaking at Vince McMahon putting himself back on TV in what some have seen as an act of denial towards anyone questioning him and whether that will come back to bite him. Some have wondered if this will be the beginning of the end for him, but that seems to be a minority based on what we have heard. There’s been more talk about whether larger checks and balances will be put into practice in the company and if so, how could anyone enforce them on Vince.”

There is believed to be sympathy for Stephanie McMahon for her returning to the workplace so swiftly after stepping away. Due to Bruce Prichard’s longstanding commitment to the business, Johnson also stated that there was a general “who else were they going to choose” response to his appointment as the interim head of talent relations.

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