Jade Cargill Addresses Her WWE In-Ring Debut At The 2024 Royal Rumble

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As PWMania.com previously reported, Jade Cargill made her WWE in-ring debut at the 2024 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event this past Saturday night, entering the Women’s Royal Rumble Match at number 28 before making it to the final three and eventually being thrown out by Liv Morgan.

Cargill took part in a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley shortly following the match and gave her thoughts on her WWE in-ring debut as well as how she is nothing short of a superstar and she is there to take over this entire women’s division.

Cargill said, “I’m nothing less than a superstar. What did you think was gonna happen? Did you hear the crowd like they rave for me? I don’t think so. But I do wanna thank the WWE fan base because you guys showed up and showed out tonight. I am nothing short of a superstar. I am Jade Cargill. That was my first introduction. Get ready for everything that comes with me.”

“This entire locker room is full of talent. I thought I did my homework. I wasn’t expecting Liv Morgan. But clearly I have to go back, do some more work, and keep it moving. I am one of one. I am number one. And I’m here to take over this entire women’s division.”

You can check out Cargill’s comments in the video below.