Jake Roberts Reveals The Worst-Smelling Wrestlers He’s Worked With

(Photo Credit: AEW)
In a recent episode of his Snake Pit podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts delved into a variety of topics, shedding light on some of the less glamorous aspects of the wrestling world. One particularly pungent topic discussed by Roberts was the worst-smelling wrestler he had the experience of working with.
According to Roberts, the title of the olfactory offender goes to none other than Vader. With a tone of exasperation, Roberts vividly described the odor, likening it to the scent of baby puke. The veteran wrestler didn’t mince words, deeming it brutal and seemingly unaffected by any attempts to remedy the situation.
“Oh my God, it’s so simple. Vader. God Almighty, he wreaked. Horrible. Smelt like baby puke. You know, it was just brutal. I’m sure they did, but f**k, it didn’t do much good.” 
Another wrestler mentioned in the malodorous category was King Kong Bundy, whose shoes apparently emitted such a foul stench that when he took them off, he would promptly vacate the dressing room. Roberts recounted a particularly memorable incident involving Bundy’s infamous footwear. The stench was so overpowering that the Road Warriors, legendary figures in the wrestling world, took drastic action one night. Allegedly, when Bundy went to the ring and returned, his shoes were set on fire. The unique solution involved spraying Bundy’s shoes with lighter fluid and igniting them, a fiery protest against the offending odor.
“Another one was King Kong Bundy. Bundy, Bundy. Shoes smell so f**king bad. That when he took them off, he would leave the dressing room. I’m telling you, it was bad, man. It was so f**king bad that the Road Warriors. One night, Bundy went to the ring. When he came back in, his shoes were on fire. They sprayed him with lighter fluid and set him on fire.”
Adding to the olfactory roster of wrestlers, Roberts threw in a mention of the British Bulldog, noting that his aroma could be attributed to the neglect of washing his clothes.
“Well, [British] Bulldog was pretty wrecked at times. Yeah, it was just from not washing his clothes.”
The anecdotes provided by Jake Roberts offer a humorous and candid glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of professional wrestling back in the day.
Even the toughest generation of competitors wasn’t immune to the less pleasant aspects of life on the road!
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