Jake Roberts Reveals Strange Pitch to Recast WWE Hall of Famer

(Photo Credit: AEW)

On a recent episode of his podcast, DDP Snake Pit, Jake Roberts covered a wide variety of topics.

During it, Roberts revealed that he once attempted to appoint Jim Neidhart to play a mole character. As part of The Hart Foundation, Neidhart was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

He said:

“I love to create new characters. Oh my God. I had one character I wanted to do for Jim Neidhart and the deal was going to be he’s called ‘The Mole’, and what happens is he refuses to come out to the ring till they turn the lights off, because it’s too bright. It’s much too bright. I can’t see. It’s too bright. Turn the lights off and I’ll come out. Of course, you turn the lights off, he comes out and whacks the fu*king guy. The lights come back on and he’s beating the sh*t out of the guy. He’s The Mole.”