Jack Swagger Gives Advice To WWE Superstars Wanting To Leave The Company

Jack Swagger recently did an interview with FloSlam.tv. Here are the highlights:

Advice to WWE superstars: “You just have to remember that when you are with the WWE, it is a corporate job so you have certain benefits you need to get in line before you lose them. It’s real important to get stuff like your mortgage and insurance in check before you decide to leave. Stuff like that becomes very difficult when you become an independent star.”

The advantages to not being in WWE: “For my wife and I it was almost like a silver lining,” Swagger said. “We had an idea for starting a clothing line years and years ago, but we just never had the time to actually start our own business until now. We have a new website that is about to launch soon and I am very excited about it. We’re hoping to get it built up to a level where it won’t just be for me but for other wrestlers and hopefully we can branch off into a women’s apparel line and some other stuff.”

“Being able to work with my wife is one of the main pros and one of the factors why I wanted to leave,” he said. “It can be a very lonely business at times so it’s nice to be able to be with her and travel with her and also she is one hot momma.”

“I also like working the smaller shows because they are much more intimate and intense and you can feel that. Everyone is on top of each other and that’s awesome. You can interact with the same so much easier and do stuff right in front of their faces and I enjoy that side of it. I also like the challenge of learning the style of wrestling for these shows and being able to make it my own. I think the only downside to being an independent wrestler that I have noticed so far is making sure you stay healthy. Like I am out there Friday to Sunday and you have to go out there and put on a hell of a match each and every time.”