Jeff Hardy Takes Aim At WWE, WWE Site Removes TNA Stars

— During an interview with the Daily Star, TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy railed World Wrestling Entertainment for their treatment of his brother Matt.

“I’m not going to give WWE their props for the way they’ve dealt with Matt. He is such a giving talent, ready to do anything for them, and he’s been given the run-around. They’ve treated him like sh*t.

“I think if he came here, you would see the happiest, most dangerous and exciting Matt Hardy you’ve ever seen. I hope that they let him leave and he shows up here any day now.”

— The official WWE website has removed both Mick Foley and Mickie James from its Alumni site. Foley was recently added back to the section while James debuted last week for TNA Wrestling. It is company protocol to remove former WWE performers who appear for the rival promotion.

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