Jeff Jarrett Claims Vince Russo Did Not Want To Bring International Talent In TNA

(Photo Credit: Vince Russo)

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who is also All Elite Wrestling’s Director of Business Development, took to an episode of his “My World with Jeff Jarrett” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including how Vince Russo did not want to bring international talent in TNA Wrestling.

Jarrett said, “He despised the fact that we would give Lucha Libre or Japanese, or I’ll just say the non-English speaking talent much TV time, because he didn’t believe you could tell stories. I can remember saying, ‘Vince…’ That’s why you have mouthpieces — and I don’t mean that as a derogatory term — but you have managers all that. You also have the ability to have subtitles. You also have the ability to have a Konnan, and we’re gonna get into Konnan here in a little while. I don’t think people understand the magnitude of his talent, his notoriety, and the importance he has played. Not just in Lucha Libre, but in American wrestling. It’s one of those things — unfortunately, 30 years from now I think a lot of people are gonna go, ‘Oh, wow, Konnan was this, this, this, [and] this.’ And I know he’s got Keepin’ It 100, and I was a guest on there and. And he’s great fun to talk with. But the importance of his thread throughout his entire career is remarkable. But Russo did not like Lucha Libre talent on TNA at all.”

An element of early TNA that really set them apart:

“At the very core of a wrestler, performer, sports entertainer, whatever you want to call us, the Hispanic culture is much more passionate in life. Get outside of wrestling, get outside of soccer, get outside of culturally in Mexico City or Monterey or Acapulco or wherever. You go down into those communities, and just the dialogue and the conversation. It’s much more passionate. So you put that, coupled [with] in-ring, hard-hitting high-flying unique action. To me, it was really an element of early TNA that set us apart. It’s like, ‘Oh, okay. You don’t get to see that all anywhere else.’ And it really resonated with our brand.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

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