Ivan Koloff’s Family Upset Over Musical Based On His Life, Les Thatcher Anniversary

Les Thatcher posted the following to his Facebook page, noting that today marks the 60th anniversary of his professional wrestling debut:

“60 years ago today a 19 year old kid from Cincinnati climbed into a wrestling ring at the fairgrounds in Blue Hills, Maine to have his 1st pro wrestling match, & so it began. That kid is still chasing his dream and along the way he hopes he has brought some respect, class, & creativity to the industry that he has such passion & love for. He is proud of his legacy & of his contributions to our sport. He thanks many for holding his hand as he learned & is extremely proud of the hands he has held along the way. The good Lord has allowed him to walk among the giants of his business as an equal. Through all the ups and the downs he has maintained his drive for perfection., and given his heart & soul. Damn, but the hard work never ends. Through the years it has been one hell of a run, & I have some things left to accomplish, so let’s keep on keep’ln on! Everyone have a great 4th of July.”

The family of Ivan Koloff is not happy about a musical loosely based on the life of Koloff. The family posted the following statement on Facebook: