Ivelisse Talks About Her Release From AEW and Comments On Thunder Rosa

As previously noted, Ivelisse wrote on Twitter that she was released from AEW. There were reports of Ivelisse having legitimate heat with Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse responded to a fan’s comment about her being “unprofessional” during a match against Rosa on Dynamite:

In an interview with Lucha Libre Online, Ivelisse talked about her release from AEW:

“At the beginning, everything seemed great, and I had my hopes through the roof, and I was very happy, but I will be very honest with you. I said it the first day of my release; I felt valued and happy, but one person was doing everything to damage my position there. It was Thunder Rosa.

I was in shock, definitely, but not as much because I had already recalled everything that went on in the past, so I had an idea. I noticed too late just how much damage was made to my name, and I only realized after analyzing the chain of events from everything that went on and it made a lot more sense, because this and this happened because of this and whether it was fair or not. Thinking back, now I understand better how everything developed and, as I told you before, from the 2 months where everyone was asking what was happening with me, the only thing I focused was my mental and physical health to the best of my abilities possible. I did not expect it to turn into a positive reaction, so when they gave me the notice, I was still in shock. Again, I understand wrestling and its politics, but the fact that someone was brought in as strongly, that is what shocked me the most, especially during a pandemic.”

(quotes and translation courtesy of Fightful.com)