Jeff Jarrett Launching New Wrestling Promotion; Who Is His Rumored Business Partner?

As has been reporting, Jeff Jarrett has been teasing a new business venture through his official Twitter account over the past few weeks. He has had meetings in various parts of the country to attempt to finalize a deal to launch a new wrestling company with country music star Toby Keith as the financial backer.

Jarrett has been making phone calls to free agent talent around the world and checking their availabilities, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports. He appears confident at this point that a new company will be formed, and the rumor of Toby Keith purchasing TNA Wrestling have dialed down, as discussions have hit a snag. Reportedly, TNA had been attempting to sell the company to Keith. It was TNA that went to Norman, Oklahoma to sell the company to Keith, not him coming to Texas looking to buy, so Janice Carter’s letter that she sent talent was not the case at all.

Below are a couple of messages that Jeff Jarrett has posted on his official Twitter account regarding business meetings he has had over the last couple of days:

  • samwich

    Personally, i’d love to see a new big time wrestling promotion. Jarrett is known worldwide, so he could bring in big talent from Japan and Mexico.. Interesting..

  • Jay Ciaravino

    Should be interesting if nothing else.

  • Nick Mancuso

    I think a legitimate alternative should be a breath of fresh air. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he ended up signing AJ Styles.

  • ajstylesjoelowki

    i cant wait. I hope he will sign LOW KI AJ Styles and sunjay dutt i will be happy like a kid.i’d really appreciate the true mindset of original tna.Every category should be forced to bring aerial moves to the table.And stiff kicks!