Is Kon TNA Wrestling’s Next Big Monster?

(Photo Credit: TNA Wrestling)

Since coming to TNA, Kon has been booked like an unstoppable monster. In February of 2022, Kon joined TNA, then IMPACT Wrestling, and defeated Josh Alexander in his debut match. This was a massive win for Kon, especially over someone of the stature of Alexander in TNA.

Since then, Kon has gone on an incredible run. Kon rejoined TNA in November of 2022 where he would go on to join The Design (formerly Violent By Design). Kon served as the group’s heavy, taking out anyone who stood in his way. However, perhaps nothing can be compared to this current run.

Is Kon TNA’s next big monster character?

In a company that has developed some of the best big monsters in professional wrestling, is Kon on his way to being the next? One of the biggest monsters in professional wrestling history, Abyss, got his start in TNA. Since then, we have seen some big guys come in and try to follow suit, but it didn’t seem to have the same impact.

That was until Kon came along. Kon was in WWE under the name of “Konnor” in one of my favorite tag teams, “The Ascension.” We got to see glimpses of the monster Kon could become back then, but unfortunately, he was never given the proper push there. Instead, he and Viktor were just booked as a “Legion of Doom” knock-off.

Coming to TNA, some fans scratched their head about how Kon would turn out. It’s very safe to say that Kon has exceeded everyone’s expectations, myself included. His current rivalry with PCO is also one of the best stories he’s ever told. There’s no doubt that PCO is a monster in his own right, but looking ahead to the future, Kon could be the one to take that title from PCO.

This past Thursday, we saw their rivalry come to a head in the “Monster’s Ball” match on TNA. This match was everything I hoped it would be, and so much more. PCO emerged victorious with a moonsault on Kon, who was on top of thumbtacks. Despite the loss, Kon continued to look like a monster and did something many people haven’t been able to do, take PCO to the limit.

Now, I don’t think this marks the end of Kon and PCO’s rivalry. With Rebellion right around the corner, I can see another match being planned at that show between the two men. But if it is the end of that rivalry, it’s time to get some gold on Kon. Kon has shown a great deal that he deserves it.

All in all, Kon’s run in TNA has been spectacular, so far. I’m not too sure where he goes after his story with PCO is finished, but it seems that Kon certainly has shown that he is a monster heel that TNA can build around for years to come. One thing we know for sure is that this is just the beginning of the monster, Kon.

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