Jeff Cobb On Decision To Sign With ROH, Winning TV Title

ROH World TV Champion Jeff Cobb spoke with the Baltimore Sun to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Winning the title:

“It was very shocking that I did that on my first official night in the ring for Ring of Honor. It was pretty surreal, actually, that I could come in and win the ROH TV belt in my first official match for them. Just crazy. I guess it’s a good sign. I didn’t really realize it until the initially told me the plans. I didn’t find out that I was winning the belt until Friday afternoon. I thought that was crazy. You can say stuff, but until it actually plays out, just going into the TV tapings and seeing for sure that I was winning, that’s when it hit me.”

Deciding to sign with ROH over other companies:

“I definitely want to wrestle more in New Japan. Ring of Honor has that great relationship with them. New Japan guys are on ROH TV, and ROH guys are out on New Japan shows. The schedules don’t conflict that often. That’s definitely a big factor that made me want to sign with Ring of Honor.”

“I had an Impact offer a couple of months ago. It just didn’t really end up coming together, unfortunately. The New Japan thing definitely played a huge role in that. New Japan is something I really want to work with more, and ROH makes that possible. That was a tipping point for me.”