Is AEW’s Casino Battle Royale the Format That Will Take the Brand to New Heights?

The 2021 Casino Battle Royale premiered recently, and it got a lot of attention. When Vince McMahon sits up and takes notice, you know the brand is onto something. However, the odds are stacked against AEW because it has to take on the WWE, which is not an easy task.  

Achieving originality in professional wrestling isn’t straightforward, as there are only so many new events the sport can invent. But it seems as if AEW has stumbled across a winner in the Casino Battle Royale. The match isn’t unique, but it has several features that will stand it in good stead.  

The Relationship with Wagering  

The name tells you that this edition of the battle royale is gambling-related. Essentially, wrestlers choose a card from a deck, which determines when they enter the ring. The Joker, for example, means you are ranked 21st and come in last.

As a result, this strengthens the connection between AEW and bookmakers, as the brand has an event that sportsbooks can market to punters who want to gamble on the outcome. Considering the current landscape within the US and around the world, it’s a good time for AEW to try and get the sports betting industry onside. Whether it’s Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, or Delaware, the amount of money the company can potentially generate through its relationship with the industry is vast.

This is because these states are relatively new and are already totaling revenues in the hundreds of millions. Michigan is an excellent example as it recorded $114.2 million in revenues in June 2021 alone, making sports betting Michigan, where fans flock to find well-reviewed sportsbooks, a very healthy subsection of the industry. To put it into perspective in a global sense, the sector is valued at $203 billion worldwide. Just a small slice of the action gives AEW the revenues they require to take on the cash giant that is the WWE. The Casino Battle Royale format is the perfect strategy as it’s tailor-made for the burgeoning US sports wagering markets.  

Complementing Double or Nothing  

The first thing that hits you about Double or Nothing, AEW’s inaugural 2019 Pay Per View event, is the name. Double or Nothing is a gambling term used throughout traditional and online establishments. Therefore, the concept complements what is possibly the brand’s most important PPV, which is essential because it eliminates confusion.  

This is critical due to the high amount of market saturation. Part of what makes WWE less enthralling is the business’s strategy of flooding TV with several brand variations. Fans are fed up with watching hours of Raw, Smackdown, and Nexus. They want a flagship show they tune in to once a week for a couple of hours. Casino Battle Royale is ideal since the different editions of the match can be held across the AEW brand.  

As a result, when viewers flick on the TV, they will notice two things. Firstly, the synergy between the company’s offerings. Secondly, the benefit of not having to follow a multitude of shows, something WWE supporters do regularly.  

Will Casino Battle Royale be a success? Only time will tell, yet the initial signs are healthy.